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Publication: Wrestling News Today
WWE Tour Disappoints

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                   Monday, May 7, 2007

Confirmed For Next Week's iMPACT: Cage/Angle/Sting 
Story By: Andy Stevens
The following is from TNAWrestling.com:

The below is a preview for next Thursday's "iMPACT!" 
broadcast on SpikeTV, featuring all of your favorite 
TNA Wrestling stars in action! 

HOMICIDE VS. SCOTT STEINER Thursday's "IMPACT!" broadcast 
will showcase a three-way match featuring individual 
members all the teams involved in the World Title match at 
the Sacrifice Pay-Per-View event. It will be Brother Devon 
of Team 3D vs. Homicide of the Latin American Xchange vs. 
Scott Steiner! Without a doubt, the other members of their 
respective teams will be watching on, so who knows what 
hell could break loose this Thursday! Will Steiner and 
Homicide work together to annihilate Brother Devon? Will 
it be every star for himself? Tune in and find out! 

top stars will battle in a no-disqualification war this 
Thursday night as it will be Samoa Joe, Rhino and Chris 
Harris teaming up to face AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels 
and James Storm! Both teams absolutely hate each other and 
have gone to hell and back in the past. The question is, 
which team will show the most unity to win it? Joe and 
Rhino have been solid in action together in recent weeks, 
while former tag team champions AJ Styles and Christopher 
Daniels reunite to join side with James Storm. 

CAGE, KURT ANGLE AND STING In addition, TNAwrestling.com 
has learned that there will be a simulcast interview this 
Thursday night as World Champion Christian Cage, Kurt Angle 
and Sting will all speak out regarding the Sacrifice main 
event! Cage, Angle and Sting will all be in separate 
locations and will no doubt have plenty of trash talking 
to do to each other as they prepare for the big three-way 
bout at the Pay-Per-View! 

All this and much more this Thursday night on "iMPACT!" on 
SpikeTV, including the stars of TNA’s X Division, the TNA 
Knockout babes and many more! 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

HBK's Character, Stephanie Upgrades, Tom Prichard
Story By: Daniel Pena
source: Pro Wrestling Torch

Shawn Michaels began coming out to his old music because 
they were planning to move him away from the straight 
babyface DX character and more toward an edgier tweener. 
They also didn't want fans anticipating Triple H every 
week coming to help Michaels, especially since they're 
not sure at this point what Hunter will be programmed to 
do when he returns. Being linked to Michaels is far from 
a lock. 

Stephanie McMahon's job title was upgraded to Executive 
Vice President of Creative, and now John Laurenaitis 
reports directly to her rather than Vince McMahon. He 
always worked under Steph, but now she's officially his 
boss. Michael Hayes and Brian Gewirtz have been given 
V.P. titles as head writers of Smackdown and Raw, 

Tom Prichard, now that WWE has dumped the Deep South 
developmental deal, may end up as head trainer as a new 
developmental territory being considered in Florida. 

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Four Horsemen Update, WWE Tour Disappoints, Umaga
Story By: Daniel Pena
sources: Pro Wrestling Torch, www.f4wonline.com

The talk of reforming the Four Horsemen as a way to promote 
the DVD released last month never got far because Arn 
Anderson's neck and arm atrophy would prevent him from 
doing anything respectable in the ring. Although he works 
out with wrestlers in the ring sometimes, it would be 
obvious to fans he wasn't able to fully function because 
of his hand, and Arn wouldn't want to be remembered that 
way. The Horsemen idea never included anyone new, and would 
have just been Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and 
Arn for a short-term reunion of some type. 

Overall, the European tour was a disappointment with some 
shows drawing in the 1,200 range. The idea of running full-
time territories around the world grows less and less 
likely with each passing day. Most parts of the UK would 
not be able to sustain a full-time touring WWE group, Japan 
is certainly out of the question since it's not supporting 
any full-time wrestling groups, Mexico business was way 
down this tour, and while it was not a disaster it's pretty 
clear that with what the WWE stars make and what the ticket 
prices are for rare WWE shows, a regular troup down there 
would be a money loser. 

Shelton Benjamin moved to Texas to live near good friends 
Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda. Shortly thereafter, Umaga 
moved in right next door to Benjamin. 

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                      Reader's Forum

To the comment about Cena should be champ and that WWE do 
not have any so called talent that can stand up, and carry 
the torch then i got two words for you sweet chin. Thats 
all that cena saw at backlash and what happens cena falls 
on orton knocked out everyone else was knocked out. HBK 
could of easily won that if john cena didnt get a sweet 
chin to his big chin. Now thats what i call lucky but i 
guess we have to see john cena the chump a little bit 
longer as champion. Just look at when DX was there they 
were the most popular thing on raw not cena. I mean he's 
supposed to be popular but he gets booed at the biggest 
stage of them all at wrestlemania. They still had him have 
a crazy entrance but i guess the real fans know whats up 
because the real fans go to wrestlemania and they booed 

- RFLAKE145 

Well, maybe Batista is going to be the "Big WWE Star" that 
is supposedly leaving soon? And because he knows he is, he 
acted like that? 
I didn't watch Backlash, but I went to WWE.com to see it, 
I could've thought of a better ending. 
- Staten

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