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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                 Thursday, August 9, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Here are the answers to the word scramble: 
1) logorrhea, 2) panoply, 3) ineffable, 4) quiescent, and 
5) bonhomie. 



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WORD:  convenance  konvee naans  (noun)

: Suitable or acceptable behavior 

SYNONYMS: * appropriateness 
          * decency 
          * politeness 

WORD WISE: Convenance comes from French, where it was 
formed from convenir "to be suitable, to agree."  Also 
from Latin convenir. 

QUOTE: And they missed Their wonted convenance, cheerly hid 
the loss. --Emerson. 



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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  suborn   su bawrn  (transitive 

: To persuade somebody to commit a crime or other wrongdoing 

Early 16th century. From Latin subornare, literally "to 
equip secretly," from ornare. 


1)  spang   spang  (adverb) 
    : completely, squarely, or exactly on target or in the 
    middle of something 

    Mid-19th century. Origin uncertain: perhaps from a 
    dialect verb meaning "to leap," or perhaps an alter-
    ation of span-new. 

2)  dicker   diker  (intransitive verb) 
    : to bargain for goods or services 

    Early 19th century. Origin uncertain: probably from, 
    ultimately, Latin decuria "group of ten, ten hides for 
    sale," from decem "ten" + vir "man." Originally in 
    English "a quantity of ten." 

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