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Publication: By The Numbers
If Your Name Begins With D You are Logical And....

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            +----- BY THE NUMBERS -----+
            "A Daily Numerological Forecast"
               Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Hi 5 to All My Readers,
Thanks for all your mail, and now everyone is curious 
about their name and what the first letter means.  If 
your name begins with a D you are logical, inquisitive, 
and detailed.

Have A Lucky Day,

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                ++---- Numbers Talk ----++  
              With one bound he was at her side       
             +---- THE LUCKY NUMBERS FOR TODAY ----+

                         2  390  2374

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The Dirt Eater Automatic Dust Pan
                   Here's the forecast.....
The important numbers are in the high range. This 
means that today you would have profits and benefits
working individually or with others to achieve your goals. 
The forecast for today influences your alternatives and 
judgment and creates the tone, motivation, and communication
of the day. The 3 important numbers are:
1.  day: 8
2.  day + month 11 (3 + 8)
3.  day + month + year: 19 (3 + 8 + 2006)
8 illustrates power and strength: exert your position and 
status today.
11 represents excitement and sparks: electricity is in the air.
19 symbolizes being at the right place at the right time: time 
is on your side.

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      +-------------- TIME AFTER TIME --------------+

“You might have loved me, if you had known me. If you had 
ever known my mind. If you would have walked through my 
dreams and memories. Who knows what treasures you might 
have found. Yes, you might have loved me. If you had only 
taken the time.”  Anonymous 

Take a moment to answer GopherCentral's Question of the Week:
Do you think the UAE (United Arab Emirates) should be in 
charge of port security in the US?

Question of the Week
Your Author is Anne. Born to be a numerologist my birthday 
2/22 reflects triple 2's which  signifies power, intuition, 
and analytical expertise. Preparing charts, analyzing data, 
leading workshops, teaching numerology, writing articles and 
advice columns, and television and radio spots keep all the 
numbers on my calendar filled. Looking forward to sharing my 
knowledge and research with all of my readers.
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