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Publication: Diet Buddy
Water Works!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, November 27, 2006

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Water Works!

Hi There Buddies!

I hope everyone survived their Thanksgiving feast without 
putting too much of a dent in their weight loss program.  
I know it's hard to hold back and think rational when 
you're looking at a table full of delicious foods that 
have you drooling at the mouth.  If you were like me and 
fell of the "moderation" wagon and indulged a bit too much 
this past week, don't feel too guilty, it's OK, just pick 
yourself up, forgive yourself and get back on track.  
Thanksgiving comes but once a year, right?  Now, to make 
it through this coming month!

Today I'd like to share the importance of drinking those 
8 glasses of water a day...it's good for us, as we've all 
heard, but for some of us the thought of drinking a gallon 
of water every day is not exactly a thrilling task that we 
enjoy.  It's more like acquiring the habit of doing so.  
Water has absolutely no flavor and you're forever running 
to the bathroom.  You ask, why do we need to drink this 
liquid and why do we need so much of it?  Does it really 
suppress your appetite and help with weight loss?  Do we 
really understand the mechanism of Mother Nature's finest 
and it's benefits?  Let's take a look at what Total Body 
Fitness has to say on the subject:

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Without water you could exist no more than a few days.  
That is why water is considered the most important nutrient 
in the body. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60-65 
percent water. Muscle is made up of 70 percent water, 
while fat is only 22 percent. Water is responsible for 
transporting needed nutrients to the body's cells and 
transporting the waste out. This is why water is so 
important to us.

When a person does not drink enough water daily his or her 
body will tend to save it. We call this water weight. It 
occurs when the body stores more water than is necessary.  
There are other reasons some people are prone to water 
weight. For some it may be a diet high in sodium or 
starchy carbohydrates. For women it may fluctuate through-
out the menstrual cycle.

How much water do we need daily? Some professionals say 64 
ounces, while others say 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight.
Since no two people are alike, it is recommended drinking 
1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight considering you 
have no medical ailments.  For example, some people with 
heart problems are unable to drink that much fluid or a 
dangerous amount of fluid buildup could occur.  If you are 
one of these people consult with your physician for advice. 

Your daily water intake could also vary depending on your 
physical activity level.  The more active you are the more 
water your body will need.

You can get water from a variety of sources like fruits, 
fruit juice, tea, soft drinks, and some foods; however the 
more water you drink in plain form the better.

Since most city water contains chlorine and unwanted 
contaminants it is recommended drinking reverse osmosis 

Note:  Even though soft drinks contain water keep in mind 
that most also contain caffeine which actually dehydrates 
the body.  In fact, any drink that contains caffeine will 
act as a diuretic. 

Water and fat loss!

The levels of oxygen in the blood stream are greater when 
the body is well hydrated.  The more oxygen the body has 
readily available, the more fat it will burn for energy.  
Without the presence of oxygen the body cannot utilize 
stored fat for energy efficiently.  Not only will the body 
burn more fat when well hydrated, but because of the 
increased oxygen levels you will also have more energy.


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If water intake is too low:

*  The ability to transport nutrients can become 
   compromised, resulting in a decrease of muscle fullness, 

*  A toxic buildup of ammonia, urea, uric acid, and other 
   substances, which would begin to accumulate in the body.

Water is essential for:

*  Dissolving and transporting nutrients such as oxygen and 
   minerals to the body.

*  Helps digestion, assimilation, metabolism, elimination, 
   and waste removal in the body.

*  It is also necessary with weight loss.

*  Water intake helps in flushing out toxins from the fat 
   cells, which are stored in fat tissue and released into 
   the bloodstream.  In order to burn fat cells, the fat 
   cells first will have to be free of excess water and 

*  The body will hold on to excess water for survival if 
   adequate amounts of water is not supplied.  
*  Water is a critical nutrient for many bodily processes.

Problems of Water Retention:

The amount of water you drink plays a key role in water 
retention. Water retention, medically known as edema, can 
be caused due to any reasons listed below:

*  Dehydration: When you are dehydrated, your body 
   excretes less water, and bloating can set in. Know your 
   daily intake of water essentials for adequate hydration.

*  Constipation: If you don't have frequent bowel 
   movements, your body tends to absorb poison from 
   partially digested foods in the intestinal tract. The 
   constipation that occurs encourages the body to retain 
   fluids to dilute these poisons. Constipation is, in 
   fact, the most common problem in relation to water 

*  Intake excess dietary sodium and

*  Diseases such as heart or kidney disease.

Options available to overcome Water Retention:

*  A healthy diet based on cereals fruits and vegetables.

*  Add fiber in your diet. Fiber generally referred to as 
   'roughage' is essential for the healthy functioning of 
   your body. It plays a very important role in nutrition 
   and is very beneficial to many aspects of your health.  
   The first is weight management. A diet rich in fiber 
   can help to promote fat loss if fiber food replaces fats 
   and sweets. This is possible because fibrous foods offer 
   fewer calories per gram (4 calories/gram) than fats (9 
   calories/gram) which are not easily converted to fat and 
   also have the ability to expand up to 10 times their 
   weight and size in the stomach.

*  Another option for losing excess fluid is to take 
   prescription diuretics, but these tend to flush vital 
   minerals from your body and are not advisable.

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Things to Remember!

-  Nearly 60% of your body weight is water.  About 75% of 
   your muscles are made of water.

-  Our bodies receive water in three ways:  from food, from 
   drinking and from metabolism.

-  The old "8 glasses a day" is a fine standard...depending 
   on what size glass you use!  We need about 2.5 liters 
   per day.

-  Drinking alcoholic beverages dehydrates your body.

-  Water may help suppress your appetite.

-  Drinking enough water helps many medical ailments:  
   chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, digestive 
   problems, urinary tract problems, constipation and more.

-  Drinking enough water actually prevents water retention.

-  Water helps you improve muscle tone.

Did You Know ??? 

1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (likely 
   applies to half the world population).

2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak 
   that it is often mistaken for hunger.

3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down ones metabolism as 
   much as 3%.

4. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs 
   for almost 100% of dieters studied in a U-Washington 

5. Lack of water, is the # 1 trigger for daytime fatigue.

6. Research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day 
   could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 
   80% of sufferers.

7. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-
   term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty 
   focusing on the computer screen or a printed page.

8. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk 
   of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of 
   breast cancer by 70%, and one is 50% less likely to 
   develop bladder cancer.

If you don't like the taste of plain water, try adding some 
Crystal Light (which comes in different flavors) for taste.
Some people don't like drinking cold water during winter 
months, try warm water instead.  Add a slice of lemon or 
lime for extra added flavor, and always remember, drink 
your water folks, it does your body good!

Gained a few pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday? Stop by 
our Diet Buddy Forum and share with our fellow readers 
at... Diet Buddy Archives 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.   
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