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Publication: Wrestling News Today
WWE Superstar Begins New Treatment For Injury

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Monday, March 12, 2007

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WWE Superstar Begins New Treatment For Injury
Story By: Steve Carrier

Yesterday was the first day that John Bradshaw Layfield 
began his new treatment to repair damage to his back. The 
non-surgical treatment has a success rate of 86% according 
to a WWE.com story. Layfield broke a vertebrae in his back 
and suffered a herniated disc in 2005 that resulted in his 
decision to retire and move to the broadcast booth. 

According to reports, the treatments will take 
approximately six weeks. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

WWE Giving Away Tickets, Candice, Lawler, More 
Story By: Ryan Gray
source: PWInsider

-- The current addition of "MAD" magazine features a few 
pictures of Jerry "The King" Lawler visiting the MAD 

-- In today's school newspaper for the University of 
Arizona an article is featured that talks about a non-WWE 
fan attending this past Tuesday's ECW on Sci-Fi and Smack-
Down tapings that took place at the TCC in Tucson, Arizona. 
The non-fan speaks very negative on WWE as a whole and 
says he attended because tickets were free for friends of 
TCC employees because WWE wanted the event to appear to be 
a sell out.  

-- Today's Detroit News is running an article on WWE Diva 
Candice Michelle. In the article Michelle speaks on her 
clean diet saying that it all "chicken and veggies" for 

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Cingular, Batista Speaks On Being Arrested, More 
Story By: Ryan Gray
source: PWInsider

--This past Monday on RAW Vince McMahon made mention of 
Cingular's wireless service. The reason behind this was 
that WWE has signed a deal with the wireless provider to 
offer their content. Cingular will be selling WWE ring 
tones for $2.49 and graphics for $1.99. They will also 
have a premium package for $4.99 a month which will offer
items such as highlights from big shows, such as Wrestle-

--WWE World Champion Batista recently sat down with 
MassLive.com to discuss how he has advanced from a rough 
childhood to becoming a top superstar for WWE. The champion 
also shoots on beating up two guys at a night club and 
having to serve a years probation. 

-- Former ECW Vixen Francine has opened a new official 
MySpace website at www.myspace.com/francinefournier. 

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                      Reader's Forum

Hey Vinnie

I guess you missed last year's inductions, because Bret 
Hart is in WWE Hall of Fame. He's upset because his 
brother Owen wasn't considered this year. And I think 
Vince has buried the hatchet with the Hart Family. He 
gave Bret his own special DVD last year again with a 
Hall of Fame induction. And I think Owen should be 
considered next year when these things roll around 

- Francisco

Bret Hart was inducted into the WWE HALL OF FAME last 
year. You must have missed it! Due to his stroke he 
looked horrible and did not speak well. 

- Sharon 

This goes out to Vinnie... Bret Hart is already in the 
hall of fame, this whole bitch is about his brother 
(owen), not Bret!!! Bret got inducted last year... 
- Mike, AZ

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