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Publication: Cat Nips
What Is A Cat?

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             CAT NIPS - Friday, March 3, 2006
  "Stories, Facts & Tips on the World's Most Popular Pet"


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Dear Fellow Ailurophile!  

I was glancing through some magazines and saw this article.
I thought you might enjoy it. Have a Good Day!

This is Cute!

                      What is a Cat?

Cats do what they want. 

They rarely listen to you. 

They're totally unpredictable. 

They whine when they are not happy. 

When you want to play, they want to be alone. 

When you want to be alone, they want to play. 

They expect you to cater to their every whim. 

They're moody. 

They leave hair everywhere. 

They drive you nuts and cost an arm and a leg.
Conclusion: They're tiny women in little fur coats.

Cassie Cattails  

^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  ^..^  
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              What eye colors are possible? 

Eye color is genetically related to coat color.
Pointed cats always have blue eyes.
White cats, and cats with a lot of white markings, can have: 
blue eyes 
green, gold, or copper eyes 
or "odd-eyes" (one blue eye and one green or gold eye)! 

Other cats can only have green, gold, or copper eyes, not 
blue eyes. The most common eye colors are in the middle of 
the eye color spectrum (greenish-yellow to gold). The 
colors at the ends of the eye color spectrum (deep green 
or brilliant copper) are usually seen only in purebreds 
who have been selectively bred for extreme eye color, but 
they may sometimes appear in non-purebreds. 
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          Are tortoiseshell cats always female? 

Tortoiseshell and related colors (blue-cream, patched tabby, 
calico etc.) are the result of a sex-linked gene and require 
two X chromosomes to appear. Generally speaking, these 
colors will only appear in females. Very rarely, these 
colors may appear in male cats, but these males are genet-
ically abnormal (they have XXY instead of the normal XY) 
and are almost always infertile.
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In relation to their body size, cats have the largest 
eyes of any mammal.


Be Back With You On Tuesday --- Stay Safe - Cassie Cattails  

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