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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, July 16, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! I have a new Reader's Digest word power quiz 
for you... 

"There are two types of geniuses, the 'ordinary' and the 
'magicians,'" says one admirer of Richard Feynman in a bio-
graphy of the late physicist, who belonged to the latter 
category. The following words are taken from the book. Can 
you reveal the meanings of these words? I will publish the 
answers on Wednesday. 

1. rebuttal (n.) - A: suggestion. B: rebuke. C: unkind 
refusal. D: opposing argument. 

2. metamorphosis (n.) - A: deep sleep. B: transformation. 
C: periodic recurrence. D: significant event. 

3. caldron (n.) - A: computer term. B: kettle. C: static 
electricity. D: laser fusion. 

4. esoteric (adj.) - A: ancient. B: difficult to understand. 
C: wondrous. D: light and frothy. 

5. cadre (n.) - A: hidden source. B: follower. C: key group. 
D: student. 

6. rigor (n.) - A: anxiety. B: strictness. C: strength. 
D: vitality. 

7. tenet (n.) - A: experiment. B: mathematical equation. 
C: observation. D: belief or principle. 

8. vantage (n.) - A: competitive superiority. B: pride. 
C: cutting edge. D: turning point. 

9. interpolate (v.) - A: to clarify. B: investigate. 
C: reverse. D: insert. 

10. superlative (adj.) - A: supreme. B: powerful. C: legen-
dary. D: necessary. 

11. rectify (v.) - A: to break. B: correct. C: build. 
D: criticize. 

12. truism (n.) - A: guess. B: questionable statement. 
C: discovery. D: obvious truth. 

13. bailiwick (n.) - A: area of authority. B: woven 
container. C: false lead. D: complicated formula. 

14. gestation (n.) - A: pregnancy. B: bodily motion. 
C: spurt of activity. D: period of quiet. 

15. innate (adj.) - A: resourceful. B: inborn. C: foolish. 
D: spontaneous. 

16. subordinate (v.) - A: to guide craftily. B: hand over. 
C: put under authority. D: add to. 

17. embody (v.) - A: to make similar. B: incorporate. 
C: separate. D: solidify. 

18. connive (v.) - A: to conspire. B: provoke. C: blame. 
D: tease. 

19. primer (n.) - A: chemical symbol. B: introductory text-
book. C: principal force. D: primitive drive. 

20. teleological (adj.) - related to the study of A: ulti-
mate purposes. B: analytical procedures. C: communication. 
D: historic events. 



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WORD:  outre   oo-TRAY  (adjective)

: Unconventional; eccentric; bizarre.   

SYNONYMS: * strange   
          * outlandish   
          * far-out   
WORD WISE: Outre comes from French, from the past participle   
of outer, "to exaggerate, to go beyond," from Latin ultra,   

QUOTE: "McCarthy cast herself as the rule breaker, the outre   
intellectual woman who emerged from an eccentric and rebel-   
lious past."   
--Ann Hulbert, "Keeping Score," New York Times, October 26,   


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  suzerain  /syooze rayn/  (noun) 

: A nation that controls a dependent nation's international 
  affairs but otherwise allows it to control its internal 

[From Old French suserain, of uncertain origin: probably 
formed from sus "up."] 


1)  tam-o'-shanter  tammo shanter  (noun) 
    : a brimless Scottish wool hat, usually with a bobble at 
    the center of the crown 

    Mid-19th century. From 'Tam o'Shanter,' the eponymous 
    hero of a poem by Robert Burns. 

2)  stochastic   ste kastik  (adjective) 
    : of, relating to, or characterized by conjecture; con-

    Mid 20th century. From Greek stokhastikos, from stokhos 
    "target, aim," literally "pointed stake." Ultimately 
    from an Indo-European word that is also the ancestor of 
    English stag. 

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END OF WORD A DAY - Another F-R-E-E GopherCentral publication 
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