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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Visits from the Other Side

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Issue date: Saturday, February 10, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers,

I often have questions from my readers and clients about 
how they might be assured of the welfare or the continued 
existence of their loved ones on the other side, and seeing 
as this week is Valentine's Day, the day of celebrating 
love, I thought I'd share a few amazing stories of love 
connections with you. These stories have been sent in to 
me by my readers, and I thank each and every one of them 
for sharing such wonderful inspirations. 

Visits from the other side often take the form of 
apparitions, voices, dreams, physical touches or 
demonstrations, apports, and meaningful synchronicities. 

A very dear lady named Irene, the mother of one of our 
best friends, passed away two years ago. On the day of her 
funeral, about an hour and a half drive away, there was a 
horrible blizzard and my husband and I were stuck for 
several hours on the highway behind an awful accident as 
we tried to make our way there. We missed the funeral 
service, arriving at the tail end of the luncheon, and I 
was devastated at missing the ceremony and burial. I know 
she didn't mind though. I can't remember exactly which 
night it was but it was only days after her death, and I 
woke up abruptly in the middle of the night to find my 
bedroom engulfed with the smell of perfume. I have no doubt 
it was Irene coming to say goodbye. Later, I was gifted 
with a winter jacket that belonged to Irene and to this 
day, after 2 years of constant wear, I can still smell 
her perfume on the collar, this in spite of the fact that 
I wear a totally different scent. Last month, I woke up 
one morning with strong thoughts of Irene and I was puzzled 
as to she was making her presence felt so strongly. It 
occurred to me that it had been about 2 years since her 
passing and realizing that, I immediately located the 
announcement of her passing, thinking that perhaps this 
was the exact anniversary of her death. Well, I was not 
quite right - it was in fact the anniversary of the day 
of her funeral. I know that Irene came by to say hello and 
I hope it won't be the last time. I have many pictures 
taken at the family gathering after Irene's funeral and 
they are full of amazing blue orbs and streaks - I am sure 
she was there with us too. 

I hope you are all inspired by the following stories of 
caring, compassion and everlasting love connections across 
the veil. 

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My husband's name was Charlie. He died the 18 of July 2002. 
We had celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on the 13th 
of that month. On the morning of July 18 we were getting 
ready to go to the lake when he suddenly had a heart attack 
and was taken from me. That was the most awful day of my 
life - instead of going camping, he was going to the 
funeral home. I could not seem to get over it and barely 
could function after that. Charlie always had a habit of 
blowing on my face when I was busy. One morning about a 
month after he had died I was getting ready to go to town 
and I felt something blow on the side of my face, the way 
he had always done. I was in my house alone. I put my hand 
to my face and cried. I knew it was his way of letting me 
know that he was alright. Then about a week later I heard 
someone laugh in the other room and I knew he had once 
again visited me. I know that he is looking after me even 
though he is no longer with me. I also know that I will be 
with him again someday when it is my time to go. 


I am the youngest of five children. One of my sisters died 
when I was a young mother. She and I were the closest of 
sisters and I cherished her more than I can explain. She 
died at only 35 years old and left three children behind. 
I grieved for her so deeply that I was literally ill from 
it. The years passed by and the grief never left. It was 
affecting my life in a very hurtful way. 

One night when I had her on my mind and was crying myself 
to sleep, in the middle of the night I awoke to a bright 
light in our bedroom. The light was brilliant, but 
soothing, and as I gazed at the light my sister appeared 
right before my eyes. She was standing in the middle of 
the light with a breeze blowing her long red hair. She 
wore a gown type dress of white and was so beautiful it 
took my breath away. She spoke to me, "Little sister, don't 
grieve for me, I am so happy in paradise." I tried to wake 
my husband who is a very light sleeper but he wouldn't 
budge no matter how much I shook him. 

Just then, the light started to dim and my beloved sister 
faded backwards into the light and disappeared. Suddenly 
my husband woke up and said, "Where is that light coming 
from?" I calmly said, "Sweet Alice came to see us." He 
saw the light in the room before it completely faded away, 
and he felt the glow of warmth. 

