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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
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Issue date: Saturday, June 24, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Hello, paranormal enthusiasts! Happy Solstice and Happy 
Summer to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. For our 
readers in the southern hemisphere, warm winter greetings! 
ABC news reported this week that about 19,000 revelers, 
mostly New Agers, converged upon Stonehenge this year to 
usher in the longest day of the year. This major festival, 
which is celebrated by Pagans, Wiccans, and Druids, among 
others, had been banned for 15 years from the historic 
site following rioting by the crowds back in 1985, but 
since 2000, the monument's caretaker organization, English 
Heritage, has again been allowing full access to the site. 

The solstice occurs when the angle of the earth's orbit 
causes the sun to be at its highest peak above the northern 
hemisphere. The huge stones of the mystical stone circle 
at Stonehenge are aligned to capture the June solstice 
sunrise, while in Egypt, if you stand at the Sphinx looking
towards the pyramids, you will see the sun rise exactly in 
between the 2 largest Giza pyramids. 

Midsummer's Eve or St. John's Eve falls on June 23rd, and 
is also a major festival in many cultures and religions. 
It is a time when witches dance around fires, fairies 
abound and the air is filled with magick. In ancient 
nature religions, these major turning points in the year 
open doors between worlds and the barriers between nature 
spirits and humans dissolve for a short time. 

Enjoy the energy of the solstice and midsummer and let us 
know what magic you experience! 

This week I am going to include a Q & A type section in 
the column, drawing on some of the question and comments 
from our readers. I will try to do this type of format 
regularly and please do let me know if you like it. In 
this way, we can delve a little more deeply into the 
paranormal topics that are of greatest interest. Please 
send your paranormal experiences and your comments to 

Please make sure to include the words "Paranormal Insider" 
in your subject line. If you wish to see your story or 
comments in print, please use proper spelling and 
punctuation. Please make sure to include your name in your 
signature if you wish your name to be used in print. 
Submissions may be edited for readability. Keep those 
emails coming - I love to hear from you! 

Wishing you sunny days,


Now, on to our Q & A.

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Re: "Shadow People - Are They Almost-Ghosts?"

A reader named Denise writes:


I'm new to the group (as of today). I see that you're the 
author of "Shadow People". I was wondering how you know 
this information about people in comas? 

Quite a few years ago, my godmother's son was in a terrible 
accident and the doctors said they didn't think he'd live 
through the night. He was in a coma with a severe blow to 
the back of his head. He had been driving on an icy road 
and got into an accident (just him) and in the process, his 
speaker that was in the back window of the car was thrown 
forward and hit him in the back of the head. I don't 
remember all of the other injuries he sustained, but not 
only did he make it through the night, he was in a coma for 
months (including over his 18th birthday). The weird thing 
is, when he finally came out of the coma, he was a different
person. We all realized that an accident like that and 
being in a coma would probably change anyone, but he had 
a completely different energy and really seemed to be a 
completely different person. My mom and I (and I think 
even his mom) believe that he actually died either that 
night or sometime while he was in the coma and that this 
other person stepped into his body - maybe someone who was 
better equipped mentally and emotionally to handle the 
rehab and the fact that he was going to have to be a 
quadriplegic for the rest of his life, in a wheel chair 
with limited use of his hands. 

I'm interested to hear your opinion on this.


Hi, Denise, and thanks for writing. I actually can't claim 
to 'know' that people in comas are shadow people, and I'm 
not even sure that they could potentially become such, but 
I find the theory interesting and worth entertaining. 

I'm so sorry to hear about the young man's horrible 
accident. It sounds to me like this case could be a 
"Walk-In" situation, where a spirit who has finished or 
no longer wishes to deal with its earthly existence 
decides to leave a body and allow another spirit to come 
in and take over. This is usually by mutual agreement 
between the spirits. When the person with the 'new' spirit
comes back from the coma (or traumatic injury or NDE) he or 
she is quite different and sometimes has trouble adjusting 
to people, places and circumstances that were familiar 
before. In a case like this, the original soul or spirit 
would have gone on to 'heaven' or perhaps has even re-
incarnate into a new body to resume its lessons or mission 
in a more suitable vehicle and/or environment. Ruth 
Montgomery's book titled "Strangers Among Us" is a great 
source of information on Walk-Ins. My very best wishes to 
you and the family, 


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Re: "Are You an Alien Abductee?"

Pauline from Greenville, MI writes:

I was happy to see this subject discussed but unfortunately
you have some misinformation. The things that happen to 
people that you list below, do in fact happen, but most of 
them are not being done by Star Visitors (UFO's). Our own 
government, in an attempt to make people afraid of Star 
Visitors, is perpetrating the "unpleasant and scary" 
events. True Star Visitor interaction is not scary. 

For more, and accurate, information you might wish to
visit a Dr. Boylan's website.

As far as Star Children, oh yes, they do exist. The estimate
is that the children who are being born now are around 80%
Star Kids. Dr. Boylan's site is full of factual information.

Thanks for bringing up this subject and I hope you are 
interested enough to continue your investigations and not 
fall prey to the disinformation and "bad alien" propaganda 
that is being so widely spread by our government and 

Thanks for listening and peace to you on your journey here.


Hi Pauline:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I do intend to 
do a column soon on reasons why the 'government' may have 
a vested interest in propagating ET (mis)information, so 
I am most interested to learn more on this subject. 

All the best,


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A few more letters in response to "Are You an Alien 

Hello. I did see something supernatural a block away from 
my home in 1972. I witnessed a strange object hovering 
about 6 ft. from my neighbor's roof. It was huge in size 
and it didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before - 
like a huge ball of fire sitting still. Then it moved 
slowly to the right and left, back to the center and took 
off straight up in the air, faster than the speed of light. 
I called the radio shows and no one at the stations had 
seen it. A neighbor of mine was the first to see it and 
point it out to me. The sighting lasted about 30 seconds 
and it was gone in the sky. It had raised different colored 
lights and the object was like round like the sun and 
very bright. I feel fortunate to have witnessed this for 
now I do know something is out there. Thanks for letting 
me share my story, 



Wow, a lot of these strike quite a chord with me. Now I'm 
into wondering if the time I saw a UFO at the age of 13, 
if I was abducted in just a space of minutes. I don't 
remember - but I do have a tendency to always be looking 
up at the sky, ALWAYS. Even when traveling, I would look 
up to the stars. This will require more investigation 
after all. A map has shown a UFO spotted in Indiana (when 
I was there at the age of 13) and then again in Pasadena, 
TX where I am now.



A closing thought:

Many, if not most people, find a starlit night sky to be 
beautiful, romantic and peaceful. Not me. I find I tend 
to get lost and disoriented when staring out into the 
stars, and I wonder if there is a deeper root cause than 
I am aware of. A few years ago, I went out UFO hunting 
with two friends, and we noticed enough anomalies in the 
night sky to send us scrambling back into our car for 
safety and reassurance more than once during the outing. 
While we weren't able to verify anything, the area where 
we lived and did the experiment was a known hotbed of 
UFO sightings dating back to the 1970's. 

Aside from this episode, I have had many UFO sightings 
in my dreams over the past five or more years. Perhaps 
this is because that is the only time I am receptive, 
fears and defenses down, and as in the cases of the 
spirits of our departed loved ones who visit us in our 
dreams, this is the only time I am 'reachable'? Or are 
these dream sightings just a release of deep subconscious 
fears playing themselves out in the dream state? Your 
thoughts and comments are welcome. Please email me at 

See you next week!

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