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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Monday, August 6, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Are you ready for some "Straight Talk?" Well, 
get prepared, because that is what this week's Reader's 
Digest Word Power quiz is all about. Businessman and author 
Lee Iacocca is a straight talker who knows how to pack a 
wallop with his words. He began building his vocabulary 
early by reading "Word Power" and exchanging verbal spars 
with his classmates. Here are some of Iacocca's choice words. 
I will publish the answers on Wednesday. 

1. aspire (v.) - A: to animate. B: aim for. C: end. D: pre-

2. meddlesome (adj.) - A: spirited. B: fretful. C: inter-
fering. D: fainthearted. 

3. albatross (n.) - sea bird symbolizing A: persistent 
difficulty. B: ecstasy. C: effortless achievement. D: lost 

4. permeate (v.) - A: to firm up. B: rearrange. C: force an 
opening into. D: spread through. 

5. consortium (n.) - A: monopoly. B: partnership. C: illegal 
transaction. D: rental unit. 

6. laissez-faire (adj.) - A: easy come, easy go. B: at rest. 
C: unregulated. D: harmonious. 

7. divisive (adj.) - A: dishonest. B: roundabout. C: candid. 
D: disruptive. 

8. ad hoc (adj.) - A: for this purpose. B: unreal. 
C: possible. D: confidential. 

9. harbor (v.) - A: to encourage. B: keep in one's mind. 
C: reinforce. D: lose sight of. 

10. tout (v.) - A: to oppose. B: suppress. C: deceive. 
D: praise. 

11. catharsis (n.) - A: result. B: intensity. C: weakness. 
D: purification. 

12. envisage (v.) - A: to visualize. B: plan for. C: ideal-
ize. D: surround. 

13. contentious (adj.) - A: relevant or pertinent. 
B: controversial. C: full. D: quiet. 

14. exacerbate (v.) - A: to analyze carefully. B: make 
worse. C: uncover. D: argue. 

15. rag (v.) - A: to humiliate. B: challenge. C: tease. 
D: clean up. 

16. watershed (n.) - A: fluid situation. B: protective 
arrangement. C: small waterfall. D: decisive turning point. 

17. reparation (n.) - A: making up for a wrongdoing. 
B: severe punishment. C: a pulling apart. D: redistribution. 

18. homogenize (v.) - A: to weaken. B: blend. C: adapt. 
D: separate. 

19. faze (n.) - A: to fluster. B: fade away. C: dominate. 
D: gloss over. 

20. temper (v.) - A: to drive to distraction. B: synchro-
nize. C: mold. D: moderate. 



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WORD:  ineffable   in-EFF-uh-bull  (adjective)

: Incapable of being expressed in words 

SYNONYMS: * unspeakable 
          * unutterable 
          * indescribable 

WORD WISE: Ineffable is from Latin ineffabilis, from in-, 
not + effabilis, utterable, from effari, to utter, from ex-, 
out + fari, to speak. Other words deriving from fari are 
fable (from fabula, talk, conversation, hence a tale, a 
story); fabulous, astonishing or incredible (to such a 
degree that it seems to come from a story or fable rather 
than from fact); affable, easy to speak to (from affabilis, 
from ad-, to + fari); and effable, the rare antithesis of 

QUOTE: "There may be more than material nature and human 
nature. Words like spiritual and transcendent and ineffable 
may refer to more than mere yearnings. Much around us 
remains unknown." 
--Roger Shattuck, Candor and Perversion: Literature, 
Education, and the Arts 



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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  panoply   PAN-uh-plee  (noun)

: A splendid or impressive array. 
: Defensive armor in general; a full suit of defensive armor. 

Late 16th century. Via French from Greek panoplia, literally 
"all weapons," from hopla "weapons." 


1)  piffle   piff'l  (noun) 
    : silly talk or ideas 

    Mid-19th century. Origin uncertain, perhaps suggesting 
    the sound of silly talk. 

2)  sthenia   sthe ni e  (noun) 
    : great strength or vitality (archaic or formal) 

    Late 18th century. Formed from Greek sthenos "strength," 
    of unknown origin. 

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