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Publication: Weekend GetAways
We're off to the tranquil waters of Hawaii...

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, January 12, 2007
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

We're off to the tranquil waters of Hawaii...

Although development has run wild on the Big Island as 
of late, it manages to maintain an Old Hawai'i feel, 
with tourism concentrated on its sunny northwest coast. 
From its active volcano seeping lava into the ocean to 
its white-sand beaches and its verdant green valleys, 
waterfalls, and rainbows, the Big Island delivers every-
thing the postcards promise and then some. Sea turtles 
and manta rays make their homes here, and Mark Twain 
wrote some of his best prose in the moonlike southern 
region. Long after his death, artists, travelers, and 
locals continue to seek inspiration from the cliffs, 
lava, hidden valleys, ancient wisdom, and tranquil 
waters of Hawaii. 
Happy Trails,

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The Big Island is indeed big, and the largest of the 
Islands by far at 4,038 square miles. Even with recent 
development, the Big Island's population remains low 
(163,000), and only 2% of the island's 2.57 million 
acres is classified as urban. 


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 Ahalanui Park 
Hot Spring/Spa, Park, Puna 
This park was established with a federal grant in the 
mid-1990s to replace those lost to the lava flows at 
Kalapana. It's 2½ mi south of the intersection of 
highways 132 and 137 on the Kapoho Coast, southeast 
of Pahoa town. There's a half-acre pond fed by thermal 
freshwater springs mixed with seawater, which makes for 
a relaxing soak. There have been occasional reports of 
bacterial contamination by the health department. Check 
with on-duty lifeguards and follow any posted advisory 
signs. Facilities include portable restrooms, outdoor 
showers, and picnic tables; no drinking water is 

Address: Hwy. 137, 2½ mi south of junction of Hwy. 132, 
Puna, HI, USA

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens 
Garden/Arboretum, Volcano 
This is one of the largest collections of orchids in 
Hawai'i. The greenhouse includes a covered garden where 
you can take a self-guided tour and enjoy the beauty of 
hundreds of orchids and exotic tropical flowers. The 
cool Volcano climate provides the ideal conditions for 
orchid cultivation. The floral shop sells orchid plants 
and cut flowers and can pack and ship to anywhere in the 
world. www.akatsukaorchid.com. COST: Free. OPEN: Daily 

Address: Hwy. 11, just past mile marker 22, Volcano, HI, USA
Phone: 808/967-8234; 888-967-6669 toll-free

Bay View Coffee Farm 
Farm, Honaunau 
Most of the coffee farms on the island offer tours, and 
this place has one of the better ones -- mostly because 
the coffee is really good. The tour lasts about an hour; 
it's interesting, even if you're not into coffee. COST: 
Free. OPEN: Daily 9-5. 

Address: ½ mi past St. Benedict's Painted Church, 
83-5249 Painted Church Rd., Honaunau, HI, USA
Phone: 808/328-9658

Other Places of Interest:

Banyan Drive 
Scenic Drive, Hilo 
The more than 50 leafy banyan trees with aerial roots 
dangling from their limbs were planted some 60 to 70 
years ago by visiting celebrities. You'll find such 
names as Amelia Earhart and Franklin Delano Roosevelt 
on plaques affixed to the trees. 

Address: Begin at Hawai'i Naniloa Resort, 93 Banyan Dr., 
Hilo, HI, USA
Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse 
Nautical Site, Hawaii 
The lighthouse, 1½ mi east of the intersection of high-
ways 132 and 137, was miraculously unharmed during the 
1960 volcano eruption here that destroyed the town of 
Kapoho. The lava flowed directly up to the lighthouse's 
base but instead of pushing it over, actually flowed 
around it. According to Hawaiian legend, Pele, the 
volcano goddess, protected the Hawaiian fisherfolk by 
sparing the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself is a 
simple metal-frame structure with a light on top, sim-
ilar to a tall electric-line transmission tower. Seeing 
the hardened lava flows skirting directly around the 
lighthouse is worth the visit. 

Address: Past intersection of Hwys. 132 and 137, Kapoho, 

Coconut Island 
Island, Hilo 
This small island, just offshore from Lili'uokalani 
Gardens, is accessible via a footbridge. It was 
considered a place of healing in ancient times. Today 
children play in the tide pools while fisherfolk try 
their luck. 

