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Publication: Cat Nips
What Is CatNip?

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, April 18, 2008
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"

Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

Here it is Friday again. I hope you all have a great 
weekend doing what ever it is you like to do. Take Care
and have a safe weekend! On with today's CatNips...

Cassie Cattails  

^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  
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Improve Your Health & Have Fun... One Step At A Time

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The Pedometer Scan Radio is a pager-sized device that can be
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your steps on its LCD Display.

Just press the reset button each morning when you clip it
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- Digital pedometer
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- FM scan radio
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      Are You Thinking About Getting Another Cat?   
• Consider your cat's personality before introducing a 
new cat. An active cat is more likely to accept a new 
kitten. A quieter cat might prefer a mature adult. 
• In general, the following combinations of cats seem to 
work best: two kittens; a mature, neutered cat and a 
kitten; or, two mature, neutered cats (either two females,
or a male and a female). The most potentially volatile 
combination seems to be two uncastrated, mature, male 
• Territory is important. Reduce tension by making sure 
each has enough personal space and possessions to meet 
his needs for territory. 
• Have at least one litter box on each floor of your 
home. Consider placing litter boxes in various areas
to avoid the exclusion of one cat from another cat's 
• Keep scratching posts and beds in several locations to 
accommodate all the cats in your household. Multiple 
bowls of clean, fresh water is also a good idea. 
Set of 2 Magnifying Mirrors...

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See what you've been missing! This handy magnifying mirror set
includes one 7 1/2 inch diameter mirror with 3X magnification
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Each mirror has a suction cup that can mount to the shower or
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- One (1) 7 1/2 inch round mirror with 3X Magnification
- One (1) 6 inch round mirror with 7X Magnification
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Set of 2 Magnifying Mirrors...

                    What is catnip?

What is its secret power over cats? Is it harmful? Why 
is it some cats don’t respond to catnip? Catnip was 
originally native to Europe and Asia. Over 2000 years 
ago Romans used it for cooking and healing. During the
Middle Ages, catnip was used for the treatment of 
nervousness, colds, and gastrointestinal complaints. 
It was introduced to the New World by early settlers 
who cultivated the herb for medicinal purposes and 
food. As America expanded, so did the popularity of 

Just how did cats become acquainted with it? Some 
theorize that the Egyptians, known for their worship 
of cats, were probably the first to offer catnip to 
their furry idols. Those who support this theory 
suggest that since Egyptians introduced domestic cats 
to the Middle East, they may have also introduced the 
pleasing effects of catnip on most cats. 

The names “catnip” and “catmint” are sometimes used 
interchangeably. However, they are two different 
varieties of nepeta, a perennial groundcover and a 
member of the mint family. The botanical name for 
what we call “catnip” is Nepeta cataria, a hardy 
perennial groundcover that grows 2- to 3-feet high. 
Nepeta faassenii, better known as catmint, forms 
soft mounds about 2-feet high. Both varieties grow 
throughout North America. 

Catnip causes many cats to experience a trance-like 
state of extreme pleasure and playfulness. The 
intensity of responses varies from cat to cat. Its 
effect is short-lived, usually 5 to 20 minutes. 
After enjoying this brief “catnip high,” a cat is 
unable to respond to catnip again for about an hour. 

Studies show that cats react to catnip by inhaling it, 
rather than by ingesting it. When a cat nibbles a cat-
nip plant, chances are it may be doing so only to 
release the plant's odor. 

The cat’s responsiveness to catnip is inherited and 
is sometimes described as the presence or absence of 
a “catnip gene.” About 30 percent of cats do not have 
this gene. Kittens with this gene do not respond to 
catnip until about six to eight months of age. Ill-
ness or stress may prevent a response. 

For the catnip-loving cat, sniffing this herb is harm-
less and non-addictive. 

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Always find your way in the dark with this handy LED Cell
Phone Light attached to your cell phone, MP3 player, or other
personal accessory. Features two powerful LED lights with 15'
beam, 6000-hour battery life and on/off switch. Replaceable
battery included.

* Slim, ultra bright LED light
* Sticks to back of most cell phones
* Light clicks on when button is pushed, turns off when released
* * 2" Long, 1" Wide & 1/4" Thick

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Chemicals can be absorbed through a cat's paws. Floor 
waxes and cleaning solutions pose a particular danger. 


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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