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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! Today I have a mini-quiz for you to enjoy. 
Each question below consists of four words. Three of them 
are related in meaning. Pick the word that does not fit. 
The answers are at the bottom. Have fun! 

1. awry          overt          salient     manifest 

2. duplicity     ascendancy     guile       chicanery 

3. contrition    remorse        cadence     penitence 

4. temperance    sobriety       celibacy    oblivion 

5. nominal       amiable        affable     congenial 

6. choleric      querulous      petulant    equitable 

7. dormant       latent         nostalgic   inert 

8. astute        bereft         sagacious   prudent 

9. copious       bourgeois      profuse     myriad 

10. ascetic      austere        frugal      pejorative 



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WORD:  bonhomie   bah-nuh-MEE  (noun) 

: Good nature; pleasant and easy manner. 

SYNONYMS: * amiability 
          * geniality 
          * warm-heartedness 

WORD WISE: Bonhomie comes from French, from bonhomme, "good-
natured man," from bon, "good" (from Latin bonus) + homme, 
"man" (from Latin homo). 

QUOTE: "That bonhomie which won the hearts of all who knew 
--Washington Irving, Oliver Goldsmith 


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BONUS WORD OF THE DAY:  logorrhea   law-guh-REE-uh  (noun) 

: Excessive talkativeness or wordiness. 

Logorrhea is derived from Greek logos, "word" + rhein, "to 


1)  stickle   stik'l  (intransitive verb) 
    : to dispute stubbornly about trivial matters 

    Early 17th century. Alteration of obsolete stightle, 
    literally "to keep trying to control things," from Old 
    English stihtian "to arrange, settle." 

2)  fritter   fritter  (transitive verb) 
    : to break, cut, or tear something into small pieces or 

    Early 18th century. From obsolete fritters "fragments, 
    scraps," of unknown origin. 



1. awry 

2. ascendancy 

3. cadence 

4. oblivion 

5. nominal 

6. equitable 

7. nostalgic 

8. bereft 

9. bourgeois 

10. pejorative 

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END OF WORD A DAY - Another F-R-E-E GopherCentral publication 
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