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Publication: Country Music News
Vince Gill Gets Back to Basics for Fall Tour

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       COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS - Monday, July 28, 2008

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Q. Which male singer was once a champion bareback rider?

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1938 Fiddler Buddy Spicher born in Dubois, Pennsylvania  
1962 Bill Anderson's first #1 single "Mama Sang A Song" 

1984 "Angel in Disguise" by Earl Thomas Conley went to 
#1, making "Don't Make It Easy for Me" the first country 
album to produce four #1 singles  
1952 Guitarist Jabbo Arrington died in Nashville, Tenn.  
1933 The Girls of the Golden West recorded "That Silver 
Haired Daddy Of Mine"  

1968 Tammy Wynette recorded the #1 hit "Stand By Your Man" 
1971 Charley Pride recorded the #1 single "Kiss An Angel 
Good Mornin'"  
1947 The Bailes Brothers' "Whiskey Is The Devil (In Liquid 
Form)" released  
1957 Jerry Lee Lewis made his television debut on the Steve 
Allen Show  


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        Vince Gill Gets Back to Basics for Fall Tour

After touring in 2006 and 2007 with a 17-piece band, 
Vince Gill will be backed by only two musicians for 
a tour that kicks off Aug. 18 in Wellington, Ohio. 
Billed as "A Special Acoustic Evening With Vince Gill," 
the 19-time Grammy winner will be performing with 
pianist Pete Wasner and percussionist Billy Thomas. 
Both are longtime members of Gill's band. Gill says he 
got the idea for the acoustic shows after attending a 
James Taylor concert. "It was a kind of one-man band 
show, with just him, a piano player and all those 
great songs," Gill said. "I really enjoyed watching 
it, and I knew I would enjoy performing in that set-
ting as well. So I'm going to tour basically the same 
way -- pared down and informal." The tour ends in late 
November with a two-night stand at the Birchmere in 
Alexandria, Va. 



A. Chris Ledoux

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