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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, June 18, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. Well, it is   
time for this week's Reader's Digest word power quiz.   
This one is called "To the Future." All of the words below   
gained currency or took on new meanings in the '90s. Do   
you know their definitions?   

1. channel surf (v.) - A: to sail across rough water.   
B: switch TV channels. C: sharpen TV images. D: swim between   
two land formations.   

2. multimedia (n.) - A: information overload. B: combination   
of media. C: news interpretation. D: TV anchor people.   

3. laptop (n.) - A: piece of furniture. B: tray. C: portable   
computer. D: small pet.   

4. leverage (v.) - A: to enhance. B: purchase. C: unite.   
D: compromise.   

5. globalize (v.) - A: to equalize. B: anticipate. C: make   
worldwide. D: initiate.   

6. biogas (n.) - fuel from A: decaying organic matter.   
B: natural-gas wells. C: synthetic oil. D: heavy water.   

7. triple-witching hour (n.) - a stock-market period of   
A: celebration. B: expiration of investment contracts.   
C: inactivity. D: three price upturns.   

8. megacity (n.) - city that is A: large. B: new. C: ancient.   
D: abandoned.   

9. transnational (adj.) - A: from coast to coast. B: local   
switching. C: beyond national boundaries. D: inclusive.   

10. real-time (adj.) - A: as rapidly as needed. B: local.   
C: unsyncopated. D: broadcast live.   

11. information superhighway (n.) - A: computerized traffic   
control. B: new school programs. C: space probes. D: com-   
puter communications infrastructure.   

12. fusion reaction (n.) - A: detonation. B: meltdown.   
C: disorder. D: a combining.   

13. on-line (adj.) - A: financially sound. B: pre-release.   
C: longitudinal. D: connected.   

14. spin doctor (n.) - A: opinion manipulator. B: disc   
jockey. C: coach. D: forecaster   

15. digital (adj.) - A: precise. B: clear. C: hand-held.   
D: using numbers.   

16. aquifer (n.) - A: air purifier. B: dust particle.   
C: tree. D: water-bearing rock.   

17. alternative (adj.) - A: nontraditional. B: mixed.   
C: suitable. D: lively.   

18. tabloid (n.) - A: freak. B: sensationalistic newspaper.   
C: marble slab. D: statistic.   

19. biotechnology (n.) - study of A: planets. B: brain's   
evolution. C: human communities. D: modification of products.   

20. Internet (n.) - A: fabric. B: computer network.   
C: satellite. D: spy organization.   



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WORD:  exigent  EK-suh-juhnt  (adjective)   

: Requiring immediate aid or action; pressing; critical.   
: Requiring much effort or expense; demanding; exacting.   

SYNONYMS: * critical   
          * crucial   
          * pressing   

WORD WISE: Exigent is derived from the present participle of   
Latin exigere, "to demand."   

QUOTE: "An exception to the warrant rule was established when   
exigent circumstances required officials to act immediately."   
 --Warren Richey, "Of merchant ships and crack-sellers' cars,"   
   Christian Science Monitor, May 20, 1999   



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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  moil  MOIL  (intransitive verb)   

: To work with painful effort; to labor; to toil; to drudge.   

Moil comes from Middle English moillen, "to soak, to wet,"   
hence "to soil, to soil one's hands, to work very hard,"   
from Old French moillier, "to soften, especially by making   
wet," ultimately from Latin mollis, "soft."   

                  OBSCURE AND UNUSUAL WORDS   

1)  grandiloquent  gran-DIL-uh-kwuhnt  (adjective)   
    : Lofty in style; pompous; bombastic.   

    Grandiloquent comes from Latin grandiloquus, from   
    grandis, "grand" + loqui, "to speak." The noun form   
    is grandiloquence.   

2)  vade mecum   vay-dee-MEE-kuhm  (noun)   
    : A book for ready reference; a manual; a handbook.   
    : A useful thing that one regularly carries about.   

    Vade mecum is from Latin, literally meaning "go with me."   

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