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Publication: Angel Voices
Your compassion and sensitivity

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Your angel message for: Friday, January 26, 2007


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GopherCentral's Question of the Week

Do you think America is ready for a female President?

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Dear Readers:

Because of the overwhelming response for the Angel Whispers
draw, I am again giving multiple readings this week - enjoy!

Today's inspiration is for:

Kim Walker - March 5, 1957
Your Angel Whisper: Synchronicity


Mayliz (in Sweden) - March 1, 1948
Your Angel Whisper: Expressiveness


Angel Voice readers are invited to send in your name and
birthdate to be entered in a draw for a personal Angel
Whisper. An Angel Whisper is a one word oracle - an
inspiration or a significant sign to watch for - that will
be an influence in your life or a point to contemplate or
consider for your personal growth. To enter the draw, please
send your name and date of birth to tarot@arcanamatrix.com.
Make sure to put Angel Whisper in your subject line. Please
do not enter more than once per month. Multiple entries will
be discarded. If your name is chosen, your Angel Whisper
will be posted here in the AngelVoice column.

Blessings and bliss!

Please note: If you have an angel experience or story to
share, please post it to our forum at: AngelVoice Forum


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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of R.O.I. Angelic
Advice: R.O.I. means Return on Investment. How are you
investing the moments of your days and nights? Are you
creating a return of great value? To have wealth that you
value, you must first know what you value. Your angels wish
you joy in: Value Clarification.

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of the Butterflies.
Angelic Advice: Take a lesson from nature today and build
yourself a little cocoon where you can enjoy being wrapped
in feelings of well-being and love. Something beautiful will
emerge when the time is right but in the meantime, enjoy the
cozy space you are in. Your angels wish you joy in:

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Mellow. Angelic
Advice: There is great power in your compassion and
sensitivity, even though the power is sometimes hidden
beneath the surface. In your wisdom, you know you don't
always have to shout things out loud. Honest communication
will reveal your beautiful and caring depths. Go 'Mellow
Yellow' if the mood strikes you! Your angels wish you joy
in: Being an example.

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Perfect Endings.
Angelic Advice: It is hard to start something new when you
have yet to end a cycle in your life. Today, you have the
power to say goodbye to the past and hello to your future.
You will do that by being in the now. Your angels wish you
joy in: Today.

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