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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, July 2, 2007

Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning and welcome to the month of July! It's time for 
a brand new Reader's Digest word power quiz. This week's quiz 
is called "Eureka!" Bright ideas depend above all on a strong 
vocabulary to give them lasting brilliance. How many of the 
following words light up your face with understanding? 

1. resolve (n.) - A: self-reliance. B: willfulness. 
C: determination. D: protest. 

2. comprehend (v.) - A: to examine. B: puzzle over. C: grasp 
mentally. D: consider. 

3. premise (n.) - A: summary. B: pledge. C: proven fact. 
D: assumption. 

4. demonstrable (adj.) - A: overwhelming. B: emotional. 
C: showy. D: evident. 

5. reflective (adj.) - A: thoughtful. B: slow. C: responsive. 
D: watchful. 

6. plausible (adj.) - A: easily changed. B: seemingly true. 
C: authoritative. D: effective. 

7. scrutiny (n.) - A: angry glance. B: cleanliness. C: cau-
tion. D: close examination. 

8. envision (v.) - A: to explain. B: remember. C: imagine. 
D: encompass. 

9. affirmation (n.) - A: firmness. B: dissension. C: appro-
bation. D: confirmation. 

10. practicable (adj.) - A: feasible. B: businesslike. 
C: experimental. D: influential. 

11. curriculum (n.) - A: scheme or method. B: courses of 
study. C: end point. D: resource. 

12. infrastructure (n.) - A: foundation. B: political action 
committee. C: separation of powers. D: insiders' group. 

13. initiate (v.) - A: to check off. B: review. C: begin. 
D: be enthusiastic. 

14. inference (n.) - A: concept. B: accusation. C: represen-
tation. D: reasoned conclusion. 

15. optimal (adj.) - A: promising. B: best. C: not compul-
sory. D: harmless. 

16. sagacious (adj.) - A: wise. B: heroic. C: fair-minded. 
D: elderly. 

17. compensatory (adj.) - A: counterbalancing. B: regulated. 
C: punishing. D: unjust. 

18. impasse (n.) - A: impractical condition. B: confronta-
tion. C: bewilderment. D: stalemate. 

19. probity (n.) - A: procedure. B: honesty. C: legislative 
inquiry. D: self-righteousness. 

20. lucid (adj.) - A: easily understood. B: colorful. 
C: without sense. D: highly intelligent.



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WORD:  proclivity   pro-KLIV-i-tee  (noun)

: A natural inclination; as, "he has a proclivity for 

SYNONYMS: * tendency 
          * propensity 
          * proneness 

WORD WISE: Proclivity comes from Latin proclivitas, from 
proclivis, inclined, from pro-, forward + clivus, a slope. 

QUOTE: "My flirtation with tennis excellence had way more to 
do with the township where I learned and trained and with a 
weird proclivity for intuitive math than it did with athletic 
--David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  quorum    KWOR-uhm   (noun)

: Such a number of the officers or members of any body as is 
legally competent to transact business. 
: A select group. 

Fifteenth century. From Latin, literally "of whom," from the 
words used in requests for people to serve on committees. 


1)  transpicuous   tran spikyoo ess  (adjective) 
    : easily understood or seen through 

    Mid-17th century, formed from modern Latin transpicuus, 
    from Latin transpicere "to look through," from specere 
    "to look." 

2)  NIMBY   nimbee  (noun) 
    : somebody who objects to something unpleasant or 
    dangerous being located near his or her home but is fine 
    to see it located elsewhere 

    Late 20th century. Acronym for not in my backyard.

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END OF WORD A DAY - Another F-R-E-E GopherCentral publication 
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