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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Witch School Comes to Illinois

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Issue date: Saturday, August 5, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

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Warm greetings to everyone and once again, thank you to 
all my readers who have responded with amazing and 
wonderful stories about psychic and paranormal behavior in 
pets. I will be sharing more of your letters in today's 
issue, and please keep those emails coming! 

Before we get to your letters, I thought I'd scout out the 
latest paranormal news for you, so here's a brief look at 
the weird and wonderful things going on in this world ... 
and beyond. 

Witch School Comes to Illinois 

ABC News reported recently that Hoopestown, Ill. has become 
home to a brick and mortar school for students of Wicca, 
aptly called Witch School. The small community of 
Hoopestown (population 6,000) hasn't exactly offered the 
warmest of welcomes to the school, which is housed in a 
former brick horse stable right in the center of town near 
the Hoopeston Civic Center, but perhaps they'll have to 
start getting used to the idea that the face of the town 
is changing. Witch School is not the first New Age business 
to move to the area. With the town's low real estate 
prices, it's an attractive place for businesses on a 
budget, and besides Witch School, there is a Botanica and 
a Wiccan owned bookstore, giving rise to the idea that the 
town could soon be known as a Pagan colony. It will be a 
drastic change of character for a town which until now has 
been known for its Sweet Corn Festival and the National 
Sweetheart Pageant, which has produced eight Miss America 
winners. Witch School's director, Ed Hubbard, says that 
the online school has roughly 120,000 active students 
studying topics such as Druid and Celtic history, crystal 
and gem magic, and with 30 to 50 new students registering 
online daily, the schoolhouse itself could soon be bulging 
with students too.  ABC says that The American Religious 
Identification Survey counted approximately 134,000 
Americans claiming Wicca as their religion in 2001, up 
from 8,000 people in 1990. 

Crop Circles

Hungarian Media has reported the appearance of 2 giant 
crop circles in a field between 2 small northern towns, 
Mezokomarom and Lajoskomarom. A local newspaper, Fejer 
Megyei Hirlap, says that as is expected with real crop 
circles, the stalks of wheat were bent without being 
broken and it is unlikely that this would have been a 
stunt, as it was in such an out of the way location. The 
head of the League of Hungarian U.F.O. Research, RYUFOR, 
who investigated the anomalous circles says that their 
shape, which is slightly oval, suggest that the circles 
are indeed of alien origin, as man-made circles, made 
with a rope and planks, would be perfectly round. Experts 
continue to investigate and radiation measurements may 
provide further information soon. 

Ghosts and Ghoulies For Your Viewing Pleasure

Malaysia's The Star Online reports that the Shah Alam 
State Museum in Kuala Lumpur opened its doors to a new 
exhibition called Mysteries, Genies, Ghosts and Coffins 
on July 4. Museum director Mohd Lotfi Nazar and other 
museum authorities claim that the displays, which include
ghosts, genies and many supernatural beings, are real  - 
and many of the spooky creatures are actually alive. 
Ustaz Safuan Abu Bakar, the owner of the genies and 
ghosts, is a Sufi religious teacher and healer who says 
he has mastered the art of capturing and trapping the 
supernatural creatures. Having received spiritual 
revelations on a meditative retreat in the mountains many 
years ago, he has become an expert in collecting ghostly 
artifacts and along with a 15 man team called Paranorma, 
devotes much of his time to capturing genies and ghosts 
in haunted Indonesian and Thai locales. 

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Now, I'm delighted to share some of your letters:

Pets and Memory Genes

I have 2 topics to comment on. One is the pets. I have 2 
cats; one was a stray who found us 12 years ago and the 
other was rescued from an abusive owner. Our stray, 
Buttons, is a large cat and he loves to be snuggled and 
cuddled but not picked up and I found that with him if you 
rub his belly he will let you as long as you do not comment 
on his belly fat. If you do, he will bite and scratch. If 
not, he will let you rub to your heart's content. My other 
one, Mookie, came with her own guardian ghost kitty. I have 
heard this from other people who own rescued cats that 
they have a ghost kitty that they play with. All of us in 
the house have at one time or another seen this ghost cat - 
it is very large and orange. It regularly jumps on the bed 
or rubs against your leg. I have even heard it meowing on 
occasion. Last night I saw the ghost kitty walk into the 
living room and disappear in front of me. Both of my cats 
see it and play with it. 

Buttons will watch TV with us and if we are watching a 
show with birds or, of all things, winter sports and it 
goes to a commercial he gives us heck thinking we changed 
the channel on him. Quite often he will lay on the remote 
so we can't change the channel. He absolutely loves to 
watch the winter Olympics especially skiing, hockey, and 
curling. He prefers women's curling. 

The other topic I wanted to touch on was the idea of the 
memory gene. Science for the longest time has suggested 
that cro-magnon man, with their larger brains, actually 
inherited their knowledge of what plants were edible and 
food preparation through their familial genes, so this 
idea is not so far-fetched at all. 

