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Publication: Mrs Alphabet
Where can I get free buttons?

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             A*B*C----- MRS. ALPHABET -----X*Y*Z
        It's Fun and Easy! Alphabet, Math, Phonics, and
         Reading Games for Parents, Teachers and Kids!
                 Monday, June 16, 2008 
All you ever wanted to know about teaching the alphabet, 
math, phonics, and reading. Adults and kids join the fun: 
Hi to All My Readers,
Thanks for all your mail. This question seems very 
important,  "Do you know where I can get free buttons?"  I
believe this is what you are looking for:   McKee Button 
Company, 1000 Hershey Ave. PO Box 230 Muscatine, Iowa 52761
Have An A+ Day,
Mrs. Alphabet
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In This Issue:
1. Quote
2. Mini Unit - Watermelon 
3. Letter Of The Week 
4. More great Watermelon Links!
5. Past newsletters
               ++---- Education Counts ----++
" Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow
their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning 
contagious, To have one idea spark another."
     -Marva Collins 


Normal Price: $19.99

We are pleased to announce that we have found Full-Size 3'x5' 
American flags available at liquidation prices... never sold 
before at these low prices.

Made of durable polyester with two (2) metal grommets perfect 
for displaying. 

Its a great time to stock up AND pick up a couple for gifts, 
but there is a LIMIT of 8 per order. NO DEALERS PLEASE...
Liquidation Special - USA Flags
                    Mini Unit: Watermelon 
                         Part 1 of 3
Watermelon Crafts:
Watermelon Day:
Watermelon Science Lessons:
Watermelon Unit:
Wendy Watermelon:
*More great Watermelon links listed at the end of this newsletter*
FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag

Normal Price: $19.99 

Celebrate the most feared and respected troops in the world 
with your own Marine Corps flag. For over two hundred years 
the first line of offense in every American military effort 
has been the U.S. Marines. 

* Measures 3 ft. x 5 ft.      * Water Resistant
* Durable Polyester           * Metal Grommets 

With this special price you save $15.00 off the normal price. 
There is no better time to get one of these handsome flags. To
see a picture or to order, visit: 
FULL SIZE United States Marine Corps Flag
       Letter Of The Week: Ww For Watermelon
Every Monday issue I will suggest a letter to learn and 
master plus a link to the Alphabet Kid who matches the 
letter:  http://mrsalphabet.com/wendy.html 
The letters I choose are based on the mini units.  
Looking for fun ways to teach these letters go here: 

********* More Watermelon and Picnic Links *********
Watermelon Craft:  

Watermelon Ice:
Watermelon Muffins:
Watermelon Punch:
Watermelon Smoothies:
Willy Watermelon:
Wonderful Watermelon Unit:

                    ABOUT MRS. ALPHABET....
Mrs. Alphabet is a National Board Certified Teacher (EC Gen), 
author, trainer, and educator who devoted 40 years to teaching 
young children foundational skills, creating original materials, 
and updating old techniques.  I have a masters Degree in Early 
Childhood Education and have instructed children from 2-12. 
This newsletter grants me the pleasure and opportunity to share 
my wealth of knowledge and expertise with parents, students, and 
educators in cyberspace.
END OF MRS. ALPHABET - http://www.gophercentral.com 
Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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