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Publication: Word A Day

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                     *  WORD A DAY  *
                  Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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Fellow Logophiles,

Good morning! It's time to find out the answers of the word 
power quiz! 

1. ventriloquism - C: "Throwing" one's voice; Latin 
ventriloquus (one who speaks from the belly). 

2. loquacious - D: A mildly disparaging term for being talk-
ative or wordy; as, a loquacious salesman. Latin loqui (to 

3. monologue - A: Long speech by a single speaker, mono-
polizing a conversation; dramatic speech by one actor. 
Greek monologos (speaking alone). 

4. terminology - A: Nomenclature; technical terms relating 
to a specific subject. Latin terminus (limit) and Greek 
logos (word, speech). 

5. elocution - B: Oratory; style or manner of speaking or 
reading in public. Latin eloqui (to speak out). 

6. interlocutor - C: Dialogist; person who takes part in a 
conversation or discussion and who may ask questions; as, 
The journalist was a skilled interlocutor. Latin interloqui 
(to speak between). 

7. tautology - D: Unnecessary repetition of an idea in 
different words. Greek tauto (the same) and logos. 

8. eulogy - A: Formal praise of a person, especially one who 
has died recently. Greek eulogia (praise). 

9. apologist - D: One who explains or defends an idea, cause 
or person; as, an apologist for tough laws against drug 
dealers. Greek apologia (speech in defense). 

10. prologue - A: Introduction to a poem, play, book, etc.; 
preliminary event; as, The conference of American and 
Russian negotiators was a prologue to a summit meeting. 
Greek pro- (for) and logos. 

11. philology - D: Study of literary texts and written 
records to determine their authenticity and meaning. Greek 
philein (to love) and logos. 

12. Decalogue - B: The Ten Commandments. Greek deka (ten) 
and logos. 

13. lexicologist - D: One who studies the formation of words 
and their derivations, meanings and uses. Greek lexikos (of 
words) and logos. 

14. analogy - B: Partial similarity of things unlike in 
various aspects but forming a basis for comparison; as, the 
analogy of a human lung to a balloon. Greek ana (similar to) 
and logos. 

15. logophile - A: Lover of words; as, Many of you who read 
Word a Day are logophiles! Greek logos and philos (loving). 

16. dialogue - C: Conversation; especially a frank exchange 
of different points of view. Greek dialogos. 

17. circumlocution - D: Verbosity; roundabout way of speak-
ing or writing; as, Come to the point. Don't use circum-
locutions. Latin circum- (around) and loqui. 

18. sinologist - B: An expert in Chinese language, liter-
ature, history, art and customs. Greek Sinai (the Chinese 
people) and logos. 

19. cosmology - A: The study of the nature, origin, 
structure, and evolution of the universe. Greek kosmos 
(universe) and logos. 

20. epilogue - C: Concluding statement of a novel or play, 
giving further insight; as, the epilogue spoken by Prospero 
in Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Greek epilogos. 



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WORD:  benison   BEN-uh-suhn  (noun)

: Blessing; benediction 

SYNONYMS: * prayer 
          * grace 
          * invocation 

WORD WISE: Benison comes from Old French beneison, from 
Latin benedictio, from benedicere, "to bless," from bene, 
"well" + dicere, "to say." 

QUOTE: In the beginning, Gibran's small estate was worth 
some $50,000, benison enough for a village of ten thousand 
--Stefan Kanfer, "But is it not strange that elephants will 
yield -- and that The Prophet is still popular?" New York 
Times, June 25, 1972 


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               @@ MID-WEEK WORD SCRAMBLE @@

       1) e n a c y e a b              4) a t p o c i p n 

       2) o f r t e                    5) l u g a i m a q e l 

       3) n o b i n e s 

        * Does not include obscure and unusual words *

Let's see who can answer them all correctly.  I will publish 
the answers in tomorrow's issue! 


1)  kibosh   ki bosh  (transitive verb) 
    : to put a stop to something 

    Mid-19th century. Origin unknown. 

2)  paradiddle   perre didd'l  (noun) 
    : a drum roll in which left and right drumsticks alter-

    Early 20th century. An imitation of the sound. 

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