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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Pinned to the Mat

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear Readers: 

Today's edition of Wrestling News Today will be the final 
issue. I would just like to thank every single one of you 
that subscribed to this newsletter. Also, thank you for 
your reader comments. It's great to read that there are so 
many true fans out there. 

But dry your eyes because you are going to start getting 
NASCAR News starting next Thursday. If you don't want to 
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the bottom of this issue. 

Thanks for reading. 

Your Editor 

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HHH Wanted For New Film, SmackDown Rating, More 
Story By: Patrick Boucher
Source: PWInsider.com

-- Marvel Comics executives have been pushing for Triple H 
to be a cast member in the potential feature film adaption 
of Thor. The director, Matthew Vaughn, however, is against 
the idea and has his hopes on Kevin McKidd. McKidd is from 
the HBO series "Rome."

-- The final rating for Friday's edition of SmackDown did 
a 2.4 cable rating with a 4.6 share. 

-- ECW's Extreme Expose will be doing a photo shoot this 
week in New York for FHM. 

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Stone Cold To Make His Return Saturday At SNME 
Story By: Patrick Boucher
The following comes from WWE.com:

NEW YORK – Former WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 
will be attending Saturday Night's Main Event. 

The Rattlesnake was last seen by our fans as special guest 
referee for the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 
23, where Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga. Mr. McMahon had his 
head shaved after the match by real-estate magnate Donald 

Madison Square Garden will host Saturday Night's Main 
Event, and the World's Most Famous Arena holds a special 
place in Austin's heart.

"That is a special building, and a magic place, because of 
everyone that's performed there," Austin told MSG Network 
in an interview in May. "We're lucky enough to call it our 
backyard. When [WWE Superstars] go to the Garden, they 
crank it up a notch." 

Since every WWE visit to The Garden is a special one, is 
Stone Cold coming to New York City to get an up-close view 
of the action? Or will Austin look to leave his fingerprint 
on an exciting night of action in a more physical way? 

To find out, watch Saturday Night's Main Event at 11:30 PM 
ET this Saturday on NBC. 


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                      Reader's Forum

I really wish the wwe would remember what the second W 
means in thier name, WRESTLING, all it is is talk, talk, 
talk... wrestling, talk talk... wrestling. SHUT UP AND 
WRESTLE. Oh I keep forgetting its not wrestling anymore 
its ENTERTAINMENT, it needs to go back to the days of 
Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDanials, Rugged Ronnie Garvin. The 
closest thing to wrestling is TNA and even that has lost 
a bit since they had to get Kurt Angle, he needs to hang 
it up. 

- James from Kentucky

In response to Deacon's comment about the short lived feud 
between Lashley and Cena. It was building for months and 
it exploded when the two met head to head. Don't worry, 
Lashley will get his revenge. 

- Prince3140 

people stop complaining about randy orton. personally ive 
liked him ever since he came into wwe, but even if you dont 
like him you have to admit that him being champion would 
be alot more exciting then stupid john cena winning every 

- derek

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