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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                 Wednesday, June 27, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Here are the answers to the word power quiz: 

1. tender - A: To offer or present anything for acceptance 
or approval; as, The administration expected the official to 
tender his resignation. Latin tendere (to extend). 

2. ardor - B: Intense warmth of emotion; zeal; as, The 
governor spoke with ardor of the need to improve the educa-
tional system. Latin ardor (flame). 

3. clinical - C: Relating to the direct observation and 
treatment of patients; as, Clinical tests showed him to be 
in good health. Greek klinikos (of the bed). 

4. sufferance - D: Patient endurance; capacity to tolerate 
pain or distress; as, She bore the harsh winters with stoic 
sufferance. Latin sufferre (to undergo). 

5. boisterous - C: Noisy and cheerful; rowdy and 
unrestrained; as, The grandfather gave a boisterous laugh. 
Middle English boistreous (crude). 

6. factoid - C: Unverified or fictitious information presen-
ted as fact; as, a report filled with factoids. Also, 
obscure, trivial information. From fact and Greek -oid 

7. beggar - B: To make descriptions or comparisons seem 
inadequate or useless; outdo; as, a spectacular scene that 
beggars description. Middle English (to make poor). 

8. conversant - C: Well-informed; familiar with; as, a sales 
manager conversant with a competitor's marketing plan. Latin 
conversari (to keep company with). 

9. icon - A: Symbol; image; representation; as, Unfortun-
ately, sometimes a mansion becomes the main icon of worldly 
success. Greek eikon (image). 

10. obstinate - B: Unyielding; unreasonably resolved to have 
one's way; stubborn; as, We call someone "persevering" in a 
good cause and "obstinate" in a bad one. Latin obstinare 
(to persist). 

11. spontaneous - D: Unplanned; coming naturally and freely 
on its own; as, the audience's spontaneous applause. Latin 
sponte (of its own accord). 

12. fraught - A: Full of; involving; laden; as, The govern-
ment's plan was fraught with difficulties. Middle Dutch 
vrachten (to load a ship). 

13. cashier - D: To dismiss from a position of authority or 
trust, especially in disgrace; as, The lieutenant was 
cashiered from his regiment. Old French casser (to annul). 

14. prophetic - B: Predictive, often ominously so; fore-
shadowing. Greek prophetikos. 

15. sundry - C: Various; miscellaneous; as, sundry household 
tasks. Old English syndrig (separate). 

16. implication - D: Something hinted at but not expressed 
in overt terms; as, the implication that the bookkeeper was 
involved in the fraud. Latin implicare (to enfold). 

17. endeavor - C: To make an attempt; strive; as, The United 
Nations endeavors to bring peace to the region. Old French 
deveir (duty). 

18. impoverished - C: Made poor; as, an impoverished nation. 
Also, without strength or richness; as, an impoverished 
vocabulary. From in and Latin pauper (poor). 

19. pithiness - C: Conciseness; fullness of meaning with 
brevity of expression; as, The minister had the gift of 
pithiness. Old English pith (kernel, pit of a fruit). 

20. tremulous - D: Quivering from nervousness, grief, weak-
ness or fear; as, The survivor spoke in a tremulous voice. 
Latin tremere (to tremble). 



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WORD:  contemn   kuhn-TEM  (transitive verb) 

: To regard or treat with disdain or contempt 

SYNONYMS: * scorn 
          * despise 
          * oppose 

WORD WISE: Contemn is derived from Latin contemnere, from 
com-, intensive prefix + temnere, "to despise." 

QUOTE: "Nor, despite his seeming Jansenist severity, would 
Pascal contemn such pleasures. Even he, the least therapeutic 
writer imaginable, admits that diversions can help to heal 
the beset soul." 
--Edward T. Oakes, "Pascal: The First Modern Christian," 
First Things, August 1, 1999 



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                @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@

       1) u t r o l b i n u a c        4) n e c m o n t 

       2) t i d u t s e r              5) a m i e n q t i y u 

       3) l r o s m a p a o p 

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words * 

Can you answer them all correctly? I will publish the answers 
in tomorrow's issue. Good Luck! 


1)  toggery   toggeree  (noun) 
    : clothes 
    : a place to buy clothes, such as a clothing or 
    specialty shop 

    Early 19th century. Formed from tog, shortening of 
    obsolete slang togeman, from obsolete French togue 
    "cloak," from Latin toga "to cover." 

2)  yagi   yaagee  (noun) 
    : a directional radio or television antenna consisting 
    of several elements arranged in line 

    Mid-20th century. Named for Hidetsugu Yagi, Japanese 
    electrical engineer. 

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