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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, June 11, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. Now, let's 
begin the week with a challenging word power quiz. The first 
president of the United States, George Washington, was the 
epitome of humility and sincerity. These words, spoken from 
the heart, come from his inaugural address. How many do you 

1. vicissitudes (n.) - A: spiteful actions. B: ups and downs. 
C: positive feelings. D: cowardly maneuvers. 

2. aver (v.) - A: to declare. B: avoid or prevent. C: show a 
dislike. D: openly oppose. 

3. supplication (n.) - A: excessive amount. B: important 
addition. C: earnest request. D: forced ending. 

4. immutable (adj.) - A: weakened. B: biased. C: unchange-
able. D: silent. 

5. predilection (n.) - A: introduction. B: prophecy. C: har-
mony. D: preference. 

6. transcendent (adj.) - A: always changing. B: beyond ordi-
nary limits. C: lost or displaced. D: written out. 

7. discernment (n.) - A: an act of defeat. B: good judgment 
or understanding. C: distributed funds. D: debilitating 

8. presage (v.) - A: to separate. B: get older. C: make a 
prediction. D: intentionally deceive. 

9. rectitude (n.) - A: mass destruction. B: anger. C: geo-
graphical measurement. D: moral virtue. 

10. magnanimous (adj.) - A: appealing. B: high-minded. 
C: secretive. D: in agreement. 

11. felicity (n.) - the state of A: feeling happy. B: being 
lucky. C: helping others. D: earning wealth. 

12. propitious (adj.) - A: foretelling. B: overly sarcastic. 
C: confident. D: favorable. 

13. despondence (n.) - A: letter writing. B: depression. 
C: craving. D: poverty. 

14. palliate (v.) - A: to relieve. B: carefully examine. 
C: respect or revere. D: apologize. 

15. pecuniary (adj.) - A: referring to money. B: acting 
strangely. C: educated or refined. D: being a talented cook. 



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WORD:  sempiternal   sem-pih-TUR-nul  (adjective)

: Of never ending duration 

SYNONYMS: * endless 
          * everlasting 
          * perpetual 

WORD WISE: Sempiternal comes from Medieval Latin 
sempiternalis, from Latin sempiternus, a contraction of 
semperaeternus, from semper, always + aeternus, eternal. 

QUOTE: "Princeton is nowhere near setting a "market clearing 
price" (the price that is so high that it exhausts the number 
of potential buyers), which is a sempiternal truth for 
institutions of high prestige." 
--Dennis O'Brien, "A 'Necessary' of Modern Life?" Commonweal, 
March 28, 1997 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  opprobrium   uh-PRO-bree-um 

: Disgrace; infamy; reproach mingled with contempt. 

Opprobrium derives from Latin opprobrare, to reproach, from 
ob, in the way of + probrum, reproach. The adjective form is 


1)  galumph   guh-LUHM(P)F  (intransitive verb) 
    : to move in a clumsy manner or with a heavy tread. 

    Galumph is probably an alteration of gallop. It was 
    coined by Lewis Carroll in the nonsense poem "Jabber-

2)  nisus    nissess  (noun)
    : an attempt or effort to accomplish an aim or goal 

    Late 17th century. From Latin, from niti "to strive." 

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