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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Wicca Warning

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Issue date: Saturday, April 15, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. I hope spring in your 
part of the world is as beautiful as it is outside my 
office window, unless you live Down Under where, 
perversely, it is autumn. Last week a young girl asked 
for your advice about Ouija Boards. Are they harmless? 
Can she safely use one when she is alone? Your responses 
highlight this week's issue. So let's get to them...


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Psychic Dear Abby? 

Hello Gus:
"This is not a direct response to the young girl's plea, 
but is my own story instead. Perhaps she can learn from 
my experience. 
"I am nineteen years old. Six months ago at a pajama party,
my friends and I started fiddling with an Ouija Board. We 
had an uproarious time asking the usual questions, like 
whether certain cute guys liked us or if we'd be rich and 
famous. The answers were a hoot. 

"I didn't think much about the experience until two days 
later when my community college chemistry professor walked 
into class with a frown on her face. Amazingly, as she 
stood in front of the class, it was like I could read her 
thoughts. And I could sense that she was asking me the 
question whether or not she should leave her husband. I 
couldn't shake off this feeling no matter how hard I 
tried, so when the class bell rang, I wrote "No!" on a 
scrap of paper and secretly slipped it into her purse as 
I left the room. I don't whether she took my advice, but 
the next day my teacher was beaming for the entire hour, 
as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

"Since then, I have experienced the same compulsion dozens 
of times. Whether I am in a McDonald's or the gym locker 
room, I will get a powerful sensation that I can sense a 
person's thoughts. The personal question that is troubling 
them will pop into my head and I will feel compelled to 
write an answer on a piece of paper and sneak it to them 

"I have many concerns about my new ability. Am I just a 
mixed-up college girl who is imagining this? Or am I 
continuing to channel the spirit my friends and I initially 
contacted through the Ouija Board? And if I start giving 
answers that are wicked and evil, is it my responsibility 
or the entity's fault?"

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Wicca Warning.

"I had personal experience with an Ouija Baord in my early 
days as a practitioner of Wicca. It is NOT a game! The 
Ouija Board is a tool to get messages from the spirit 
world. Unfortunately, these spirits are not friendly. I 
recommend that the teenager throw the board away and seek 
her answers from a respected medium. 
"As far as a person using an Ouija Board when she is alone 
- NEVER! I am not saying this to make the young girl mad 
in any way. No matter what a person's age, the Ouija Board 
needs to be approached with extreme caution. I beg everyone 
to heed this warning - it was given to me by the High 
Priestess of my coven."

Ouija Board Plays Itself! 
Hello Gus: 
"My advice to the young reader who purchased an Ouija Board 
is to GET RID OF IT BEFORE YOU ARE SORRY. I had one and 
began to play with it when I was alone. You can only imagine
my surprise and shock when, after I was done, the planchette
began to move without me touching it! The result: Even today
I am still experiencing unusual events in my life as a 
result of playing the Ouija Board when I was alone."

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Gateway To Evil.                     

Dear Gus: 
"I enjoy the stories you send every week. Some I can relate 
to and some I can't, but they're all very interesting.
"My husband is a psychic of extreme abilities and I have 
my own gifts as well. I wanted to answer the person who 
asked if there was a safe way to use the Ouija Board. 
Simply put, there is NO way to use the Ouija Board safely, 
either alone or in a group. When anyone uses the Ouija 
Board, they are opening a portal into the world of dark 
spirits - as light spirits would not use this deceitful 
method to communicate. 
"Sure, in the beginning, a person might get the answers 
they were looking for. But pretending to be good spirits 
is simply the way that evil spirits draw unsuspecting 
people in. That is why no one should even try to 
communicate with spirits via an Ouija Board.
"My parents bought one for my brother and me when we were 
little. The answers we received were accurate. But I was 
always afraid of the dark after that and never knew why. 
Until now."

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