We sat up the rest of the night in awe, so peaceful and 
thankful that God graced us with her visit. I never grieved 
for her again, because I know she is truly in heaven. 



My mom passed away 24 years ago. We had Lilac bushes in 
our yard as a kid that my mom loved. Whenever we smell 
Lilacs we know she is near. My younger sister has been 
having some trouble with depression. Her fiancé moved out 
to give her time to get better, which didn't help. My niece 
(12) is kind of being swept aside and is going through 
trouble with her mom sick and father figure leaving. Any-
way, one particular night we were coming to my house after 
a long day with keeping my sister out and busy. My 
daughter, niece and I just walked into my house and it 
was like walking into a huge Lilac bush. The smell was 
VERY strong.  Mom's sprit was dark and by my table in 
dining area. As soon as my niece walked in, Mom's sprit 
whooshed right up to her and "hugged" her. She was scared 
at first. And Lilac smell stayed with us for about 1/2 
hour. After a while, my niece was thrilled to know her 
grandma was around and looks forward to smelling Lilacs 

a reader


In January of 1985 my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 
that had spread into her bones. It had taken hold in places 
that were inoperable and was so extensive that no treatment 
would even help, and she was only given six weeks to live. 

She stayed on with us for nearly four more months getting 
everything in order in spite of the tremendous pain she 
was in.  During her last months her 68th birthday came 
along and we had gotten her a heart shaped mylar balloon 
that said 'Love' on it.  That balloon stayed in her room 
until the day she passed on April 16th. 

Those mylar balloons were a fairly new thing in 1985.  We 
had no idea how long they could last, but last it did.  
Every time it would start to drop lower from the ceiling 
we would cut just a little of the ribbon off that was tied 
to it and it would float right back to the ceiling.  Two 
months after her passing a friend was over and we were 
telling her about the life my mother had lead and that she 
did not believe in death.  Our friend Kathy was skeptical 
as she had been raised in a pretty mainstream Christian 
church.  That is when the balloon started walking on the 
tips of its heart across the ceiling, down the hall and to 
the bedroom door of the room my mother had passed away in. 
It then lowered down nearly two feet, went through the door 
and came to rest right above the bed where she had lain. 
There were no ceiling fans running nor was the houses air 
conditioning on.  Our friend Kathy was really spooked and 

That mylar balloon lasted and stayed in the room all the 
way to Christmas.  It was great knowing that there is more 
to life than what we can see. 


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We were raised with our Grandmother (Grama) and after she 
died (when we were all grown up) she started to leave us 
gifts.  When she was alive, $20.00 was her standard gift 
for birthdays, weddings, showers, Christmas, etc.  The 
amount hadn't changed as far back as I could remember. 
We used to tease her that the cost of living had gone up. 
Anyway, every year, at some landmark holiday, one of us 
always gets the $20.00.  The first few years after she 
passed, we each got our $20.00 for our birthdays.  My 
sister had gotten an extra $20.00 out of the ATM, I found 
mine on the sidewalk, etc.  It makes me giggle every time, 
and I still try to tell her that I need more than a $20.00. 
But, being a stubborn old Sicilian woman, she must still 
think that $20.00 is just fine. 


Hello Zsuzsana,

I have written before, about Tom, who passed away nearly 
5 months ago. We had made a pact, that whoever died first 
would send a sign, somehow, some way. This happened a 
month after he passed, on the day. 

Tom was a very strong person and had gone through many 
trials, 4 kidney transplants and multiple health challenges 
over his 52 years. He passed away from complications of 
diverticulitis, with a heart attack the final cause of his 
death. I had not been with him and hadn't seen him at the 
hospital that day. Needless to say it was very traumatic, 
learning he had died without me seeing him or telling him 
I loved him. 

I am a grocery checker and was checking at my store, 
exactly a month after my husband's passing. It was an 
emotional day, and I was tormenting myself by noticing 
it was almost the time of his death. (The death certificate 
stated he died at 11:57 a.m  on August 10th, 2004.) 

