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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Welcome to Wausau/Central Wisconsin!

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, May 16, 2008
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

We're off to a weekend getaway in beautiful Wausau, 
Wisconsin. It's close and it's a relaxing and quiet 
atmosphere....Have A Great Weekend.

Welcome to Wausau/Central Wisconsin!

Located in the middle of north central Wisconsin, the 
Wausau area includes the communities of Wausau, Rib 
Mountain, Schofield, Rothschild, Mosinee and Weston. 
Surrounded by woods, lakes and hills, the Wausau area 
enjoys the fortunate combination of big-city amenities 
with the look and feel of the great Northwoods and small-
town hospitality. Quality of Life

It means something different to each person. For this 
area, quality of life means a sense of tradition and 
stability. It means low crime and above average students. 
It means low unemployment and a thriving, diversified 
economy. Residents enjoy great shopping, excellent 
restaurants, and an extensive list of recreational and 
entertainment opportunities.

Lumber was the original industry and remains the backbone 
of our economy today. Some of the most important products 
manufactured in Marathon County are paper and food 
packages, lumber and building materials, dairy products, 
electric motors, boxes, road building, industrial 
machinery, veneers, and red granite monuments.

It was the Wisconsin River that first drew settlers to 
this area originally known as "Big Bull Falls", either 
named by Indians or early fur traders. An 1836 treaty 
transferring land along the Wisconsin River from the 
Indians to federal ownership sent George Stevens’ 
lumbermen up the river two years later to find suitable 
places for turning the pine forests into lumber. "It is 
decidedly the best Mill Site I ever saw or heard of in 
the Union" wrote George Stevens after reaching Big Bull 
Falls in the Summer of 1839. Nonetheless he was very 
excited when he wrote his partner George Morton in St. 
Louis about the site and its possibilities. By 1840, 
the Stevens sawmill was processing the pine forests in-
to lumber. It was not long before other mills began 
springing up along the riverbanks of central Wisconsin. 
This was the coming of the Lumbermen. The death of the 
forests became the birth of a town. "The Pinery", 
magical words 150 years ago, is a legend today.

Among the first men who took the lead in business and in 
the growth of the community was Walter McIndoe. He arrived 
in 1846 and due to his efforts, Marathon County was 
organized in 1850. About the same time, Big Bull Falls 
began to be called Wausau and became the county seat. This 
was the area where the Chippewa Indians went on their 
yearly hunts and called it "Wausau", translated to mean 
"far away place". McIndoe decided that would be an 
appropriate name. There are stories that question that 
interpretation. Another Indian language states the word 
"Wausau" means a “noise like thunder”. This would make 
sense because of the noise the water made rushing over the 

Decade by decade, Wausau began to grow and mature. Wausau 
had been platted and organized as a town in 1852 and 
incorporated as a village April, 1861. Heavy German 
immigration brought more media people into the area, 
churches and social organizations began to flourish. 1872 
was an end and a beginning, it ended the days as a village 
and began its days as a city. The State of Wisconsin 
granted a city charter in 1872 with its first election the 
first Tuesday in April under the charter. The citizenry 
elected German-born August Kickbusch as its first mayor. 
In 1874, the arrival of the railroad made it easier for 
people to get to Wausau. By the 1890's, the city grew to 
9,150 persons, compared to 2,820 in 1874.

Happy Trails,

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--DESTINATION: Wausau/Central Wisconsin!

Turn-of-the-century technology and fortunes based on that 
technology, continued to change Wausau. The city and the 
county were on the edge of economic disaster. As trees 
vanished, mills closed, towns vanished as well. It did not 
happen to Wausau. Some of the reasons for Wausau's good 
fortune, was its location, one of the best water powers on 
the Wisconsin River and an exceptional group of people who 
reformed the economy of the city in the early part of the 
20th century. They came to be known as the Wausau Group. 
They did much to build the town and more to preserve it. 
Papermaking followed lumbering as the pinery began to 
disappear and industry flourished. To meet those industrial 
needs, Employers Mutual Liability Insurance Co., of 
Wisconsin started selling insurance at the corner of Third 
and Scott Street in 1911.

The arrival of automobiles in the county helped to improve 
roads and by the early 1920's there were over 2,200 miles 
of hard-surfaced roads in the county and also concrete 
road construction. Air travel also came to Wausau in the 
mid-1920's, Ben and Judd Alexander decided to build an 
airport on the southeast side of Wausau with the under-
standing that the city would take it over after five years 
and maintain it. This airport is now known as Wausau 
Downtown Airport.

Wausau's cultural isolation began to fade in the early 
part of the 20th century. The Grand Opera House built in 
1899 was replaced by the newer and more technological 
Grand Theater in 1927. The theater, restored in 1986 / 
1987 at a cost of nearly two million dollars, is owned 
by the Grand Theater Foundation and leased to the Per-
forming Arts Foundation. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art 
Museum opened in 1976. It is Wausau's most distinguished 
cultural institution. These and other organizations have 
helped to promote the arts in Central Wisconsin and make 
Wausau a premier arts community.

