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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Virgin Islands...Sounds good...doesn't it?

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, February 15, 2008
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

Since the weather turned really cold and wintry here 
in Chicago I think will go someplace warm... Let's 
experience The U.S. Virgin Islands...Sounds good 
doesn't it? 

Happy Trails,


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St. JohnSt. John's heart is Virgin Islands National Park, 
a treasure that takes up a full two-thirds of St. John's 
20 square mi (53 square km). The park helps keep the 
island's interior in its pristine and undisturbed state, 
but if you go at midday, you'll probably have to share 
your stretch of beach with others, particularly at Trunk 
Bay. The island is booming, and it can get a tad crowded 
at the ever-popular Trunk Bay Beach during the busy 
winter season. It's easy to escape from the fray, however: 
just head off on a hike or go early or late to the beach. 
The sun won't be as strong, and you may have that perfect
crescent of white sand all to yourself.

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Annaberg Plantation 
Museums / Galleries, Historic Districts / Sites, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.2  

In the 18th century, sugar plantations dotted the steep 
hills of this island. Slaves and free Danes and Dutchmen 
toiled to harvest the cane that was used to create sugar, 
molasses, and rum for export. Built in the 1780s, the 
partially restored plantation at Leinster Bay was once 
an important sugar mill. Though there are no official 
visiting hours, the National Park Service has regular 
tours, and some well-informed taxi drivers will show you 
around. Occasionally you may see a living-history demon-
stration -- someone making johnnycake or weaving baskets. 
For information on tours and cultural events, contact the 
St. John National Park Service Visitors Center.

Coral Bay 
Towns, St. John 
This laid-back community at the island's dry, eastern 
end is named for its shape rather than for its under-
water life -- the word coral comes from krawl, Dutch 
for "corral." It's a small, quiet, neighborhoody 
settlement -- a place to get away from it all. You'll 
need a four-wheel-drive vehicle if you plan to stay at 
this end of the island, as some of the rental houses 
are up unpaved roads that wind around the mountain. If 
you come just for lunch, a regular car will be fine.

Francis Bay Beach 
Beaches, St. John 
Because there's little shade, this beach gets toasty 
warm in the afternoon when the sun comes around to the 
west, but the rest of the day, it's a delightful stretch 
of white sand. The only facilities are a few picnic 
tables tucked among the trees and a portable bathroom, 
but folks come here to watch the birds that live in the 
swampy area behind the beach. The park offers bird-watch-
ing hikes here on Sunday morning; sign up at the Visitor's 
Center in Cruz Bay. To get here, turn left at the Annaberg 

Other Places of Interest:

Peace Hill 
Parks, St. John 

It's worth stopping at this spot just past the Hawks-
nest Bay overlook for great views of St. John, St. 
Thomas, and the BVI. On the flat promontory is an old 
sugar mill.

Salt Pond Bay Beach 
Beaches, St. John 
If you're adventurous, this rocky beach on the scenic 
southeastern coast -- next to Coral Bay and rugged 
Drunk Bay -- is worth exploring. It's a short hike down 
a hill from the parking lot, and the only facilities 
are an outhouse and a few picnic tables scattered about. 
Tide pools are filled with all sorts of marine creatures, 
and the snorkeling is good, particularly along the bay's 
edges. A short walk takes you to a salt pond, where salt 
crystals collect around the edges. Hike farther uphill 
past cactus gardens to Ram Head for see-forever views. 
Leave nothing valuable in your car; reports of thefts 
are common.