I had called my husband Melvin, as a nickname---Messy 
Melvin to be exact. Somehow he started calling me that 
too----but he was always the real 'Melvin' in the house. 

A few minutes before his time of death on the certificate, 
I started waiting on a couple in their late 60's. I kept 
looking at my watch as I waited on them, finally finishing 
their order. As I took their check as payment, I teared up 
with amazement when I looked at the name on the check. 
MELVIN Robinson! I couldn't believe it, because that is 
NOT a common first name. I just started crying and couldn't 
stop. Mr. Robinson said he would pray for me, not knowing 
why I was crying, but giving me that small comfort at that 

Weeks later I was able to wait on Mr. and Mrs. Robinson and 
relay my story to them. They have been a comfort to me, 
always being kind. Recently they gave me a small, stuffed 
pink dog, pink being my favorite color, and Mr. Robinson 
always gives me a hug. 

I am thankful for my Melvin in heaven --- and my Melvin on 

God bless us all,



My husband and I were with another couple and we decided 
to go to a small city in our state of Wisconsin to a 
countryish Bed and Breakfast.  It was owned by a German 
couple, who had been in the original farmstead their 
whole married life.  The husband was the youngest of many 
children, and this couple had never had any children 
themselves.  So they opened a B&B and gift shop. 

After sitting up and playing cards with our friends and 
the host couple, and celebrating the New Year coming in, 
we went to our respective rooms.  Ours was of course a 
bedroom that was once used by members of the original farm 
family back in early 1900s.  After my husband fell asleep, 
I think I did, too ... but I was awakened by a weird chill 
and feeling someone was in the room. I looked over at the 
window on my side of the room and saw an apparition of a 
young teen boy with longish hair looking down on me and 
sort of smiling and nodding.  I was never afraid, in 
fact felt a sense of peace and that everything was "okay". 
I was intrigued and yet never scared or even in wonder 
about it. 

The next morning the hosts dressed in German costume and 
made a whopping, wonderful breakfast and while we were all 
eating, I calmly asked the hostess who the young "ghostly" 
boy was who visited me in our room.  She asked me to 
describe him, which I did.  After we ate, we were sitting 
around, and she brought out a box of old photos.  We were 
all looking through them, and when just going through them, 
I stopped and pointed out a picture to her and said, "This 
is him."  Everyone asked who, except the hostess. She 
nodded at me and said his name and that he had been the 
young man she also had seen at one time, when she was a 
young bride in the house and her new husband had to go to 
Milwaukee to register for the draft.  He came to her and 
made her feel a sense of calmness when she was all alone 
in the house at night. It turns out we had been sleeping 
in the room the young man had died in of "consumption" in 
the 1920s. She did not seem surprised at all, and the others 
sitting around the table all were in awe of the fact that I 
actually DID see this young man's ghost (angel if you will) 
and that for some reason he had come to make me feel every-
thing would be all right.  It was something I will never 
forget. Submitted in all sincerity.

S. Laundrie


My husband died on April 15, 2000. About two months later, 
on Father's Day, my daughter, two year old granddaughter 
Tiana and I were going to a local restaurant's Father's Day 
Brunch  as was our custom for several years. As we were 
driving away from my house, waving goodbye to my sons who 
were waving at us, Tiana said, "Grandpa's back!" My 
daughter and I looked at each other, and she kept driving. 
Tiana started crying and said, "Grandpa was waving to me." 
Tiana and her Grandpa were very close, and she didn't get 
to say "goodbye" before he died. I'm certain he came back 
long enough to wave goodbye. She's almost seven now, but 
still remembers Grandpa waving goodbye on Father's Day. 

a reader


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Mom had lung and kidney cancer. Her last week was very hard 
on all of us. Dad's 2 sisters and all 4 of us kids were 
there 24 hours a day with her and Dad. Aunts and uncles, 
cousins and friends all showed up every day. 

First we all noticed the flock of birds that were hanging 
around the bush that Mom always sat by when she sat out-
side. They were there all the time chirping. Mom loved to 
feed the birds and watch them. After mom passed away the 
birds left. 