Kahlest Tiger Eye

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Kitty Speak

Many years ago, my daughter rescued a kitten about 5 months 
old. She was having trouble finding a vet (it was a Sunday) 
and she called me.  As I was listening to the tale of woe, 
I kept saying to myself, "We'll fix him up, we'll find him 
a home" but when she finished I was amazed that what came 
out of my mouth instead was, "We have 5, so we'll have 6." 
He was very badly injured. The wonderful vet I found in the 
yellow pages would not let us visit him for 2 days; he 
wasn't even sure that the kitten could survive. When I 
first could visit him, I knelt down in front of his cage 
and he looked into my eyes and I had this overpowering 
feeling that I had known and loved him always.  I've always 
talked to our cats, but from the time I was able to bring 
him home, I found myself answering him more than anything. 
The strangest thing was that sometimes the thought would 
come into my mind to feed him a particular food (not at any 
regular feeding time), and I would, and he would always eat 
it. There were many times that this would happen and I 
would ask my daughter to give him that particular food. She 
would say, "Yeah, Ma, like he won't eat anything else." 
Well, guess what, she would give him 5 or 6 different kinds 
of food that he liked, but he would never eat any of it 
until she gave him what I had said. After this happened 
8 or 10 times, she gave up and just gave him what he 

a reader


The Dog Knew

Many years ago, when my boys were young, we went to Florida 
for the winter break. My mother stayed at my house to care 
for Penny, my pedigreed boxer. They got along great 
together and played hide and seek very often. After a nice 
vacation, we were stopped in Virginia by a highway police 
officer out to make his quota. Many, many out-of-state cars 
at a kangaroo court. We were going to spend the night in 
Maryland and travel home to Long Island, NY the next day 
but my husband was so enraged he just wanted to get home. 
When we arrived home, rather late, my mother had prepared 
a welcome-home snack for us, although we weren't due until 
the next day. I asked her how come? "You expected us 

"Oh, no," she said, "I knew you would be here tonight 
because Penny told me!" Yes, animals are connected to 
humans, Thank heaven! 



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My Cat, MeMe
My cat MeMe, whom I had for many years, and was loved by 
everyone, one morning crawled up in my car engine for some 
God-forsaken reason, and when I turned on my car that 
morning, she was injured very badly. A couple of days later 
she died at the hospital. It was very, very sad for all of 

MeMe used to stand at the top of the stairs where her 
litter box was and when I would go around the front door 
and look up and see her I would say hello every time. The 
morning after her death I was doing something and I looked 
up and she was there. Forgetting she had died the day 
before, I called up to her and went about my way. A few 
seconds later I stopped right in my tracks, remembering 
she had passed away. I ran back to the stairs, but of 
course she was not there anymore. I quickly called my 
mother and told her, she told me that MeMe had come to 
say good-bye and show her love once more., 

Ellen M. Lopes



Dear Zsuzsana,

I read with great interest your column on pets sharing 
psychic bonds with their human companions. I too had a 
strong bond with a cream ginger cat whom I named Lazarus. 
I got him fully grown from the Cat Haven. Not wanting a 
full grown cat, I'd gone looking for a kitten, but when 
I passed his cage and he said, "Take me!", I did. 

Right from the start he refused to sleep in the cat bed I 
bought for him, insisting on sleeping in my bed, curled 
in the crook of my arm just like a baby, and I'm sure that 
at times he actually thought of himself as a human child. 

He'd obviously been fed only cat biscuits during his 
previous life, as that was all he would eat at first, 
but gradually I managed to interest him in a wider variety 
of foods. It was our Saturday afternoon treat to share a 
pound of prawns. He'd sit patiently while I peeled them in 
front of the fire, and fed us both on a one-for-you-one-for-
me basis. 

He appeared to have been badly treated by a man before I 
found him, as he hid under the settee when my son was 
around, but Vince soon gained his trust, and became as 
close to him as I did. Never shy, Lazarus adopted all my 
friends as his, and he eventually learnt to trust men 

Lazarus had a disconcerting habit of suddenly stopping 
whatever he was doing, to stare fixedly with eyes wide 
open and ears laid back at a certain spot just above my 
front door. Vince and I became convinced that Lazarus 
could see a spirit there, though we felt it must have 
been a benign spirit, as Lazarus never fled its presence. 
After I moved to a new house, he never did this again, so 
I know there's no spirit here. 

One night I was awakened from a deep sleep having "heard" 
Lazarus calling me desperately for help. I found that he 
was still, limp and not breathing, with his face buried 
in my armpit, suffocated. I panicked and shook him 
desperately, shouting at him to wake up, upon which he 
began to breathe again. A vet later told me that was the 
best thing I could have done, and that I'd instinctively 
known the correct way to resuscitate my much loved pet. 

After that, Lazarus was like my shadow, and stayed very 
close to me until the day he died. Five years on, I still 
grieve for him, and though it's taken 2 little girl cats 
to replace him, both loving and loved in return, even they 
cannot fill the void he left in my life. I know we'll be 
reunited in our next lives. 

Telling you this has been a bit of a catharsis for me, as 
I've been typing through my tears, but on re-reading it, 
I feel more at peace. Thank you for listening to me. 

Yours sincerely,
Sandy Parkinson


Thanks again to all my readers for your wonderful emails. 
Please comment or send your stories to me at 
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com and make sure to put Paranormal 
Insider in your subject line. Best wishes and see you next 

Carpe Diem!

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