Trunk Bay Beach  
Beaches, St. John 
User Rating: *** 2.8  

St. John's most-photographed beach is also the pre-
ferred spot for beginning snorkelers because of its 
underwater trail. (Cruise-ship passengers interested 
in snorkeling for a day flock here, so if you're look-
ing for seclusion, arrive early or later in the day.) 
Crowded or not, this stunning beach is one of the 
island's most beautiful. There are changing rooms with 
showers, bathrooms, a snack bar, picnic tables, a gift 
shop, phones, lockers, and snorkeling-equipment rentals. 
The parking lot often overflows, but you can park along 
the road.
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Estate Lindholm Bed & Breakfast 
$$$, St. John 
Built among old stone ruins on a lushly planted hill 
overlooking Cruz Bay, Estate Lindholm provides a 
charming setting, with the convenience of being close 
to Cruz Bay's restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. 
You'll feel as if you're out of the fray but still near 
enough to run into town when you want. Rooms are sophis-
ticated, with crisp white spreads accented by teak 
furniture. Although you can easily walk to Cruz Bay, the 
return trip is up a big hill. To get out and about, rent 
a car. The sunset views from Asolare restaurant, on the 
property, provide a stunning end to your day.

Chilly Billy's 
¢-$, Eclectic, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.4  

Although you might stop by this restaurant at lunch-
time for a heartburn-inducing St. John Reuben (with 
turkey, cheese, sauerkraut, and mustard on rye), this 
restaurant's claim to fame is breakfast. The stuffed 
French toast is one step this side of heaven: before 
it's fried, the bread is soaked in a mixture of eggs 
and Bailey's. If you're not one for morning sweets, 
try a savory breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs and 
jalepeño jack cheese.

Miss Lucy's Restaurant 
$$, Caribbean, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.0  

Sitting seaside at remote Friis Bay, Miss Lucy's dish-
es up Caribbean food with a contemporary flair. Dishes 
like tender conch fritters, a spicy West Indian stew 
called callaloo, and fried fish make up most of the 
menu, but you also find a generous pot of seafood, 
sausage, and chicken paella on the menu. Sunday brunch-
es are legendary, and if you're around on the full moon, 
stop by for the monthly full-moon party. The handful of 
small tables near the water are the nicest, but if 
they're taken or the mosquitoes are bad, the indoor 
tables do nicely.

Coconut Coast Villas 
$$$-$$$$, St. John 
User Rating: **** 3.8  

This small condominium complex with studio, two-, and 
three-bedroom apartments is a 10-minute walk from Cruz 
Bay but still insulated from the town's noise in a 
sleepy suburban neighborhood. You can swim and snorkel 
at the small beach or relax poolside for some sun. 
Rooms have a fresh feel; each is a little bit different 
in decor, with whites, blues, and greens predominating 
in the color scheme. Colorful artwork by the owner's 
mother, St. John artist Elaine Estern, graces the walls.


Chateau Bordeaux 
$$$$, Contemporary, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.3  

This rustic restaurant with a to-die-for view of Coral 
Bay is a bit out of the way but worth the trip. Its 
interior is made elegant with lace tablecloths, glowing 
candles, and stylish dinner presentations. Start with a 
bowl of creamy asparagus soup; then segue into seared 
sea scallops with sautéed spinach, wild mushrooms, and 
a potato galette or herb-encrusted rack of lamb with 
roasted corn and a raspberry sauce. Save room for 
dessert -- the fresh berry cups with Chambord and 
caramel are wonderful.

Skinny Legs Bar & Restaurant  
¢-$, American, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.0  

Sailors who live aboard boats anchored just offshore 
and an eclectic coterie of residents gather for lunch 
and dinner at this funky spot in the middle of a boat-
yard-cum-shopping complex. If owner Moe Chabuz is 
around, take a gander at his gams; you'll see where 
the restaurant got its name. It's a great place for 
burgers, fish sandwiches, and whatever sports event is 
on the satellite TV.

Zozo's Ristorante  
$$$-$$$$, Italian, St. John 
User Rating: **** 4.1  

Creative takes on old standards coupled with lovely 
presentation draw the crowds to this restaurant at 
Gallows Point Resort. Start with crispy fried 
calamari served with a pesto mayonnaise. The chef 
dresses up roasted grouper with a pistachio crust 
and serves it with a warm goat cheese and arugula 
salad. The grilled veal chop comes with a pancetta 
and spinach gratin and crisp fried potatoes. The 
sunset views will take your breath away.


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