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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                 Tuesday, August 14, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Let me tell you about the origin of the phrase 
"busting your chops," which means to say things that are 
intended to harass. 

At the turn of the century, wearing very long sideburns-- 
called mutton chops or lamb chops -- was in style. Lamb chop 
side burns also made a comeback in the late 1960s. A bust in 
the chops was to get hit in the face. Since Mutton Chops are 
no longer considered high fashion, the term has come to be 
figurative rather than literal.



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WORD:  munificent   myoo-NIF-i-suhnt  (adjective)

: Very liberal in giving or bestowing 

SYNONYMS: * generous 
          * lavish 
          * charitable 

WORD WISE: Munificent is from Latin munificus, "generous, 
bountiful," from munus, "gift." The quality of being 
munificent is munificence. 

QUOTE: "Another munificent friend has given me the most 
splendid reclining chair conceivable." 
--George Eliot, Letters 



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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  nyctalopia   nikte lopee a  (noun)

: The state of being unable to see well at night. 

Late 17th century. Via late Latin from Greek nuktalops 
"sightless at night," from the stem of nux "night" + alaos 
"sightless" +ops "eye." 


1)  schuss   shooss  (intransitive verb) 
    : to ski straight downhill at high speed 

    Mid-20th century. From German SchuB "shot." 

2)  agley   e glay  (advverb, adjective) 
    : awry or askew 

    Late 18th century. Formed from A- + gley "to squint." 

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