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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Wrestlers Treated Like Toys

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, April 2, 2007

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Wrestlers Treated Like Toys, Who Injured Edge?, Orton 
Story By: Daniel Pena
source: www.f4wonline.com

One WWE source said that most of the writers treat the 
wrestlers like toys; they impulsively fall in love with 
certain acts, go crazy over them, then they find a new toy 
and throw the old one to the wayside. Both Cryme Tyme and 
Deuce & Domino fall into the "toy box" category. At least 
in the case of Cryme Tyme, the writers have simply lost 
interest in doing stuff for them and have moved on. Cryme 
Tyme still has yet to use the World Tag Team Title shot 
they won on television a few months. 

Edge's fractured jaw is said to be due to a kick to the 
face from Rob Van Dam in a recent match. Edge should be 
largely good to go by WrestleMania. 

Randy Orton was pulled from several PR appearances last 
week. The hosts on KFNS 590 AM, which was told he was 
pulled due to a change in creative direction, got upset 
and said WWE should have the guts to say he was pulled 
due to the steroid scandal. One company source is saying 
that it was only "partially" steroid-scandal related. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Hulk Hogan At Jamie Foxx Concert 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Credit: PWInsider.com

- Tickets go on sale April 21st for the SmackDown!/ECW 
  taping for May 22nd at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des 
  Moines, IA. 

- In Miami, both Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan were spotted 
  in the crowd at the Jamie Fox concert that took place 
  at the Glass Club. No information released as to why he 
  was there. 


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SmackDown! Delay, McMahon/Trump On Sportcenter 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Partial Credit: PWInsider.com

- Last week John Cena's movie The Marine, did another 
  1.21 million in rentals. That now puts them up to nearly 
  $27 million in total Home Video Rentals. 

- Tomorrow night's SmackDown! is being postponed in the 
  Washington D.C. area until Sunday from 3-5PM due to a 
  Washington Capitals hockey game. 

- Listed as number 8 on the top 10 plays of the day on 
  ESPN's Sportcenter was Donald Trump slapping Vince 
  McMahon at the WrestleMania 23 press conference. 


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                      Reader's Forum

Seriously folks who really thinks that either D. Trump, 
or Vince is going to be shaved. Let's see if my crystal 
ball is working, I see something like this happening, Bobby 
Ashley wins, then Vince weasels out of the deal and ends 
up forcing Yumaga to get shaved. Either way it turns out, 
I don't see the billionaires losing hair one. For this 
reason I am going to pass on losing any sleep if I don't 
see the pay for view. 
Vince, or more to the point, the story line writers, give 
us fans a break and give Vince a break from television. 
the attitude, the arrogance, the billionaire bully persona 
is getting to be as tolerable as fingernails being dragged 
across a blackboard. 
- Ben 

I had heard that Jerry(the king)Lawler and Hulk Hogan 
have sign, to wrestle in Memphis, TN. Could you fine more 
information on this?? 

- orkofive 

Thank god Vinnie finally did something right in inducting 
Jim Ross into the Hall of Fame!! He and Jerry add SOOOOOO 
much to the show, not to say that I don't enjoy the live 
shows, but I always feel like I am missing out without 
hearing the commentary. Both of these gentlemen are a class 
act and I just hope that by inducting them into the Hall 
of Fame that we will be losing them to retirement anytime 
soon. I grew up watching and listening to these two!! 
Thanks for the memories 

- Melissa 

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