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Publication: Vioxx Update
Merck wins another...

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Feb.22         Vioxx Update News          Issue # 22    

Dear  fellow Vioxx user:    
Alright folks, maybe you have not heard, but Merck won    
another case Friday regarding Vioxx. Don't lose hope.    
So far, 9600 cases have been filed. Many on the Vioxx    
Upadate newsletter have already filed. Presently, we have     
over 89,000 subscribers to this Vioxx Update. EACH AND EVERY    
one of you have taken Vioxx.    
Evelyn Plunkett, whose husband died after taking Vioxx    
left the courtroom in tears. Evelyn is a subscriber to this    
newsletter and our hearts go out to her.    
We continue to believe that the kind of lawyer you have means    
a lot. If you have not yet signed with a lawyer, you should    
that the firms evaluating each case if you fill out the short        
form are part of the group that won the case in Texas. see link:       
Your Settlement    

If you are one of the 9600 that has signed a contract with    
a lawyer, please do not fill this out. But if you have not    
yet signed then you really want to take a few minutes to         
see if you can be helped. This costs you nothing.    
Vioxx Update Editor    
PS., The Vioxx Update Newsletter will be coming out    
     regularly every two weeks with updated news. The cases    
     are making their way and you really need to avoid the    
     rush. Get a lawyer now.    

NEWS ALERT: If you have not received a portion of the recent   
200 million dollar Vioxx lawsuit... read this.   
If you have taken Vioxx and have not signed-up with a lawyer   
you need to do so NOW. Time is limited and you do not want   
to waive your legal right to a settlement.   
Do You Have A Case? Fill out this 60 second, no obligation,   
free evaluation form and find out. Even if you have filled   
out a form in the past, please do so again to get evaluated.   
Only 10% of all cases have been evaluated as of October 1st.       
Just visit:     
Your Settlement    

Merck won an important victory on Friday when a jury in    
New Orleans found the US drug maker and its withdrawn    
painkiller, Vioxx, were not liable for a man's heart attack    
and death.    
The verdict gives Merck momentum in the first of four critical    
trials of Vioxx litigation in federal court. The New Orleans    
win, involving a plaintiff who took Vioxx for one month, also    
bolsters Merck's chances of facing down potentially billions    
of dollars in liability.    
Merck withdrew Vioxx from the market in September 2004 when company    
studies found it increased risk of heart attacks and strokes after    
18 months' continuous use.     
Since then, plaintiffs have filed at least 9,650 lawsuits claiming    
injury, of which about half are in federal courts and half are in    
state courts.    
Merck has received split decisions in the first two trials held in    
state courts. It lost the first trial in Texas, where a jury awarded    
$26m in damages to a widow, and it won a case in New Jersey in    
All eyes will turn to New Jersey as a new trial is set to start as    
soon as February 27. Meanwhile, another state court trial is ongoing    
in south Texas.    
Friday's decision was the first in a series of trials of the federal    
court cases. Judge Eldon Fallon is overseeing the federal court    
litigation, and has said the results of the first four trials this    
year could help to lay the groundwork for the scope of future    
settlements by Merck.     
Merck has vowed to fight each case individually, and plaintiffs'    
attorneys said they remain spoiled for a fight.     
Please forward this to ANYONE you know who has taken Vioxx.
     Thank you from the Vioxx Update Staff 

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