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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, June 25, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! It's the beginning of a new week and time for   
another Reader's Digest Word Power quiz. This one is called   
"Keys to Learning." Keeping your spoken and written language   
fresh takes constant effort, learning new words day by day.   
In this quiz, choose the word or phrase that best defines   
the key word. I'll post the answers on Wednesday. Good luck!  

1. tender (v.) - A: to offer. B: sympathize. C: hesitate.   
D: suggest.   

2. ardor (n.) - A: persuasion. B: warmth of emotion.   
C: deep conviction. D: musical inclination.   

3. clinical (adj.) - A: abstract. B: cosmetic. C: directly   
observed. D: drug-induced.   

4. sufferance (n.) - A: right to vote. B: inner peace.   
C: give-and-take situation. D: patient endurance.   

5. boisterous (adj.) - A: humorously pompous. B: carefree   
and nonchalant. C: noisy and cheerful. D: invigorating.   

6. factoid (n.) - A: splinter group. B: obvious mistake.   
C: unverified information. D: synthetic object.   

7. beggar (v.) - A: to explain. B: make seem inadequate.   
C: attempt to deceive. D: impose limitations.   

8. conversant (adj.) - A: talkative. B: courteous. C: well-   
informed. D: creative.   

9. icon (n.) - A: symbol. B: false representation. C: docu-   
ment. D: destroyer of images.   

10. obstinate (adj.) - A: protruding. B: unyielding.   
C: foolish. D: self-assertive.   

11. spontaneous (adj.) - A: well-timed. B: comical.   
C: explosive. D: unplanned.   

12. fraught (adj.) - A: full of. B: manufactured. C: empty.   
D: bitter.   

13. cashier (v.) - A: to assist. B: save. C: win. D: dismiss.   

14. prophetic (adj.) - A: scolding. B: predictive.   
C: obscure. D: ancient.   

15. sundry (adj.) - A: countless. B: changing. C: various.   
D: disconnected.   

16. implication (n.) - something A: proven. B: cursed.   
C: causing doubt. D: hinted at.   

17. endeavor (v.) - A: to look over. B: please. C: attempt.   
D: bring about.   

18. impoverished (adj.) - A: imposed upon. B: severely   
penalized. C: made poor. D: heavily burdened.   

19. pithiness (n.) - A: ridicule. B: indecency. C: concise-   
ness. D: determination.   

20. tremulous (adj.) - A: delicate. B: tranquil. C: inade-   
quate. D: quivering.   



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WORD:  malapropos   mal-ap-ruh-POH  (adjective)   

: Unseasonable; unsuitable; inappropriate.   

SYNONYMS: * improper   
          * unfit   
          * out of place   
WORD WISE: Malapropos comes from French mal à propos, "badly   
to the purpose."   

QUOTE: "Such malapropos wise cracks are driven home with a   
relentlessly upbeat soundtrack which serenades scenes of   
human tragedy with bouncy, Disneyesque melodies."   
--Steve Rabey, "'Noah's Ark' hits bottom: Miniseries suffers   
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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  detritus   dih-TRY-tuhs  (noun)   

: Loose material that is worn away from rocks.   
: Hence, any fragments separated from the body to which they   
belonged; any product of disintegration; debris.   

Detritus derives from the past participle of Latin deterere,   
"to rub away, to wear out," from de-, "from" + terere, "to   
rub." It is related to detriment, at root "a rubbing away, a   
wearing away," hence "damage, harm."   

                  OBSCURE AND UNUSUAL WORDS   

1)  causeuse   ko zuz  (noun)   
    : a sofa for two people   

    From French causer = to chat   

2)  deipnosophist   dip nos e fist  (noun)   
    : a skillful dinner conversationalist   

    From Deipnosophistai of Athens who sparked the dinner   
    conversation of smart men.   

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