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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                   Monday, July 9, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles, 

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now it is 
time for another Reader's Digest word power quiz. Today's quiz, 
called "Following Clues," contains words taken from the book 
"Devices and Desires" by mystery writer P.D. James. How good 
a word sleuth are you in tracking down the correct meanings? 
I will reveal the answers on Wednesday... 

1. pallid (adj.) - A: gloomy or sad. B: smooth and glowing. 
C: lacking color. D: submissive. 

2. cumbersome (adj.) - A: obnoxious. B: sluggish. 
C: unwieldy. D: diminutive. 

3. raucous (adj.) - A: piercing. B: undercooked. C: loud and 
harsh. D: vulgar. 

4. cursory (adj.) - A: obscene. B: crafty. C: mean. 
D: superficial. 

5. clutch (n.) - A: cluster. B: keyhole. C: obvious clue. 
D: small cage. 

6. concomitant (adj.) - A: resulting. B: occurring together. 
C: fully committed. D: understandable. 

7. reticent (adj.) - A: pure. B: furtive. C: reserved. 
D: effusive. 

8. condolences (n.) - A: congratulations. B: expressions of 
sympathy. C: words of forgiveness. D: acts of conciliation. 

9. ostensibly (adv.) - A: virtually. B: obviously. 
C: strictly. D: apparently. 

10. sobriquet (n.) - A: actress in a light comedy. B: witty 
remark. C: type of painting. D: nickname. 

11. lugubrious (adj.) - A: mournful. B: greasy. C: fawning. 
D: slow and heavy. 

12. frisson (n.) - A: shudder. B: calm. C: decorative 
border. D: type of dessert. 

13. venue (n.) - A: recollection. B: meeting place. 
C: passageway. D: long vista. 

14. recrimination (n.) - A: setback. B: rebirth. C: counter-
change. D: asperity. 

15. vicarious (adj.) - A: many and varied. B: doubtful. 
C: transitory. D: serving as a substitute. 

16. histrionic (adj.) - A: hypersensitive. B: historically 
significant. C: uncouth. D: excessively dramatic. 

17. derisory (adj.) - A: amusing. B: unfortunate. C: ridic-
ulous. D: damaging. 

18. unprepossessing (adj.) - A: poverty-stricken. 
B: unimpressive. C: distinctive. D: laid-back. 

19. condone (v.) - A: to forgive. B: eliminate. C: regret. 
D: advise. 

20. rail (v.) - A: to rush through. B: punish. C: attack 
verbally. D: lament. 



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WORD:  aberrant   a-BERR-unt; AB-ur-unt  (adjective)

: Markedly different from an accepted norm 

SYNONYMS: * abnormal 
          * deviant 
          * weird 

WORD WISE: That which is aberrant is literally that which 
"wanders away from" what is accepted, ordinary, normal, 
natural, etc., aberrant being from Latin aberro, aberrare, 
to wander off, to lose one's way, from ab, away from + erro, 
errare, to wander. 

QUOTE: "These characters are so wild and aberrant they are 
close to appearing lunatics." 
--Bosley Crowther, "Who's Afraid of Audacity?" New York 
Times, July 10, 1966 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  imbroglio   im-BROLE-yo  (noun) 

: A complicated and embarrassing state of things; a serious 

Imbroglio derives from Italian, from Old Italian imbrogliare, 
to tangle, confuse, from in-, in + brogliare, to mix, to 
stir. It is related to broil, a rowdy argument, and embroil, 
to involve in argument. 


1)  Minotaur   MIN-uh-tawr  (noun) 
    : someone or something monstrous, especially one that 

    From Latin Minotaurus, from Greek Minotauros, from Minos 
    (a king of Crete) + tauros (bull). 

2)  oligopsony   oli-GOP-suh-nee  (noun) 
    : the market condition where a few buyers control the 
    market for a product. 

    From Greek oligo- (few, little) + opsonia (purchase). 

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END OF WORD A DAY - Another F-R-E-E GopherCentral publication 
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