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Publication: NFL News
Week 12 Results, LT, and More

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 NFL News - Monday, November 26, 2007
... Week 12 Results, LT, and More ...

WEEK 12 
Thursday, Nov. 22

Green Bay 37 Detroit 26		 	

N.Y. Jets 3  Dallas 34		 	

Indianapolis 31 Atlanta 13

Sunday, Nov. 25

Buffalo 14	 Jacksonville   36		 	

Denver 34  	 Chicago (OT)	37	 	

Houston 17  	 Cleveland      27	

Minnesota 41 	 N.Y. Giants	17	 	

New Orleans 31 	 Carolina	6	 	

Oakland 20 	 Kansas City 	17		 	

Seattle 24       St. Louis	19		 	

Tennessee 6      Cincinnati	35	 	

Washington 13    Tampa Bay	19	 	

San Francisco 37 Arizona (OT)	31		 	

Baltimore 14     San Diego	32	 	

Philadelphia 28  New England    31

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L.T. becomes 23rd player in NFL history with 10,000 rushing yards

LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers became the 23rd 
player in NFL history to rush for 10,000 yards, reaching the 
milestone on a 36-yard run Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens
on Sunday. He tied Emmitt Smith as the fourth-fastest player 
to do so, in his 106th game. He finished the afternoon with 
10,048 career yards. "It's been the benchmark for a lot of 
running backs in this league," Tomlinson said. "I never set 
out to get 10,000 yards. That was not a goal of mine. I take 
it like you get 10,000 yards but that means you're getting 
older. It's a milestone and people pat you on the back, but 
they're ready to kick you out the door because you got 10,000 
yards." Tomlinson reached the milestone three days after Warrick 
Dunn of the Atlanta Falcons did it. His run came down the left 
sideline in the third quarter. Tomlinson became the third 
player this month to join the exclusive club. Jacksonville's 
Fred Taylor made it to 10,000 yards on Nov. 11 against the 
Tennessee Titans. L.T. came out of the game after the run, 
and the milestone was acknowledged on the video screen. Fans 
started chanting "L.T.! L.T." and the running back, in his 
seventh season, pointed to the crowd and bowed. The game was
not stopped, but Tomlinson got the ball three play later after 
Antonio Gates caught a touchdown pass. "I knew it was mine," 
Tomlinson said. Tomlinson was the NFL's MVP last year after 
setting records with 31 touchdowns and 186 points. "You don't 
get to be around guys like him very often," coach Norv Turner 
said. "That was a special moment. I've been around guys like 
him and sometimes I don't appreciate them at the moment, but 
certainly do later."

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Redskins' Taylor victim of shooting in Florida

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was shot as his Florida 
home, according to a statement released today by the team.
The brief statement from the Redskins said Taylor was undergoing 
treatment at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida and that the 
Miami-Dade Police Department was investigating. Taylor, 24, is 
in his fourth season with the Redskins. He leads the team with 
five interceptions but has missed the last two games with a 
knee injury.

Raiders' Cooper taken away on cart after knee injury

Oakland safety Jarrod Cooper was injured on a kickoff in the first 
quarter against Kansas City on Sunday and taken off the field on 
a cart. An Oakland spokesman said the injury was to the right 
knee. He was injured on the kickoff after Oakland scored on a 
field goal for a 3-0 lead.

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