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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, July 23, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! It's Monday, and you know what that means... 
time for another Reader's Digest word power quiz! 

"In the beginning was the word." Logos, the Greek term 
originally used for "word" in this Bible verse from the New 
Testament, and its Latin counterpart loqui, have given birth 
to numerous words. Each word in this quiz derives from one 
or the other. Pick the answer you think is correct. 

1. ventriloquism (n.) - A: repetition of words. B: method of 
recording. C: "throwing" one's voice. D: speech impairment. 

2. loquacious (adj.) - A: evasive. B: multilingual. 
C: unctuous. D: talkative. 

3. monologue (n.) - A: long speech. B: scholarly work. 
C: editorial. D: hum. 

4. terminology (n.) - A: nomenclature. B: extremity. 
C: mannerism. D: grammar. 

5. elocution (n.) - A: deprecation. B: oratory. C: appeal. 
D: legalese. 

6. interlocutor (n.) - A: go-between. B: researcher. 
C: dialogist. D: translator. 

7. tautology (n.) - A: consistency in reasoning. B: careful 
instruction. C: nervousness. D: unnecessary repetition. 

8. eulogy (n.) - A: formal praise. B: commencement address. 
C: promise. D: sorrowful poem. 

9. apologist (n.) - someone who A: broods on the past. 
B: makes no excuses. C: is fearful. D: defends an idea. 

10. prologue (n.) - A: introduction. B: explication. C: game 
plan. D: precis. 

11. philology (n.) - study of A: basic truths. B: races and 
cultures. C: nonverbal language. D: literary texts. 

12. Decalogue (n.) - A: famous series of plays. B: Ten 
Commandments. C: type of exile. D: permanent record. 

13. lexicologist (n.) - one who A: announces sports. 
B: trains birds to speak. C: writes letters. D: studies word 
meanings and origins. 

14. analogy (n.) - A: detailed examination. B: partial 
similarity. C: newly coined word. D: figure of speech. 

15. logophile (n.) - lover of A: words. B: books. C: trade-
marks. D: sermons. 

16. dialogue (n.) - A: argument. B: instruction. C: conver-
sation. D: lecture. 

17. circumlocution (n.) - A: faux pas. B: search. 
C: innuendo. D: verbosity. 

18. sinologist (n.) - expert in A: origins of evil. 
B: Chinese civilization. C: sign language. D: head colds. 

19. cosmology (n.) - study of A: the universe. B: plastic 
surgery. C: city life. D: earth's surface. 

20. epilogue (n.) - A: comedy. B: plot line. C: concluding 
statement. D: beginning of a story. 



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WORD:  fetor   FEE-tuhr; FEE-tor  (noun)

: A strong, offensive smell 

SYNONYMS: * stench 
          * odor 
          * stink 

WORD WISE: Fetor comes from Latin foetor, from foetere, "to 

QUOTE: "Inside it's pitch black & the air is hot & wet with 
the sweet fetor of rotting grass." 
--Peter Blegvad, "The Free Lunch," Chicago Review, June 22, 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  maquillage   makkee aazh  (noun)

: makeup, or the art of applying makeup 

Late 19th century. From French, from maquiller "to make up 
face," from Old French masquiller "to stain." 


1)  rakish   raykish  (adjective) 
    : stylish in a dashing or sporty way 
    : having a streamlined look that suggests rapid movement 
    through the water 

    Early 19th century. Formed from rake. 

2)  miffy   miffee  (adjective) 
    : easily upset or offended 

    Early 17th century. Origin uncertain. 

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END OF WORD A DAY - Another F-R-E-E GopherCentral publication 
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