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Publication: Cat Nips
A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat...

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             CAT NIPS - Tuesday, April 8, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

I hope you all had a very relaxing and enjoyable week-
end. The weather here in Chicago was really nice. Have
a Great week, be back with you on Friday....

Cassie Cattails  

^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  
 ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><    ><  


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              A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat...

Cats, even indoor cats, do need to be vaccinated against 
disease at recommended intervals. Cats can get numerous 
diseases, such as Rabies, Heart Worms, Distemper and Parvo, 
just to name a few. Outdoor cats are more likely to get 
these, but some can be transmitted to house cats by our 
shoes when coming inside the home. Some may be transmitted 
by a sick animal encounter. Your vet can recommend the 
proper vaccinations required and suggest the proper inter-
vals that will protect your cat and you, insuring a healthy 
cat and a long life. Below are general guidelines only for 
a healthy kitty cat. Not all vaccinations listed may be 
required, it depends on your area and the cats lifestyle.

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Most people know that dogs can easily get heartworms. Fewer 
people know so can cats. One bite from an infected mosquito 
is all it takes. That is how heartworms are spread. When a 
dog gets heartworms, the "cure" is a toxic dose of medica-
tion to kill the worms. There is great risk to the dog as 
either the treatment or dead worms clogging the heart and 
lungs can be fatal. Most dogs survive with treatment, but 
it is very hard on them. Cats are a different story. When 
a cat gets heartworms, it is almost always a death sentence. 
There is NO TREATMENT for cats once they get heartworms. A 
cats only hope is through prevention. Medication in the form 
of pills or liquids are available through your vet that will 
keep your cat or dog from getting heartworms. Most are given 
to your pet by the owner once a month. They are not very 
expensive. Heartworm cases involving cats are on the rise. 
This is truly one situation where the owner can save their 
cats lives. Even indoor cats can receive a mosquito bite, 
and if that mosquito is infected, oh well, so is kitty. 
Unless of course its owner loved kitty enough to protect 
it with heartworm medication.
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Cats can get tapeworms from eating mice. If your cat 
catches a mouse it is best to take the prize away 
from it. 


Be Back With You On Friday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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