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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Thursday, July 19, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! Here are the answers to the word scramble: 
1) suzerain, 2) chimerical, 3) outre, 4) recidivism, and 
5) caliginous. 



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WORD:  donnybrook   DON-ee-brook  (noun)

: A brawl; a free-for-all 

SYNONYMS: * quarrel 
          * dispute 
          * fight 

WORD WISE: A donnybrook is so called after Donnybrook, 
Ireland, a suburb of Dublin that once held an annual fair 
known for its brawls. 

QUOTE: "Wine and talk flow freely, so much so that the meal 
ends with a Rooney family donnybrook over, typically enough, 
religion and politics." 
--Howard Frank Mosher, "24 Hours in Due East, S.C.," New 
York Times, April 7, 1991 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  dilatory    DIL-uh-tor-ee  (adjec-

: Inclined to defer or put off what ought to be done at once 
: Marked by procrastination or delay 

Dilatory is from Latin dilatorius, from dilator, a dilatory 
person, a loiterer, from dilatus, past participle of differo, 
differre, to delay, to put off, from dis-, apart, in different 
directions + fero, ferre, to carry. 


1)  sudoriferous   soo-duh-RIF-uhr-rus  (adjective) 
    : sweaty or sweat producing. 

    From Late Latin sudorifer, from Latin sudor sweat, from 
    sudare (to sweat), ultimately from Indo-European root 
    sweid- (to sweat) that also resulted in words sweat and 

2)  fustilugs   FUS-ti-lugs  (noun) 
    : a fat and slovenly person. 

    From Middle English fusty (smelly, moldy) + lug (to 
    carry something heavy). 

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