Another thing was a cousin's little 3 year old daughter was 
afraid to go into the house, and when asked why she said 
because Gillian is walking around in there. That's how she 
said my mom's name, which was Lillian. Mom had been in bed 
for 3 days straight at this time. Mom's brother was coming 
from Florida and we believe she was looking for him. He got 
there at 7 pm and she passed away at 12:20. Somewhere 
around that time the little girl was at my own house in 
another town sleeping, and she sat up and said goodbye. Her 
dad asked her who she was talking to, and she said Gillian 
said goodbye to her. Right after that the phone rang to 
tell my husband and them that she had passed away. He knew 
as soon as he heard the phone ring. 

Since then dad would make the bed and then find Mom's side 
of the covers turned back. He's found little red heart 
confetti at the end of the bed. At night there is a 
straight light that shines from her picture to the closet 
door all night in their bedroom. Without a doubt she is 
always there with him. We love and miss her a lot, but I 
know she is never too far away. 



In the fall of 2000 my life began taking many sudden and 
unforeseen turns. I was in my very first car accident that 
left me in a coma and hospitalized. 

Within 4 months my husband was diagnosed with cancer and 
was gone in a month. That's when small but significant 
things began to happen. On the night of my husband's burial 
my parents came over and stayed with me. They were in the 
living-room and I was in our bedroom sleeping, when suddenly
my mother heard my husband's voice and he was calling, 
"Hon, hon, where are you? I need you." She looked at my 
father, she later told me, and he said not to wake me. He 
had heard it too. She immediately said a prayer and she 
never heard his voice again. 

A month later I was coming out of the supermarket on Sunday 
afternoon and I could have sworn I saw him sitting behind 
the steering wheel of our car. When I returned home all I 
could smell throughout our home, for the next 4 hours, was 
his body scent. After that at least three or four times a 
week as I lay in bed I would see this small white round 
ball of light bouncing around on the wall. It would only 
last a few minutes and then be gone. It still happens to 
this day. 

On his first birthday without him, ten months after his 
death, I had my first heart attack. Of all the days I could 
have had it, I always found it strange that it happened on 
this day. I was with my family and we were visiting and 
having a good time. Suddenly, it just happened. About a 
year and a half ago, as I was laying in bed I had a strange 
feeling someone was in the room with me. I wasn't afraid 
though. I was laying on my right side and all of a sudden 
I felt this gentle rubbing on the back of my neck. It only 
lasted about twenty seconds and I never moved. I felt such 
love and peace afterwards. 

I know that even though I can no longer see my husband 
as I am used to, he is still close by. There may be some 
people who read this and scoff, but I believe that as long 
as you are not afraid of those who have passed over, they 
will let you know they are still with you if only you are 
open to having the experience. 

a reader


On Monday, May 3, 2004 I woke to find my beloved husband 
of almost five years dead at my side of an accidental over-
dose of his prescription medicines. I was devastated.  
2 weeks earlier I had had a procedure done and was 
scheduled for a hysterectomy for the following week. I 
decided to go ahead with it as I had already scheduled the 
surgery and my time off from work and since I would need 
to recuperate for 6 weeks, it would give me more time to 
grieve. I had my surgery on Tuesday, May 11. That evening 
as the nurse came in to check my vitals for the umpteenth 
time, after she left, she shut the door to the hallway 
about 3/4's of the way shut. I was wide awake, no pain 
killers (I'm allergic to morphine) and very lonely. Bob 
had planned on taking care of me during my recuperation 
as I wouldn't be allowed to lift, bend, or do much of any-
thing for a while. All of a sudden, I noticed that it 
looked as though there was smoke coming in from the 
hallway. I actually was expecting the smoke alarm to go 
off it was so thick. Then all of a sudden at the end of 
my bed was the most beautiful icy blue mist just swirling 
around. It never took on any shape or form, just swirled 
randomly. I was so amazed, but not afraid or even comfort-
ed, just in awe. I was afraid to call for the nurse think-
ing it would go away, but at the same time wanting some 
confirmation for what I was seeing. It only lasted for a 
few minutes and then the whole room seemed to clear out 
like all the smoke had been sucked out. I feel it was my 
husband coming to reassure me that he was still with me 
at least in spirit. It has been a very rough year for my 
teenage daughter and me, but we know he's still around. 
Thank you for letting me tell my story. 



