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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                 Wednesday, July 18, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Here are the answers to this week's word power 

1. rebuttal - D: An opposing argument; as, "He offered the 
mildest of the many possible rebuttals." Old French rebuter 
(to thrust back, push). 

2. metamorphosis - B: Transformation; complete change; as, 
the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Greek 
metamorphoun (to transform). 

3. caldron - B: Large kettle; also, an agitated condition; 
as, "the famous caldron of physicist Ernest Lawrence's 
laboratory." Latin calidus (warm). 

4. esoteric - B: Difficult to understand; as, "Younger 
scientists explored esoteric new domains." Greek esoteros 

5. cadre - C: Key group; nucleus of trained people; as, "He 
left behind a small cadre of students." Latin quadrum 

6. rigor - B: Strictness or severity in judgment or conduct; 
as, His childhood was a "combination of freedom and moral 
rigor." Latin rigere (to be stiff). 

7. tenet - D: Belief or principle; as, "Only rarely did they 
express [their creed's] tenets, but they lived by them." 
Latin tenere (to hold). 

8. vantage - A: Competitive superiority; position giving a 
broad perspective; as, the vantage that comes from exper-
ience. Old French avantage. 

9. interpolate - D: To insert new material that may distort 
a text; mathematically, to estimate a missing value. Latin 
interpolare (to polish, corrupt). 

10. superlative - A: Supreme; of outstanding quality. Latin 
superlatus (exaggerated). 

11. rectify - B: To correct; adjust; amend; as, "to rectify 
his mother's checkbook." Latin rectificare. 

12. truism - D: Obvious, self-evident truth; as, "It became 
an instant truism that science meant power." Old English 
treowth (truth). 

13. bailiwick - A: Area of authority, interest or skill; as, 
Quantum mechanics was his bailiwick. English bailiff (deputy 
sheriff) and wick (village). 

14. gestation - A: Pregnancy. Also, the conception and 
development of an idea; as, the gestation of a new theory. 
Latin gerere (to bear). 

15. innate - B: Inborn; existing naturally, rather than 
acquired; as, "Children are innate scientists." Latin 

16. subordinate - C: To put under the authority of another; 
as, "Some [scientists] subordinated their own abilities to 
his." Latin subordinare. 

17. embody - B: To incorporate; represent; give form to; as, 
"Most physicists were now persuaded that the atom embodied... 
electrons, protons and neutrons." Prefix em- (in) and body. 

18. connive - A: To conspire; cooperate secretly; as, They 
connived to alert President Roosevelt to the possibility of 
an atom bomb. Latin connivere (to close the eyes, wink). 

19. primer - B: Introductory textbook covering the basic 
elements of a subject; as, a primer on mathematical methods. 
Latin primus (first). 

20. teleological - A: Related to the study of ultimate pur-
poses in natural phenomena; as, The teleological question, 
what is the meaning of life? Greek telos (end) and -logy 
(study of). 



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WORD:  chimerical   ky-MER-ih-kuhl  (adjective) 

: Merely imaginary; produced by or as if by a wildly fanci-
ful imagination 

SYNONYMS: * fantastic 
          * improbable 
          * unrealistic 

WORD WISE: Chimerical is ultimately derived from Greek 
khimaira, "she-goat" or "chimera," which in Greek mythology 
was a monster having the head of a lion, the body of a goat, 
and the tail of a dragon. 

QUOTE: "In the chimerical atmosphere of the Museum of 
Jurassic Technology, it is far from clear where fact ends 
and fiction begins--or vice versa." 
--Margaret Wertheim, "The Museum of Jurassic Technology," 
Omni, November 1, 1994 



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                @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@

      1) e n z a s i r u              4) s d i m e i r c i v 

      2) i r a h e l c i c m          5) l o s i n u c i g a 

      3) t o r e u 

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words *

Let's see who can answer them all correctly.  I will publish 
the answers in tomorrow's issue! 


1)  Cerberus   SUR-buh-ruhs  (noun) 
    : a powerful, hostile guard 

    From Latin, from Greek Kerberos. 

2)  colporteur   KAWL-por-tuhr  (noun) 
    : a peddler of religious books 

    From French colporteur (peddler), from col (neck) + 
    porter (to carry), from Latin portare. Ultimately from 
    Indo-European root per- (to lead, pass over). 

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