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Publication: Wrestling News Today
WWE Releases Another Superstar

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, August 8, 2007

RAW And SNME Next Week, More 
Story By: Marc Middleton 
Source: PWInsider.com 

- Next Monday's RAW at MSG will also feature the Saturday 
  Night's Main Event taping that will air on 8/18 on NBC. 
  Both RAW and SNME next week will see the final build ups 
  to SummerSlam. As previously posted, confirmed for RAW 
  is a King Coronation Ceremony with Booker and Lawler and 
  Cena/Umaga vs. Orton/Carlito. It's also expected we will 
  see the return of Triple H next week. 

- Roddy Piper will be appearing at the Horror Hound Weekend 
  festival in Indiana this weekend.

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

WWE Releases Another Superstar 
Story By: Marc Middleton
Partial source: PWInsider.com

- From WWE.com:

WWE has come to terms on the release of Idol Stevens as of 
today. We wish Idol the best in all future endeavors.

- Stevens was previously seen on the SmackDown brand for 
a short time teaming with KC James. He also worked a RAW 
house show this past weekend and has been a regular in OVW. 

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WWE Injury, Piper As A G.I. Joe, Diva Search Update
Story By: Marc Middleton
Source: PWInsider.com 

- WWE trainer Dr. Tom Prichard recently injured his ankle 
  at the developmental Florida Championship Wrestling 
  training school.

- The 2007 WWE Diva Search voting begins on 9/10.

- Roddy Piper will be featured as a G.I. Joe limited 
  edition action figure that will be sold at the annual 
  G.I. Joe convention in Atlanta, GA. 

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                      Reader's Forum

I think as a responsible adult, Chris Benoit has to be 
held accountable for his actions but I also think the WWE 
has to be held accountable because they obviously pressure 
the wrestlers so much into thinking that looking like they 
do is the be all end all. I also think if they gave the 
wrestlers time off and didn't wrestle year around, they 
would have time to heal properly from injuries and wouldn't 
have to take painkillers and become addicted to them. I 
personally think if a wrestler can't make it by simply 
lifting weights then they have no business being in 
wrestling in the first place. May Chris Benoit and his 
family rest in peace. 

- Rhonda 

In response to Kosmo's question about the short-lived 
Cena-Lashley feued, first of all it wasn't even a feud, 
secondly it's over because Randy Orton is only going to 
get one shot.  That's all he needs.  Orton will win, then 
Cena will become a curtain-jerker while Randy has a (very) 
short fued with Triple H.  And if the title is on the line, 
we all know better than to bet against Triple H (except at 
- Deacon

When is Randy Orton going to get what he has coming to him? 
He is arrogant and a piece of first class cow dung if you 
ask me. Increase your ratings. Let someone beat the snot 
out of him. 
A Vermont Fan
- Kathy 

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