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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Renee do anything for Clooney, Boy & Girl for Angie & Brad and more....

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                              March 21, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

As of 6:30am on the 20th... my sister is coming into town
to help out with my mom!

I know it will lift my mom's spirits tremendously.

At the doctor's yesterday they said her eye is healing well
and they were able to take her off the drop that was irritating
her eye so much.

In a few days the pain should start to subside. As for the
vision they're saying it could be another couple of weeks to 

Now let's get to the nooz!



Michelle Trachtenberg To Gossip...

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg has landed a role in new TV show 
'Gossip Girl'. Word is the part previously to have been offered 
to Mischa Barton.


Renee Zellweger: I'd Do Anything To Work With Clooney...

Renee Zellweger has admitted that she is so eager to work with 
George Clooney that she would do anything.

In an interview with In Style magazine she said working with 
Clooney is "never less than great".

"I heard George was making a movie and I said, 'When?'," the 
38-year-old admitted.

"If he had asked me to make peanut-butter sandwiches for the 
catering, I would have said, 'Crunchy or smooth?'"

Zellweger is set to appear on screens in the Clooney-directed 
'Leatherheads', which he also acts in.

Filming the 1920s college football drama does not appear to have 
been much of a hardship for her, as she admitted she was "living 
the dream" to watch the actors play football all day.

               ? ? ? ? GUESS WHO ? ? ? ? 

This popular funnyman and actor beat depression by eating 
vegetables.............Guess Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                     Answer Below 



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Angelina Jolie Reportedly Expecting A Boy And Girl...

Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt, who already have 
three adopted children and one biological daughter, are 
thrilled with the news and can't wait to introduce their kids 
to the twins when Angelina gives birth this summer.

A source said: "They are having a boy and a girl. Because 
Angelina took fertility treatments to help her ovulate, her 
babies are fraternal. They're ecstatic. She can't wait."

Although Angelina is enjoying the pregnancy, she is said to 
be finding the strain of carrying two babies hard work.

The source added, "It has been a bit difficult for Angelina. 
She is out of breath a lot but loves every second of it."


Heather Mills Bizarre Postings...

Heather Mills has bizarrely posted old messages of support 
from Hillary Clinton and Sir Richard Branson on her website.

The former model, who was awarded almost $50 million in her 
divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, has made a desperate 
bid to salvage her tarnished reputation by re-launching her 
internet site with dated tributes to herself.

In one message, Hillary Clinton praises Heather's charity work.

Hillary said: "God bless Heather Mills... for the person she 
is and the work she does for all of us. I have been inspired 
by her vital charity work."

However, the clip was filmed in 2002 - while Heather was 
still with The Beatles legend.

Heather has also added video footage of British businessman 
Branson, who she describes as another "friend" keen to "speak
 out" in support for her.

Branson said: "Initially when you meet her you wonder whether 
she is to be too good to be true. Years and years later she 
has been completely consistent. I really do believe she is 
100% genuine and I would kill for her."


Las Vegas Would Not Be the Same Today If It Weren't For...
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LOOSE LIPS: "There are times when we want to kill each other 
but you've got to play. What I do like about the fact that 
we're not married is that when I wake up in the morning I 
really do wake up fresh and re-born every day." - Goldie
Hawn on why she won't make her relationship with long-
term partner Kurt Russell official. 

        Celebrities of Yesterday & Today at evtv1.com 

                  *-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*- 

The funnyman and actor who beat depression by eating 

It's Jim Carrey... Jim, who is set to detail his mental health 
problems in a new self-help book, claims sticking to a healthy 
diet has transformed his life.

He said: "I tried dealing with depression by taking Prozac. It 
was good for a little bit but it didn't heal me. I don't 
believe that can ever be the cure.

"My diet has made a huge difference. People have no idea how 
important food really is, what you put in your mouth has some-
thing to do with your emotional life. I believe the best fuel 
for humans is vegetables and protein."

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END OF Celebrity Nooz 
Copyright 2008      All rights reserved. 

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