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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Thursday, July 5, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! I hope you had a great Fourth of July. Here are 
the answers to this week's word power quiz! 

1. resolve - C: Determination; firmness of purpose; as, She 
kept to her resolve. Latin resolvere (to unfasten, loosen). 

2. comprehend - C: To grasp mentally; understand; as, He 
failed to comprehend the importance of the concept. Latin 
comprehendere (to grasp). 

3. premise - D: Assumption; proposition or belief taken for 
granted but not proved; as, a strategy based on a faulty 
premise. Latin praemittere (to send before). 

4. demonstrable - D: Clearly evident; able to be shown or 
authenticated; as, a demonstrable need to improve the qual-
ity of education. Latin demonstrare (to indicate). 

5. reflective - A: Thoughtful; analytical; pensive; as, 
Reflective parents often avoid hasty reactions to their 
unruly children. Latin reflectere (to bend back). 

6. plausible - B: Seemingly true or reasonable, though more 
proof is desirable; as, He gave plausible reasons for the 
change in plans. Latin plaudere (to applaud). 

7. scrutiny - D: Close examination or searching study; as, 
The proposal is under the committee's scrutiny. Latin 
scrutari (to search). 

8. envision - C: To imagine or picture in the mind, 
especially a future event; as, to envision a world at peace. 
English en- (cause) and vision. 

9. affirmation - D: Confirmation or assertion that something 
is true; as, an affirmation of serious plans to reduce the 
deficit. Latin affirmare (to present as firm). 

10. practicable - A: Feasible; capable of being done or put 
into practice; as, a practicable economic policy. Greek 
praktikos (practical). 

11. curriculum - B: Courses of study offered in schools; as, 
to change a school's curriculum. Latin (a running contest). 

12. infrastructure - A: Foundation; basic facilities needed 
for the functioning of a system, as a community's roads, 
schools or transportation system. Latin infra (below) and 

13. initiate - C: To begin; originate; as, to initiate 
reforms in Congress. Also, to teach the fundamentals of a 
subject. Latin initiare. 

14. inference - D: Conclusion arrived at by reasoning based 
on known facts. Latin inferre (to bring in). 

15. optimal - B: Best or most favorable; as, an optimal 
timing for the summit meeting. Latin optimus. 

16. sagacious - A: Wise; having a keenly perceptive mind, 
good judgment and sound, practical sense; as, a sagacious 
judge. Latin sagire (to perceive quickly). 

17. compensatory - A: Counterbalancing; making up for a 
loss; as, compensatory payment for damages. Latin compen-

18. impasse - D: Stalemate; any deadlock; as, International 
trade negotiations failed to break the impasse. French. 

19. probity - B: Uncompromising honesty; proven integrity; 
as, a beloved queen known for her probity. Latin probus. 

20. lucid - A: Easily understood; clearly expressed; as, 
lucid instructions. Latin lucere (to shine, glitter). 



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WORD:  beholden   bi-hohl-duhn  (adjective)   

: Obliged; bound in gratitude   

SYNONYMS: * indebted   
          * grateful   
          * obligated   

WORD WISE: Beholden is from Old English behealden, to hold   
firmly, from be-, intensive prefix + healden, to hold.   

QUOTE: "Peter did not intend to be beholden to any of his   
relatives unless they proved their worth."   
--Lindsey Hughes, Russia in the Age of Peter the Great   


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                @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@

       1) e w n z i d e               4) r i t p o y v c i l 

       2) o m r u q u                 5) g a y o h m a n 

       3) l e b o d n h e 

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words * 

Let's see who can answer them all correctly. I will publish 
the answers in tomorrow's issue! 


1)  blench   blench  (noun) 
    : to move back or away in fear 

    Old English blencan "to deceive, cheat," of unknown 
    origin. The modern meaning probably developed via "to 
    evade, dodge" and "to move suddenly." 

2)  shambolic   sham bollik  (adjective) 
    : poorly organized and in a messy or chaotic state 

    Late 20th century. Formed from shambles, perhaps on the 
    model of "symbolic." 

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