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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Tuesday, July 17, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! I heard someone use the expression 'pardon 
my French,' the other day and I started to wonder how it 
came to stand for 'please excuse my bad language.' 

The French have been enemies of Britain for the past 
thousand years (on and off). Perhaps because of this, the 
British have considered the French to be vulgar and rude. 

To say "pardon my French" is to say that you are about to 
behave as a Frenchman would, i.e. you are about to say 
something vulgar.



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WORD:  caliginous   kuh-LIJ-uh-nuhs  (adjective) 

: Dark, gloomy, obscure, misty 

SYNONYMS: * clouded 
          * gray 
          * dreary 

WORD WISE: From Latin caliginosus (misty, dark). 

QUOTE: "In March the cover got blown off of Brightly's 
caliginous caper." 
--Steve Mirsky; Academic Exams Taken by True And False 
People; Scientific American (Washington DC); Jun 2005.


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  recidivism   rih-SID-uh-viz-um 

: A tendency to lapse into a previous condition or pattern 
of behavior; especially, a falling back or relapse into 
prior criminal habits. 

Recidivism derives from Latin recidivus, "falling back," 
from recidere, "to fall back," from re-, "back" + cadere, 
"to fall." A recidivist is one who relapses or who is an 
incorrigible criminal. 


1)  cark   kark  (intransitive verb) 
    : to worry 

    a worry or care. 

    From Middle English carken (to load or burden), from 
    Norman French carquier, from Latin carricare. Ultimately 
    from Indo-European root kers- (to run). 

2)  terete   tuh-REET, ter-EET  (adjective) 
    : smooth-surfaced, cylindrical, and tapering at the ends. 

    From Latin teret-, stem of teres (round). 

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