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Publication: Wrestling News Today
WWE Diva Fired

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, June 4, 2007

WWE Diva Fired Because She Wasn't
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Two weeks ago Shelly Martinez (a/k/a Ariel) was released
from WWE. The reason why backstage was that she didn't
have the "right look". This is Vince's nice way of saying
"you're not pretty enough".

Vince was negative on Martinez from the very start, but
was persuaded by Heyman to bring her up since she did such
a good job playing the nympho role in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Vince never understood the idea of goth characters and
likes divas with the "model" look. With Heyman gone from
the company Martinez had a very little support backstage.

Some rumors circulated that she was released over an
incident with Batista, however these are apparently false.


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WWE Backlash, WWE DVDs, ECW On Sci Fi Rating
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: WrestlingObserver.com

- The 2007 WWE Backlash DVD from Blockbuster comes with a
  bonus disk featuring Santino Marella defeating Umaga for
  the Intercontinental Title and the Bobby Lashley vs.
  Umaga no Disqualification match on the April 24th edition
  of ECW on Sci-Fi. Speaking of WWE DVDs, the ladder match
  DVD is already available in some outlets.

- WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 was number three in sales for
  the PSP console in Australia for last week.

- This past Tuesday's edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a
  1.4 cable rating, with a 2.3 share.

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Jim Ross Speaks On The Upcoming WWE Draft Lottery 
Story By: Richard Gray

- Jim Ross has posted yet another blog entry on his 
  official website. As always, Ross provides readers with 
  a very interesting read. Below is one statement in 
  particular that I felt was newsworthy concerning the 
  upcoming WWE Draft. 

Regarding the upcoming WWE Draft:

JR writes, writes "The WWE Draft on June 11 in Wilkes 
Barre, which is already sold out, and should be an 
interesting night, as apparently several superstars will 
be getting new addresses. These are interesting times, 
as far as I am concerned, because new wrestlers create 
new matchups with the incumbents, which freshens up the 
product. I have no preferences as to who comes to RAW and 
I assume The King and I will stay on RAW, or at least I 
sure hope so. I have no desire to leave Monday Night RAW, 
and neither does the King. I don't think any of the 
announce teams should be included in the draft. A change 
of scenery can be a good thing, especially for wrestlers 
who need new opposition. The draft, as far as fans are 
concerned will no doubt be a source of plenty of debate 
and discussion as the draft itself, is a subjective matter 
to say the least. The "wrestling media" will have a field 
day with this matter and I can almost guarantee you that 
the draft will be over-analyzed and pre-judged even before 
it has a chance to settle in, because that's what the 
"wrestling media" does. Controversy creates (cash and) 
website traffic which is not a bad thing. Get ready for 
this subject to be beaten to death over the next several 
weeks. I do not know who is being drafted to where and 
will be as surprised as anybody as it happens on live TV." 

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                      Reader's Forum

what ever happened to the Tough Enough guys and gal that
won contracts or even the second runner ups that got some-
thing too. One of the guys, Jonah, lives in the next town
from. Last I heard he was touring or had gone to one of
the training places the wrestlers have. so where are they

- Cheryl

MemphisWrestlingFan, there is nothing wrong with smackdown,
in fact i think smackdown is the better brand. its more
serious, its more wrestling, i do think edge is more of a
raw star but if they want him at smackdown then so be it.
an i dont hate edge. i would like to see edge turn face but
i dont think it will happen.

- nikki

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