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Publication: Diet Buddy
Weight Loss Tidbits!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, April 2, 2007

Weight Loss Tidbits!

Hi There Buddies...

I do believe Illinois is one of those States that's famous 
for being able to break record highs one day, only to have 
them drop again to half of what they were the day before.

For us folks who live here, waiting with anticipation for 
that warmer weather...we're just so grateful for any 
temperature rise at all, that we'll happily take those 
teaser days until the real thing comes along and not 
complain, not much that is...anytime now is good.  

Many studies are continuously being performed researching 
ways for us to live longer, healthier, cancer-free and 
hopefully thinner lives, although we seem to be stuck in 
that department.  While research can provide us with some 
valuable information, living longer and healthier is 
ultimately up to each and every one of us.  Exercising, 
eating right and watching the amount of foods we put into 
our system is a must in order to obtain and maintain our 

Of course one of the best ways to manage our weight is 
through knowledge and keeping informed with as much up-to-
date information as we can.  So today, let's take a look at 
some interesting  studies and news that we can use on our 
journey towards our weight loss goal, compliments of Sally 

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You Snooze, You Lose!

Spending a little time in bed could result in a little less 
flab around your abdominal muscles, according to new 
research.  A United Kindom-based study found that sleep 
affects appetite-controlling hormones,  when you don't get 
enough shut-eye, the hormones fool your brain into thinking 
your body needs more food.  British scientist Vivienne 
Parry, who has written a book based on the research, claims 
long working hours and late nights are partially to blame 
for the current obesity crisis.  She believes an extra 
hour's sleep each night could help people cut 100 calories 
from their daily food intake, resulting in a weight loss of 
10 pounds in a year.

Drink Your Way Thin!

A new study finds that beverages compose 20 percent of 
Americans' daily caloric intake and 50 percent of their 
excess calories.  The biggest dangers come from soft 
drinks, fruits drinks, smoothies, and especially coffees. 
Skip the double latte, nutritionists say, and drink a big 
glass of water. Unsweetened tea is also fine, as is 
moderate consumption of plain coffee (no more than four 
cups a day) and nonfat or low-fat milk (a couple of 
glasses).  The jury is still out on artificially sweetened 
beverages.  They help with calorie cutting, but researchers 
are still studying their long-term health effects and the 
theory that diet drinks may boost sugar cravings. 

Have You Ever Seen A Chubby Vegetable?

Veggies have always been synonymous with a light lifestyle, 
and now scientists say vegetarian diets could be the key 
to major weight loss.  A new review, compiling data from 87 
previous studies, shows vegetarians are 3-20 percent 
slimmer than meat eaters, and they experience lower rates 
of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other 
life-threatening conditions linked to being overweight.  
Plus, a low-fat vegan diet leads to weight loss of about 
1 pound per week, even without additional exercise or 
limits on portion sizes, or carbohydrates. 

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Weight Loss No Reason To Exercise!

Dropping pounds isn't a good enough motive to commit to a 
workout program.  According to a University of Michigan 
study, women who exercise because they want to lose weight 
spend about 40 percent less time exercising than women who 
work out for other reasons.  Exercise is more likely to 
become a habit when you do it to reduce stress, increase a 
sense of well-being, gain a social outlet, or receive joy.  
So find an activity you love; you're more likely to stick 
with it.

Weight Gain Pads Cancer Risk!

Women who pack on pounds after high school face more than 
just being heavier.  New research shows that the more 
weight a woman gains through adulthood, the greater her 
risk of all types of breast cancer.  Compared to women who 
gained 20 pounds or less during adulthood, woman who gained 
more than 60 pounds were almost twice as likely to have 
ductal-type breast tumors and more than 1.5 times more 
likely to have lobular-type cancers, according to the 
American Cancer Society study.

Hormone Could Fuel Weight Loss!

Boosting levels of a hormone already in the body may be 
just what dieters need to help them eat less and exercise 
more. Overweight people in a British study cut their food 
consumption and upped their activity level when they were 
given the hormone oxyntomodulin three times per day, once 
before each meal.

The hormone, found in the small intestine, is normally 
released as food is consumed to signal the brain that a 
person should stop eating.  People with higher levels of 
oxyntomodulin have reduced levels of the appetite hormone 
leptin and other hormones that encourage the body to store 
fat.  The new study shows that oxyntomodulin also revs up 
physical activity.  "Oxyntomodulin could work by letting 
the brain know that (the body) has an adequate energy 
supply and that it can afford to do productive things 
rather than concentrate on food seeking or conserving 
energy," says Steven Bloom, a senior researcher at 
Imperial College London. 

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Laughing In The Face Of Fat!

It's no joke: A good guffaw can help you lose weight. You 
might not chortle your way down a dress size, but according 
to a Vanderbilt University study, laughing 10-15 minutes a 
day can burn about 40 calories (or about two chocolate 

Women Diet, Men Exercise!

When it comes to weight loss, "women tend to use the diet 
approach and men use the exercise approach," says Judy 
Driskell, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and health sciences 
at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  In a study, about 
one-third of the female undergraduate students (out of 181) 
and one-fifth of the male students (out of 105) reported 
that they have followed a weight-loss diet.

Have Another Cup Of Tea!

Tea is the second most popular beverage throughout the 
world (water is first) and for good reason.  Tea has no 
calories, no fat, and no salt.  The benefits of tea are 
numerous, from lowering cholesterol, staving off several 
types of cancer, and protecting skin to strengthening 
bones and teeth. Research also suggests that drinking tea 
may fight stress and promote relaxation.  So go ahead, 
pour yourself a cup, sit back, and sip away. 

Did You Know ???

Americans spend $40 Billion each year on books, products, 
and programs designed to help them lose weight.

Having problems sticking to your weight loss plan? Stop by 
our Diet Buddy Forum and get some help at...
Diet Buddy Forum

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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