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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Wednesday, July 11, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! Here are the answers of the word power quiz: 

1. pallid - C: Lacking color, vitality or interest; as, "He 
recalled Blaney's pallid and innocuous watercolors." Latin 

2. cumbersome - C: Unwieldy; as, "her cumbersome shoulder 
bag flapping against her ribs." Old French combrer (to 

3. raucous - C: Loud and harsh; rowdy; as, "the raucous beat 
of the music." Latin raucus (hoarse). 

4. cursory - D: Superficial; hasty; as, "a cursory glance at 
the serial killer." Latin currere (to run). 

5. clutch - A: A cluster, group or bunch; as, "a clutch of 
chief constables." Old Norse klekja (to hatch). 

6. concomitant - B: Occurring together; accompanying; as, 
"Success has its concomitant disadvantages." Latin 
concomitari (to follow). 

7. reticent - C: Reserved; not speaking openly or revealing 
one's thoughts. Latin reticere (to be silent). 

8. condolences - B: Expressions of sympathy or comfort; as, 
"a formal visit of condolence." Latin com- (with) and dolere 
(to grieve). 

9. ostensibly - D: Apparently but not necessarily so; as, 
Ostensibly he was there to teach. Latin ostendere (to show). 

10. sobriquet - D: Nickname; an assumed, often humorous name; 
as, "a sobriquet both childish and basically unsuitable." 

11. lugubrious - A: Mournful or sad, especially in an 
exaggerated way; as, "a look of lugubrious disapproval." 
Latin lugere (to bewail). 

12. frisson - A: A shudder or shiver arising from fear, joy, 
excitement; as, "an agreeable frisson of terror." French. 

13. venue - B: Meeting or gathering place. Also, location 
for a trial. French, from venir (to come). 

14. (Sorry for the spelling error - should be "countercharge") 
recrimination - C: Countercharge; as, "Friendship there 
could deteriorate into gossip, recriminations and betrayal." 
Latin re- (again) and criminari (to accuse). 

15. vicarious - D: Serving as a substitute; as, "a brief, 
vicarious immortality." Latin vicarius. 

16. histrionic - D: Excessively dramatic; as, "He beat his 
hands against the door. It seemed a histrionic gesture." 
Latin histrio (actor). 

17. derisory - C: Expressing mockery or contempt; ridiculous; 
as, What you pay [in rent] is derisory. It doesn't even 
cover repairs." Latin deridere (to laugh). 

18. unprepossessing - B: Unimpressive; not especially 
attractive; as, "a particularly unprepossessing face." Latin 
in- (not) and possidere (to possess). 

19. condone - A: To forgive or overlook a wrongdoing; as, a 
man "who had never supposed that the evil of the world 
should be condoned." Latin condonare. 

20. rail - C: To attack with harsh or insulting language; 
complain; as, "She railed at me like a woman possessed." 
Latin ragere (to bray).



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WORD:  contumacious   kon-t(y)oo-MAY-shuh  (adjective) 

: Obstinate; stubbornly disobedient; persistently, willfully, 
or overtly defiant of authority. 

SYNONYMS: * rebellious 
          * insubordinate 
          * headstrong 

WORD WISE: Contumacious derives from Latin contumax, 
contumac-, "insolent." 

QUOTE: "Before a contumacious teenager can be turned into a 
disciplined, tradition-minded cadet, he or she must be 
admitted to West Point." 
--Bill Kauffman, "The West Point Story," American Enterprise, 
July 1999 


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                @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@

       1) n a i g r e m l             4) r g i b o m i o l 

       2) b r a t a n e r             5) p a r s e c e g a c 

       3) t a o s n u c i m o u c 

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words * 

Let's see who can answer them all correctly. I will publish 
the answers in tomorrow's issue. Good Luck! 


1)  hobbledehoy   HOB-uhl-dee-hoy  (noun) 
    : an awkward, gawky young fellow. 

    The origin of hobbledehoy is unknown, though it perhaps 
    derives from hobble, from the awkward movements of a 
    clumsy adolescent. 

2)  preciosity   preshee awssetee  (noun) 
    : ridiculous over refinement in language and manners, 
    or an example of this 

    From 14th century. Via French from, ultimately, Latin 
    pretiosus "precious." 

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