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Publication: NFL News
Week 8 Results, Colts, Bears and more

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 NFL News - Monday, October 29, 2007   
     ... Week 8 Results, Colts, Bears and more ...   

Week 8 Results

Cleveland 27   St. Louis 20 	

Detroit 16  Chicago 7 	 	

Indianapolis 31 Carolina 7 		 	

N.Y. Giants 13  Miami 10 		 	

Oakland 9  Tennessee 13		 	

Philadelphia 23 Minnesota 16	 	

Pittsburgh 24    Cincinnati  13		 	

Buffalo 13 N.Y. Jets	 3		 	

Houston 10 San Diego 35		 	

Jacksonville 24 Tampa Bay 23	 	

New Orleans 31 San Francisco 10	 	

Washington 7   New England 52 	

Colts CB Marlin Jackson injures neck against Carolina

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson was sidelined 
during the third quarter Sunday after injuring his neck.
Jackson, the team's second-leading tackler this season, was 
hurt early in the third quarter while attempting to tackle 
Carolina tight end Jeff King. Team officials said his return 
was questionable. Jackson, who entered with 35 solo tackles, 
made one before the injury.

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Today's Deal of the Day

Urlacher all but confirms report saying he has arthritic back

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher all but confirmed an 
Internet report that he has an arthritic back after a subpar 
performance in Sunday's 16-7 loss to the Detroit Lions.
Urlacher was credited with just four tackles on Sunday, 
another poor performance in an inconsistent season for him.
The six-time Pro Bowl selection told foxsports.com that his 
back has been bothering him since training camp and that he 
recently had a specialist in Pittsburgh examine it. "He 
confirmed what the team told me, that they think it's an 
arthritis type of thing," Urlacher was quoted as saying in 
a story posted Sunday afternoon. "The thing that's so 
frustrating is there is no clear-cut solution to give me 
relief. I just have to deal with the pain." Asked if that 
report was accurate, Urlacher said "probably," but had little 
else to say after the game other than he will answer fans' 
questions on foxsports.com. It was not clear when he will do 
that. The Bears would not confirm the report.
Urlacher, who has been inconsistent this season, has said 
little to reporters in recent weeks, often limiting his 
responses to one or two words. He had 15 tackles in the season 
opener at San Diego and 13 last week at Philadelphia. But he 
had just five against Minnesota on Oct. 14 and three against 
Dallas in Week 3, although he contributed two sacks in that 
game. "As far as what I know about Brian, he played today, 
he's not on the injury list," coach Lovie Smith said. "As 
far as his back, there's nothing wrong with his back that 
would cause him not to be able to play."

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Ex-NFL WR Bryant follows lawsuit by filing motion against league

Former San Francisco receiver Antonio Bryant filed a motion 
Friday asking a federal judge to stop the NFL from disciplining 
him for allegedly violating the league's substance abuse policy.
Last week, Bryant filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against 
the NFL seeking to stop the league from requiring him to submit 
to drug testing, arguing the league's policy doesn't apply to 
him anymore because he is not currently a player. In the latest 
filing, Bryant's lawyer, Peter Schaffer, said Bryant received a 
letter from the NFL on Friday stating that it had set a hearing 
for Nov. 7 to discuss a positive test on Aug. 16 and a failure to 
submit to a test on July 12. Schaffer said the letter was sent 
in retaliation for Bryant's lawsuit and is "further evidence of the 
NFL's continued use of bully tactics and coercive and fraudulent 
behavior". NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy declined to comment.
Schaffer said Bryant wasn't an NFL player and wasn't looking 
for another job in football from late July through the second 
week of October. However, he said that Bryant is currently 
looking to sign with an NFL team and the fight over testing is 
making that difficult. "He's being damaged everyday that this is 
going forward," said Schaffer, who filed the suit in Denver, 
where he is based. Bryant was released in March, just one season 
after he signed a four-year contract with the 49ers worth $14 
million. Bryant caught 40 passes last season for a team-leading
733 yards. But he repeatedly clashed with coach Mike Nolan and 
was suspended four games for violating the NFL's substance-
abuse policy.

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