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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                 Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Here are the answers to the word power quiz: 

1. vicissitudes (n.) - B: ups and downs. 

2. aver (v.) - A: to declare. 

3. supplication (n.) - C: earnest request. 

4. immutable (adj.) - C: unchangeable. 

5. predilection (n.) - D: preference. 

6. transcendent (adj.) - B: beyond ordinary limits. 

7. discernment (n.) - B: good judgment or understanding. 

8. presage (v.) - C: make a prediction. 

9. rectitude (n.) - D: moral virtue. 

10. magnanimous (adj.) - B: high-minded. 

11. felicity (n.) - the state of A: feeling happy. 

12. propitious (adj.) - D: favorable. 

13. despondence (n.) - B: depression. 

14. palliate (v.) - A: to relieve. 

15. pecuniary (adj.) - A: referring to money. 



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WORD:  sesquipedalian   ses·qui·pe·da·lian   (adjective)   

: Given to the use of long words.   

SYNONYMS: polysyllabic   

WORD WISE: Early 17th Century. From Latin sesquipedalis   
"measuring one and a half feet," from the stem ped- "foot."   

QUOTE: "This sesquipedalian way of saying one has no money."   


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                @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@   

      1) G E N T M U D J            4) C I N E R E D E T   

      2) M O O N P A L              5) R A L T O S A P   

      3) J O B A O J   

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words *   

Let's see who can answer them all correctly. I will publish 
the answers in tomorrow's issue! 

                  OBSCURE AND UNUSUAL WORDS   

1)  hagiolatry  hag-i-ol e-tre  (noun)   

    : worship of saints.   

2)  luciferous  loo-sif er-es  (adjective)   

    : illuminating, literally and figuratively.   

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