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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Have you ever met one of those annoying people who like to 
tell you that a tomato is really a fruit and not a vegetable? 
The next time you do you can one-up them by asking if they 
know what the difference is between a vegetable and a fruit. 

A fruit is actually the sweet, ripened ovary or ovaries of a 
seed-bearing plant. A vegetable, in contrast, is an herbaceous 
plant cultivated for an edible part (seeds, roots, stems, 
leaves, bulbs, tubers, or nonsweet fruits). So, to be really 
nitpicky, a fruit could be a vegetable, but a vegetable could 
not be a fruit. When you go to the grocery store, fruits are 
those items regarded as those not used in salads and not 
generally intended for cooking. 

So, tomatoes are in the vegetable section because of the way 
they are used (cooked and in salads).



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WORD:  agglomeration    uh-glom-uh-RAY-shuhn  (noun)   

: The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping   
: A jumbled cluster or mass of usually varied elements.   

SYNONYMS: * gathering   
          * collection   
          * accumulation   
WORD WISE: Agglomeration is the noun form of agglomerate,   
"to gather into a ball or mass," which derives from the past   
participle of Latin agglomerare, "to mass together; to heap   
up," from ad- + glomerare, "to form into a ball," from   
glomus, glomer-, "ball."   

QUOTE: "Upon closer inspection, it revealed itself to be an   
agglomeration of differently shaped and colored prescription   
eyeglasses, inserted into a thin wall built in front of a   
--Susan Harris, "Jean Shin at Frederieke Taylor," Art in   
America, October, 2004   


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  equitation   ekwi taysh'n  (noun)   

: the skill and theory of riding horses   

Mid-16th century. Directly or via French equitation from the   
Latin stem equitation-, from equitare "to ride on horseback,"   
from, ultimately, equus "horse."   

                  OBSCURE AND UNUSUAL WORDS   

1)  fussbudget   fuss bujjet  (noun)   
    : somebody who typically worries about trivial things   

    Early 20th century. From budget "bundle."   

2)  dreck   drek  (noun)   
    : worthless trashy stuff, especially low-quality merch-   

    Early 20th century. From Yiddish drek "filth, dung,"   
    from Middle High German drec.   

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