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Publication: Diet Buddy
Wonder Foods?

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, February, 12, 2007

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Wonder Foods?

Hi There Buddies...

I just have one thing to say about the weather...it's 
warmer in Alaska !!!  Brrrrrr !!!

Many of us who didn't have weight issues when we were 
younger and could basically eat whatever was placed in  
front of us without having to carefully watch the calorie 
count or whether foods contained too many carbohydrates or 
fat, are probably wondering what happened to the good old 
days we thought would never end?  Yup, that's right, we 
hit middle age! And now it seems that just looking at food 
might just add a few inches in places we'd give up our 
first born to avoid.  Just Kidding!

It appears the more numbers we add to our age, the more 
numbers we're fighting on our scales also, making 
us not such healthy happy campers anymore.  Not only have 
we added more pounds to our once thinner frames, but our 
metabolism seems to have headed south as well.

This mid-life crisis some of us are approaching is likely 
adding more weight than we care to walk around with, but 
still haven't quite figured out a way to stop, short of 
just starving ourselves.  It does at times seem that being 
thin is just a memory from the past. 

Most likely by now we've tried many different diets and 
many different exercise routines only to find we're still 
attached to these stubborn pounds. Is there anything out 
there that doesn't require constant calorie counting and 
hours of exercise in order to lose weight? 

Let's look at what Dr. Lark from Looking Good Now Magazine 
has to say...

Get Out & Walk... You'll Be Glad You Did!

One of the easiest and best forms of exercise is walking.
But did you know there are certain things to do when
walking that will help you achieve better health?

Let Leslie Sansone's revolutionary DVD convert the space 
in front of your television into a fat burning, body 
shaping, health improvement walking track. 

The "Older Adults Walk & Firm" DVD is even more effective 
than an outdoor or treadmill walk. You'll perform a 
combination of simple walking based steps and proven 
firming exercises, that will keep your muscles strong, 
boost your metabolism and increase your energy. And
we've discounted the price to get you started. Pick-up
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Older Adults Walk & Firm DVD

Dr. Lark has designed a plan for us that not only flushes 
that dreaded fat, but also improves our metabolism and 
health instantly.  Dr. Lark has discovered that certain 
foods help boost your metabolism and flush away "false 

"After years of clinical practice treating thousands of 
patients, I've learned that for many women, weight gain is 
related to the accumulation of fat as well as what I, among 
others, call "false fat," she tells Looking Good Now!  
"False fat is the accumulation of fluid that causes 
swelling and bloating."

Dr. Lark has developed three simple steps to reduce false 
fat and rev up your metabolism at the same time. Her unique 
and effective way to banish the over-40 bulge will not only 
help you shed pounds but also help control menopausal mood 

When we're feeling anxious or depressed we're more likely 
to make incorrect food choices," she says. Here is her 

1 - Flush False Fat By Banishing Wheat!

One of the most common food allergies and the one most 
likely to cause false fat in many women is wheat.  Wheat 
contains a protein called gluten, which is difficult for 
the body to break down and digest, says Dr. Lark.  Wheat 
allergies can trigger fatigue, depression, bloating and 
intestinal gas.

Try substituting breads made with rice, millet, soy or 
oats. Check labels on crackers and look for those made with 
rice or potatoes.  Millet flour or rice flour are suitable 
alternatives that you can find in health food stores or in 
the healthy foods ailse in your supermaket. This one 
simple step may be the only trick you need to help you 
digest food more easily instead of letting it sit in your 
gut and destroy your digestive system and your waistline! 
The best news is that you don't have to count calories or 
run a marathon to get slimmer and trimmer - you just need 
to eliminate one food that can trigger inflammation and 
cause false fat.

2 - Control Your Appetite With Flaxseed!

There's a safe and very healthy way to curb insatiable 
cravings, says Dr. Lark, a longtime advocate of the health 
benefits of flaxseed.  She explains that it's the ideal 
food for women's weight loss because it contains healthy, 
appetite suppressing fat along with the bulk of fiber to 
help make you feel full longer.  Flaxseed is chock-full of 
omega-3 fatty acids (the heart healthy kind) and fiber.

According to Dr. Lark, it packs a one-two punch. "I'm such 
a fan of flaxseed that if I were stranded on an island and 
had to choose one food to survive on, I'd choose flaxseed," 
she says. "The essential oils in flaxseed are great for 
the heart, health, appetite control, and do wonders for 
your skin.

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"Fat plays an important role in weight loss," she says.  
"It provides slow-burning calories for energy and to stay 
satisfied for longer periods of time.  It also helps 
maintain normal brain function which may improve your 
emotional well-being - a big plus when trying to lose 

Fiber is essential when trying to shed pounds. It increases 
bulk and helps reduce appetite. Fiber is digested slowly in 
the body, releasing just enough carbohydrates into the 
blood stream to keep your energy level consistently high. 
Of course, getting enough fiber also helps digestion and 
supports good colon function so that you eliminate wastes 
that are released during weight loss.  Dr. Lark adds that 
this flushing mechanism is especially important for women 
because it removes excess fluids and estrogen, a hormone 
linked to fatty deposits.

For those not familiar with these inexpensive but powerful 
potent seeds, they resemble small sesame seeds and are 
available in supermarkets and health food stores. Dr. Lark 
advises buying flaxseed that has been milled or ground to 
reap it's benefits.

Start slowly, beginning with one tablespoon daily and work 
up to a tolerable amount for your body. Two to four 
tablespoons sprinkled daily over cereal, yogurt, pasta or 
in shakes, is your goal.

3 - Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Once you've flushed out the false fats, it's time to burn 
fat and calories more efficiently. The secret ingredient 
in this step is green tea. This powerful disease fighter 
is rich in antioxidants and can also help you peel off 
unwanted pounds. "Green tea contains compounds called 
catechins," Dr. Lark says. These catechins protect special 
brain chemicals - which include dopamine, norepinephrine 
and epinephrine - the more efficiently you'll burn 

Drink at least three 8-ounce cups of green tea daily to 
reap the greatest benefits, says Dr. Lark. If you don't 
drink tea, you can take 300 milligrams to 400 milligrams 
of green tea extract, which contains caffeine, or 100 
milligrams of green tea catechins that do not.

These three simple steps can help you beat the battle of 
the over-40 bulge," says Dr. Lark. "The added benefits of 
their healthful properties will make you feel as good as 
you look." 

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Medical Conditions For Which Green Tea Is Helpful!

*  Cancer

*  Rheumatoid Arthritis

*  High Cholesterol Levels

*  Cardiovascular Disease

*  Infection

*  Impaired Immune Function

More Benefits Of Omega-3 (Flaxseed)

*  Reduce the rate of blood clotting and therefore the 
   likelihood of heart disease

*  Lower high blood pressure and decrease allergic response 

*  Lower insulin requirements of diabetics

*  Dissolve cancerous tumors

*  Useful in the treatment and prevention of arthritis

*  Reduce LDL cholesterol and/or triglycerides

Did You Know ???

Green tea can help prevent tooth decay! Just as its 
bacteria-destroying abilities can help prevent food 
poisoning, it can also kill the bacteria that causes 
dental plaque. Skin preparations containing gree tea - 
from deodorants to creams - are starting to appear on 
the market. 

Struggling with your weight loss program? Stop by our Diet 
Buddy Forum at... The Diet Buddy Forum

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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