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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Apollonia...

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Hello fans,

Apollonia hasn't been in the spotlight for quite awhile, and 
many of us might have forgotten about her if it wasn't for 
Kanye West's hit song "Stronger" which mentions her name. 
Well, at least that's what made me think of her! Anyway, 
let's find out what has been going in the world of Apollonia!

Take care,

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--Shirley Alston: Lead singer with The Shirelles

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                      APOLLONIA KOTERO

BIRTH DATE: August 2, 1959, Santa Monica, California

BIRTH NAME: Patricia Apollonia Kotero

CLAIM TO FAME: Found stardom with her leading role in 
Prince's huge movie success Purple Rain (1984)

FAMILY LIFE: Apollonia was married to Greg Patschull from 
1980-1985. Their marriage ended in divorce. In 1987, she 
married General Hospital actor Kevin Bernhardt, and they 
divorced in 1996.

INFO: When musician Prince needed someone to replace Vanity, 
the lead singer of his female-trio Vanity 6, Kotero wasted
no time trying out in the nationwide audition. Prince cast 
her in his film Purple Rain, and chose her as Vanity's 
replacement in the group. He also bequeathed her with the 
stage name Apollonia. The newly renamed group, Apollonia 6, 
released one album in October 1984, and released the hit 
single "Sex Shooter." The band became famous for appearing 
on stage only in lingerie.

Apollonia moved on from Prince's entourage in 1985 to pursue 
a television role on Falcon Crest. She stayed on the show 
for 10 consecutive weeks, playing the girlfriend of teenage 
heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas. She also performed several solo 
songs, none of which would be released. One of these songs, 
titled Red Light Romeo, was often played and referred to 
on the show. 

In 1988, she released her first solo album, simply titled 
Apollonia, on Warner Bros. Records. Containing high energy 
dance music, three singles were released from the album: 
"Since I Fell For You," "The Same Dream," and "Mismatch." It 
was produced by several hit producers, such as Ric Wake 
(Taylor Dayne, Diana Ross), Terry Lupton (Michael Learns to 
Rock, Jamie Stevens), or songwriter Andy Goldmark (Jennifer

Apollonia has also starred in three movies that all went 
straight to video: Back To Back, Black Magic Woman, and 
Ministry of Vengeance. She retired from show business for 
nearly five years while she was married to Kevin Bernhardt, 
and made her comeback in the mid-1990s. 

Continued below....   


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TRIVIA: Was a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader

Former Miss San Pedro

1984 Miss May/June in the famous Rigid Tool Company calendar

Is of Italian and Mexican descent

Dated David Lee Roth in the early to mid 1980s, who has said 
that she was the only woman he ever considered marrying

Prince gave Kotero her famous stage name, Apollonia

Offered a role in the movie "The Color Purple" but turned it 

Is a fashion designer and all the outfits she wore on the 
show Falcon Crest were of her own design

Was a public supporter of Connecticut Democrat Senator 
Joseph Lieberman

Once arrested for illegal possession of marijuana and claimed
it was research for a film role

Is good friends with Carmen Electra. The friendship started 
when they were neighbors at the same condo complex in Beverly 

Collapsed from hypothermia after doing multiple takes of the 
infamous Lake Minnetonka skinny dipping scene in Prince's 
movie, Purple Rain

She is the oldest of six

Originally recorded a version of the song "Manic Monday" for 
the Apollonia 6 album. Written by Prince as well, the song 
later become a worldwide hit single for the girl group, The 

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Since her return to acting, Apollonia has 
made guest appearances on the U.S. TV shows Sliders (with 
Jerry O'Connell) and Air America (starring Lorenzo Lamas, 
with whom she had previously starred together in Falcon Crest 
in 1986). These days, Apollonia can often be seen on film 
premieres and media events in California. In 2006, she 
starred in the romantic comedy The Divorce Ceremony. A new 
film, Everybody's a Player, is currently in production. On 
December 1, 2007, she appeared at a Project Angel Food 
charity event in Beverly Hills, CA.