In the late 90's the economy prospered, Wausau saw the 
need to purchase and development more land for the West 
Industrial Park to meet the needs of expanding companies. 
There was also an increase in commercial development on 
the west side of town along Stewart Avenue. More recently, 
the city acquired through gifts and purchases, the 400 
Block in downtown Wausau. It was designated by council in 
1998, as a public open square to be improved and otherwise 
developed for the use and enjoyment of the citizens of our 
great community as part of the Redevelopment Plan. 

Another plan in the works is, the Grand Theatre ArtsBlock 
project to expand the stage areas and connect the Grand 
Theatre to the Performing Arts Foundation and the Center 
for Visual Arts buildings. It is expected to be complete 
by October 2002. Along with the ArtsBlock project and the 
opening of the 400 Block, there has been a spur of 
renovation to historical buildings in the downtown area. 
In June 2002, Governor McCallum announced Wausau’s 
acceptance in the Main Street Program. Main Street is a 
state-administered program that brings expert advice to 
cities to help merchants and politicians work together 
to focus on preserving and rehabilitating historical 
buildings; attracting more people to the downtown 
businesses; developing underutilized property; and 
maintaining the retail function in the downtown area. 
Wausau has gotten a jump start on downtown revitalization, 
but this will strengthen Wausau downtown as the retail and 
entertainment center of Central Wisconsin.

The city entered into a partnership with Wausau Benefits 
to provide parking for their 350 employees who will be 
relocating to their new downtown office building being 
built along the river on Scott and First Streets. The old 
Jefferson Street ramp was razed and will soon be followed 
by the buildings along the Scott Street side to make way 
for a 700 stall parking ramp with retail space located in 
the first level. Both projects are expected to be 
completed by September 2003.

In this fast pace world, what we do and build now will 
have to fit in the future scheme, so decisions need to be 
made with special consideration to future needs. Our 
futures sees the building of a new East High School, the 
restructuring of Hwy 51/29 crossroads on the westside, 
the development of the downtown park and river edge trail, 
the new parking ramp and the redevelopment of property 
along the Wisconsin River, to name a few. The story of 
Wausau is far from over and the past gives good reason to 
be excited and optimistic for its future.

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Center for the Visual Arts
427 Fourth Street, Wausau 
(715) 842-4545 
Tuesday-Friday: 10 am-5 pm 
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm-4 pm 
Closed Mondays & Holidays
Free Admission
The Center for the Visual Arts, housed in a registered 
Landmark building, provides exhibition space for local 
and regional artists in all artistic media. The Center 
also features thematic exhibits throughout the year and 
offers classes in all art media to all age groups. A 
complete exhibit schedule is included in the continuing 
events section of this guide. Information about classes 
is available by calling the center. 

Pine Grove Cemetery

The Wausau Cemetery Association was established in 1859 
shortly before the Civil War. It began with forty acres 
of land from the Hinton Property. More land was purchased 
at later dates, and the cemetery now is approximately 96 
acres. Some of the original settlers to the city were 
buried on the Southwest corner of Grand Avenue and 
Strollers Lane (Thomas Street). Due to fire and floods 
the remains of these settlers were relocated to a section 
of Pine Grove Cemetery known as Pioneer Park. A brochure 
called "Voices from the Past, A Discovery Walk through 
the Pine Grove Cemetery" was produced by the cemetery 
and the Marathon County Historical Society to allow 
visitors to identify the prominent followers of those 
first settlers as they stroll through the cemetery. Many 
of the beautiful memorials are made from the famous 
Marathon Country red granite quarries and are works of 
art. The grounds are landscaped with majestic pines, 
maples and over 100 other varieties of trees and bushes. 
The brick entrance itself dates back to 1912 and has 
recently been restored and now houses the cemetery office. 
In 1995, local volunteers and staff began restoring areas 
of the cemetery and are continually making improvements. 

If you have family connections to the Wausau area, it is 
likely you will find many of your own resting in this 
beautiful historic cemetery. Pine Grove Cemetery is a 
wonderful place to "come home to". There are conventional 
grave spaces available as well as in the new "Baby Land" 
and recently dedicated "Cremation Garden of Rest". For 
information on the cemetery or for a brochure contact the 
Pine Grove Cemetery office at 1501 Grand Avenue, Wausau, 
WI 54403 or call (715)842-4560.

Other Places of Interest:

Wausau Homes
Highway 51, Exit 185, Rothschild
Visit their Website 

The latest in controlled construction homes are manu-
factured right here in the Wausau Area. Stop by and 
see a model home on the factory grounds. 