Address: Lili'uokalani Gardens, Banyan Dr., Hilo, HI, 

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Aaah, The Views! 
Under $100 to $180, Waimea 
This tranquil and pretty stream-side mountain home in 
upcountry Waimea is lovingly tended by owners Erika 
and Derek Stuart. Rooms are clean and bright, with lots 
of windows to enjoy the views. The Dream Room is actually 
an apartment, with a full kitchen, private deck, and hot 
tub. The house has a sauna and a yoga room (private 
lessons available), and there's even wireless Internet 
access. www.aaahtheviews.com. 4 rooms. In-room: kitchen 
(some), refrigerator, Wi-Fi. In-hotel: no-smoking rooms. 
No credit cards. 

Address: 66-1773 Alaneo St., off Akulani, just past mile 
marker 60 on Hwy. 19, Waimea, HI, USA
Phone: 808/885-3455

Bed & Breakfast Mountain View 
Under $100 to $180, Kurtistown 
This modern home is surrounded by rolling forest and 
farmland. The secluded 4-acre estate has extensive 
floral gardens and a fishpond. Owners Linus and Jane 
Chao are longtime Big Island art educators and have 
an art studio on the lower level where they teach 
classes. Some special packages include art lessons. 
The house itself is a virtual art gallery with varied 
displays in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and Oriental 
brush paintings. www.bbmtview.com. 4 rooms, 2 with 
shared bath. In-room: no a/c, no TV (some). In-hotel: 
laundry facilities, no kids under 5. MC, V. 

Address: South Kulani Rd., Kurtistown, HI 96760, USA
Phone: 808/968-6868 or 888/698-9896
Fax: 808/968-7017

Aloha Guesthouse 
$100 to $260, Captain Cook 
In the hills above Kealakekua Bay, Aloha Guesthouse 
offers quiet elegance, complete privacy, and ocean 
views from every room. With a focus on nature, the 
house is furnished in earth tones. The bath products 
are 100% organic, and the yummy full breakfasts are 
as close to organic as they can muster. Common areas 
include a kitchenette for guests who want to cook 
their own meals, as well as a high-definition tele-
vision, a DVD library, and a computer with high-speed 
Internet. www.alohaguesthouse.com. 5 rooms. In-room: 
refrigerator, DVD (some), Wi-Fi. In-hotel: public 
Internet. AE, MC, V. 

Address: Old Tobacco Rd., off Hwy. 11 near mile marker 
104, Captain Cook, HI, USA
Phone: 808/328-8955

Alan Wong's Hualalai Grille at the Four Seasons Resort 
Hawaiian, $18 to Over $35, North Kona Coast 
The menu changes regularly, depending on availability 
of local produce, fish, and meat, but expect the sort 
of "fusion" fare you'd find in a top-notch New York or 
San Francisco restaurant. The added bonus is that you 
can sit outside and enjoy a balmy breezes. The food is 
surprisingly reasonable for what you get and where 
you're eating. You could easily make a meal out of a 
selection of pupu. The wine list is extensive and well-
chosen, and servers are extremely well-versed and help-
ful. Reservations essential. AE, DC, MC, V. Closed Wed., 
Fri., and 1st wk in Dec. 

Address: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, 100 Ka'upulehu 
Dr., North Kona Coast, HI, USA

Bamboo Restaurant 
Hawaiian, $10 to $35, Hawi 
It's out of the way, but the food at this spot in the 
heart of Hawi is good and the service has a country 
flair. Creative entrées feature fresh island fish pre-
pared several ways. The Thai-style fish, for example, 
combines lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, and coconut 
milk -- best washed down with a passion-fruit margarita 
or passion-fruit iced tea. Bamboo finishes, bold artwork,
and an old unfinished wooden floor make the restaurant 
cozy. Local musicians entertain on Friday and Saturday 
night. MC, V. Closed Mon. No dinner Sun. 

Address: Hwy. 270, Hawi, HI, USA
Phone: 808/889-5555

The Batik at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel 
Hawaiian, $27 to Over $35, Kohala Coast 
For the hotel's elegant signature restaurant -- with 
its glass-enclosed, split-level waterfront dining room 
-- executive chef Thomas Woods combines French-
Mediterranean elements with Indonesian influences to 
create dazzling dishes such as a macadamia-nut-crusted 
ono with lemongrass-coconut emulsion. Most of the staff 
has been here for 15 years, so the service is seamless. 
AE, D, DC, MC, V. Closed Mon. and Tues. 

Address: Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, 62-100 Mauna Kea Beach 
Dr., Kohala Coast, HI, USA
Phone: 808/882-5810

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