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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Thursday, June 7, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Here are the answers to the word scramble: 
1) confrere, 2) trice, 3) disparate, 4) explicate, and 
5) inculcate. 

Now on with today's words...



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WORD:  toper   TOH-puhr  (noun)   

: One who drinks frequently or to excess   

SYNONYMS: * drunkard   
          * sot   
          * alcoholic   
WORD WISE: Toper is formed from the verb tope, "to drink,"   
originally an interjection used in proposing a toast, from   
French tope!, "agreed!" from toper, "to cover a stake in   
playing at dice, to accept an offer, to agree."   

QUOTE: "But there remains a core of bottom-line voters to   
whom the promise of tax cuts is as seductive as gin to a   
--David Nyhan, "Tax cuts for all - wheee!" Boston Globe,   
January 21, 2000   


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  junta   HUN-tuh, JUHN-tuh  (noun)   

: A governmental council or committee, especially one that   
rules after a revolution.   
: A closely knit group united for a common purpose and   
usually meeting secretly   

Junta comes from the Spanish word for "joined" (hence, a   
group of persons joined for a common purpose), from Latin   
junctus, past participle of jungere, "to join."   

                  OBSCURE AND UNUSUAL WORDS   

1)  doggo   dawgoo   (adverb)   
    : not moving or making any sound in order not to be   

    Late 19th century. Formed from dog, dogs having the   
    capacity to lie in this manner.   

2)  malarkey   me laarkee  (noun)   
    : nonsense or rubbish, especially insincere talk   

    Early 20th century, origin unknown.   

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