The Wausau Depot

When you think of Wausau you probably envision the rail-
road depot created by Wausau Insurance Companies for a 
corporate logo. You can't find the depot pictured in the 
ads because it was drawn by an artist combining one depot 
building with the view of the city skyline from another 
depot. The depot featured in the logo still stands at 
720 Grant Street. After Wausau Insurance Companies bought 
the building in 1977, a faithful reproduction was con-
structed at its corporate headquarters for advertising 
purposes and the Grant Street depot was donated to the 
Boy Scouts. The Washington Street depot with the city 
backdrop depicted in the logo has recently been restored 
and used as office space. 

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AmericInn Lodge & Suites

4115 Barbican Avenue
Weston, WI 54476
click for map 
General Information
Total Guest Rooms: 67
Price Range: $59-104

Everest Inn Bed & Breakfast

601 McIndoe Street
Wausau, WI 54403
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General Information
Total Guest Rooms: 7
Price Range: $45-109

Moonlight Bay Cabin

Schofield, WI 54474
click for map 
General Information
Total Guest Rooms: Two Bedroom Cabin
Price Range: $Call for rates

City Grill - An American Bistro

Located in Wausau's downtown River District, City Grill - 
An American Bistro is an award-winning restaurant offering 
contemporary elegance and distinctive casual dining.  
Voted "2005 Best New Restaurant" by the readers of City 
Pages, step inside and you'll find an eclectic mix of din-
ing options. Take a seat at the lively bar area, settle 
into a cozy high-backed booth, or choose a table in the 
comfortable main dining room.   Quickly becoming the place 
to see or be seen, many of the big name entertainers per-
forming in the area are often spotted in the bar and din-
ing areas. Shoppers, theater patrons, visitors and resi-
dents alike enjoy the upscale menu offering a great 
selection of steaks, chops, seafood, and pastas. From mak-
ing the stocks from scratch to flying in seafood fresh 
twice a week, City Grill starts with the highest quality 
ingredients to prepare every dish. Try one of their 
signature items like the Seared George's Bank Dry Scallops 
served with lobster risotto and a balsamic veal reduction. 
City Grill is the only place in town to find the addictive
Maytag Blue Potato Chips, topped with Maytag sauce, melted 
jalapeno jack and Maytag blue cheeses. For your sweet 
tooth, try the amazing Godiva chocolate desserts or crème 
brulee.    The perfect spot to meet for a cocktail, City 
Grill has an extensive wine list and an envious collection 
of cocktails and liquors. Stop in for happy hour. Be sure 
to try one of the featured gourmet starters like the Goat 
Cheese Bruchetta. City Grill also specializes in meetings 
and special events. Groups of 2 to 300 are hosted in 
private dining areas. Their expert staff will even create 
custom menu options, making your special occasion even 
more memorable. For attentive service, mouth watering 
culinary creations, and upscale dining, head for downtown 
Wausau and the City Grill.

City Grill - An American Bistro
203 Jefferson Street, Wausau
Lunch: 11:30am to 2pm Daily
Dinner: Sun-Thu 4pm to 9pm, 
Fri-Sat 4pm to 10pm
Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm 
Bar: Open Until 11:30pm Daily
Private dining for 10 to 35 people. 

Giuseppe's Little Italy

Located on the square in downtown Wausau, Giuseppe's 
Little Italy features authentic Italian dishes from 
every region of Italy. Each recipe is made from 
scratch with the freshest ingredients, served up in 
an old world Italy atmosphere complete with white 
tablecloths and napkins and even a word burning fire-
place. At Giuseppe's, pastas are numero uno. Every few 
days, they make their own pastas including gnocci, 
cavatelli, and tortellini. The sauces are made to order 
and they bake their own bread fresh daily. Recommenda-
tions from the owner include the Spaghetti Bolognese, 
Fettucine Alfredo, Angel Hair Pomodoro, and the Linguine 
with Fresh Pesto. For the meat lovers, Giuseppe's serves 
Provimi Veal prepared with distinct sauces like Marsala 
and Scalopine. The fillet is melt-in-your-mouth Black 
Angus Beef, served with gorgonzola. When it comes to 
seafood, Giuseppe's prides itself in serving the fresh-
est shellfish including baby squid (calamari), zebra 
clams, black mussels, and green lipped mussels when 
available. No compromises here; if they can't get it 
fresh, they won't serve it. It's Alaskan King Crab or 
not at all. Try the Great Lakes Perch, Canadian Walleye,
or the Chilean Sea Bass. Finally, if you just want a 
quick bite, try their thin or thick crust Chicago-style 
pizzas, a fresh salad with a cup of soup, or a half 
order of any pasta. They make all of their own salad 
dressing in house, as well as the desserts. During the 
summer, the staff at Giuseppe's will put together a 
picnic basket for you to enjoy while listening to the 
concerts on the square. So, for a night out with the 
family or a romantic dinner by the fireplace, Giuseppe's 
Little Italy is the place to be for pasta, pizza, and 

Giuseppe's Little Italy

323 Jefferson Street, Wausau
Mon-Thu: 11am to 9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am to 10pm
Sun: Noon to 8pm
Reservations suggested for larger parties. 
Private dining room available.


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