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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Monday, August 13, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This 
week's Reader's Digest word power quiz is called "Improving 
With Age." "A soft answer turns away wrath," says the book 
of Proverbs. And this book of the Bible contains many words 
of wisdom every bit as pertinent today as when they were 
first set down nearly three thousand years ago. How many of 
these words do you know? Find out the answers on Wednesday! 

1. diligent (adj.) - A: honest. B: hard-working. C: humor-
less. D: watchful. 

2. prudence (n.) - A: cautious judgment. B: fussiness. 
C: morality. D: traditional practice. 

3. devious (adj.) - A: thoughtless. B: laid-back. C: compli-
cated. D: deceitful. 

4. garland (n.) - A: spice. B: wreath. C: ringlet. D: flower 

5. cistern (n.) - A: stream. B: culvert. C: tank. D: tube. 

6. sluggard (n.) - person who is A: foolish. B: pugnacious. 
C: awkward. D: lazy. 

7. vexation (n.) - A: annoyance. B: slyness. C: unfriend-
liness. D: fright. 

8. lattice (n.) - A: enclosure. B: covering. C: head 
decoration. D: shutter. 

9. vapor (n.) - A: breeze. B: ointment. C: mist. D: whimsy. 

10. countenance (n.) - A: reliability. B: facial expression. 
C: antagonism. D: behavior. 

11. repute (n.) - A: reputation. B: gossip. C: denial. 
D: illicit business. 

12. provocation (n.) - A: solemn statement. B: something 
that incites. C: gloomy prediction. D: inclination. 

13. abhor (v.) - A: to detest. B: refuse to acknowledge. 
C: treat shamefully. D: put an end to. 

14. meddle (v.) - A: to force. B: interfere. C: confuse. 
D: mix. 

15. importune (v.) - A: to insult. B: convince. C: criti-
cize. D: beg. 

16. crucible (n.) - A: cross. B: piece of jewelry. C: heat-
resistant container. D: buttress. 

17. reproof (n.) - A: addition confirmation. B: expression 
of disapproval. C: silence. D: violent agitation. 

18. envoy (n.) - A: messenger. B: escort. C: royal attendant. 
D: introduction. 

19. surety (n.) - A: equilibrium. B: faithfulness. 
C: determination. D: guarantee. 

20. exalt (v.) - A: to sing. B: boast. C: glorify. D: leap. 



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WORD:  embonpoint   ahn-bohn-PWAN  (noun)

: Plumpness of person 

SYNONYMS: * stoutness 
          * roundness 
          * rotundity 

WORD WISE: Embonpoint is from French, literally "in good 
condition" (en, "in" + bon, "good" + point, "situation, 

QUOTE: "His embonpoint expands by the day and his eyes are 
buried in the fat of his cheeks." 
--Quoted in Goethe: The Poet and the Age: Revolution and 
Renunciation, by Nicholas Boyle 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  hebdomad  hebde mad  (noun)

: a group of seven people or things. 
: a period of seven days. 

Mid-16th century. Via late Latin from the Greek stem 
hebdomad- "the number seven, a period of seven days," from 
hepta "seven." 


1)  saturnalia   satter naylee a  (noun) 
    : a wild celebration or orgy 

    Late 18th century. Generalized use of Saturnalia. 

2)  brummagem   brummejem  (noun) 
    : something, especially imitation jewelry, that is cheap 
    and gaudy 

    Mid-17th century. From Brummagem, alteration of Birming-
    ham, England, originally referring to counterfeit coins 
    made there. 

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