I had an amazing experience with my son when he was 2 1/2 
years old.  7 years before he was born, my father-in-law, 
whom I truly loved, passed away from suicide.  He had end 
stage lung and throat cancer and only had a couple of weeks 
left.  He had the most unusual smile I have ever seen.  It 
was kind of a crooked smile.  When my son was born, as soon 
as he could smile, he had the same smile his grandfather 
had had.  We suspected he had come back as my son. One day, 
when my son was 2 1/2, he said, "Mom, I played baseball 
before I was an angel."  My father-in-law had played minor 
league baseball in his younger days.  Today, my son is 
almost 12 and can throw a baseball like you wouldn't 
believe.  I'm sure that we can come back after we die and 
choose who we want to be with. 

a follow-up...

I recently sent in a story about how my son Casey had 
always been thought to be a reincarnation of my ex-
husband's father, John.  Well, there is more to the story 
as of yesterday.  My son, who is not 12, is spending the 
summer in Wisconsin with his father, David.  His dad took 
him to the cemetery to see John's grave.  David had told 
Casey that he had always thought that he was a reincarnation
from his dad.  Casey turned to him, looked him in the eye 
and said, "David, I am your father". Casey has no memory of 
this.  He would have never have referred to his father as 
David on his own.  He has always called him Dad.  We had 
always known this was true. 



When my Dad passed away in January, 1983, my mom, my 
husband and I were sitting downstairs the night of the 
funeral services.  As clear as can be we all heard a 
thumping sound from upstairs like my Dad would do with 
his cane when he needed my mom for something.  And we 
heard him calling,  "Mae, Mae, come here I need you".  
My mom very calmly said, "Not now, I'm not ready yet." 
She passed away in April of 1995. My husband passed away 
four months after my mom; and both his mom and I saw him 
and felt him sitting on the side of the bed.  I don't 
know what he told her as we never really discussed it 
for I felt it was private, but he told me everything 
would be okay with me.  At times, even now I feel his 
presence and catch a smell of a burning cigarette and 
know he is still around. 



My best friend lost her husband about 10 years ago. I was 
nearly as upset as she was. They were the perfect couple 
(Bob and Mary) and we had been friends for several years. 
We did almost everything together. I was there for her as 
much as I could be. The night before he passed away he 
was in a coma. He had sudden onslaught leukemia. 

That night while we were in the hospital waiting, his son 
in law was home with the newborn baby. He had gone into 
the kitchen to warm a bottle for the baby. When he walked 
back into the room he saw Bob sitting next to the baby and 
he was saying goodbye. Bob died the following morning with-
out regaining consciousness. About a couple of weeks later 
while Mary was sleeping as well as his son, Greg, she felt 
someone pull up her sheet/blanket over her shoulder even 
though she hates to have her shoulders covered. She opened 
her eyes and saw her door close, yet there was no one 
there. She got up and went out to the hall and met her son, 
Greg, coming out of his room. He asked and she asked if the 
other had been in their room. Someone had been in his room, 
too. They assumed it was Bob checking on them. 

Another night a few weeks later, they heard footsteps going 
down the stairs to the front door. Then the door closed. 
When they got there the door was locked. They opened it and 
there was nothing there. 

Bob has made several appearances since then, mostly when 
there was something going on he wouldn't have liked. 
Although the family is not afraid, others have been. He 
has chased away some bad friends and they never returned. 
It seems when he is satisfied all is well, he just closes 
the door quietly. 

I think Bob and Mary had a true love that will never die. 



Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

Until next week, carpe diem!

Note: Thanks to everyone who has written to me inquiring 
about my services. For information about readings, more 
ghosts and spirits, and general info, please visit my 
personal website at: www.arcanamatrix.com 

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