Platform Public Relations
2133 Holly Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Video Clips of Apollonia Kotero
Video Clips


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Everybody's a Player (2008) (in production) .... Terri
The Divorce Ceremony (2006) .... Sophia
"The Goods" (1 episode)
    - Fashion Crimes (????) TV episode
"Air America" .... Lucy Ortega (1 episode, 1998)
    - Crosshairs (1998) TV episode (as Apollonia) .... Lucy 
Anarchy TV (1998) (as Apollonia) .... Hot Tub Woman
"Sliders" .... Dr. Deera Mubaric (1 episode, 1997)
    - Slide Like an Egyptian (1997) TV episode (as Apollonia) 
.... Dr. Deera Mubaric
Cattive ragazze (1992)
Black Magic Woman (1991) .... Cassandra Perry
Donna di una sera, La (1991) .... Barbara
Back to Back (1990) .... Jesse Duro
Ministry of Vengeance (1989) .... Zarah
"Falcon Crest" .... Apollonia (10 episodes, 1985-1986))
Purple Rain (1984) .... Apollonia
The Mystic Warrior (1984) (TV) .... Wicahpi
"Knight Rider" .... Tiara D'Arcy (2 episodes, 1984)
    - Mouth of the Snake: Part 1 (1984) TV episode (as Patty 
Kotero) .... Tiara D'Arcy
    - Mouth of the Snake: Part 2 (1984) TV episode (as Patty 
Kotero) .... Tiara D'Arcy
"Matt Houston" .... Gilda Rivera (1 episode, 1983)
    - The Centerfold Murders (1983) TV episode .... Gilda 
Heartbreaker (1983) (as Patty Kotero) .... Rose
"Fantasy Island" .... Iya (1 episode, 1983)
    - Love Island/The Sisters (1983) TV episode (as Patty 
Kotero) .... Iya
"Tales of the Gold Monkey" .... Native Girl (1 episode, 1983)
    - Force of Habit (1983) TV episode (as Patty Kotero) .... 
Native Girl
"CHiPs" .... Barbara (1 episode, 1982)
    - Alarmed (1982) TV episode (as Patti Kotero) .... 
Amor ciego (1980) (as Patty Kotero) .... Patty
Mafia de la frontera, La (1979) (as Patty Kotero) .... Girl 
in Bikini 

Apollonia 6(Album, 1984)
Apollonia (album, 1988)
Stay with me (Spanish/English) Album (1997)

To see Then & Now pictures of Apollonia Kotero, visit: 

Apollonia Kotero Then & Now


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Eddie Rabbitt - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 11/27/1941    Died: 05/07/1998 

Sam Butera - ALIVE
Born: 08/17/1927

Shirley Alston - ALIVE
Born: 06/10/1941

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-Ahmet Hadzipasic, 56, Bosnian politician, prime minister 
(2003–2007), heart attack. 

-Estelle Getty, 84, American actress (The Golden Girls), Lewy 
body dementia

-Knut Boye, 71, Norwegian economist.
-Sid Craig, 76, Canadian entrepreneur; co-founder of Jenny 
Craig, Inc. and thoroughbred horse owner. 
-Khia Edgerton, 29, American disc jockey, drowned. 
-Antoni Jaszczak, 62, Polish politician and former minister 
of construction. 
-El Kazovsky, 58, Russian-born Hungarian painter and artist.
-Donald Stokes, Baron Stokes, 94, British industrialist and 
chief executive of British Leyland (1964–1968). 
-Adil Zulfikarpasic, 86, Bosnian businessman and 
philanthropist, natural causes.

-Richard Bergenheim, 60, American president of The First 
Church of Christ, Scientist, editor of CSM (2005–2008), 
natural causes. 
-Celio de Castro, 76, Brazilian politician, mayor of Belo 
Horizonte (1997–2001), natural causes. 
-Dave Cawood, 64, American college sports executive. 
-Yann Richter, 80, Swiss politician, president of the FDP 
(1978–1984), heart disease.
-Dinko Sakic, 86, Croatian fascist leader of the Independent 
State of Croatia in World War II, heart problems.
-Artie Traum, 65, American folk singer and guitarist, cancer. 
-Charles Z. Wick, 90, American politician, director of USIA 
(1981–1988), natural causes.

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